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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building a Website

They call the internet 'the virtual world' and that's what it is - an electronic mirage - but one in which anyone can earn an honest living, now made much simpler by modern software and online facilities. The first process, that of choosing a URL and finding an Internet Host are norma

5 Informative Measures of Your Website's Performance

If you're still tracking hits as your indicator of choice for your small business's website performance, then your website probably isn't performing. Gone are the days of the online brochure. A good website is a lead capturing system.

Dealing With the Need For Content Management Systems

The massive increase in the amount of information being uploaded to the Internet has created a proportionately greater need for content management systems. However, with the thousands of choices one has among those offering CMS solutions such as model dotnetnuke, which is the most popular, it can be

Why Converting Your PSD Into WordPress Templates Is The Smartest Choice

WordPress is one of the most suitable choices for business owners who are not technical experts, but want a high quality professional website for their company. The most common way to find good designs for website is buying templates in PSD format and then converting them into HTML, CSS and JavaScri

Is a Commercial CMS Like Joomla Right For You?

The arguments for using content management systems to develop websites are well documented and generally fairly convincing. There are so many advantages in using a CMS over a static website that very few people develop static sites any longer. Those that do are usually professionals well versed in s

Why Isn't Your Website Working For Your Business?

There are many reasons your website may not be attracting visitors to your business. The content of your website may be outdated, appear unprofessional, or not be easy to navigate. If your site cannot be found quickly on Google, Yahoo and Bing, there is a solution.

Choose the Right Content Management System (CMS) for You

With an explosion of online content there is consequently an explosion of content management systems (CMS) available to help you manage that content, with literally thousands of vendors to sift through. But most CMS' still end up being too expensive, too difficult to maintain, and eventually in

Creating Membership Sites - 3 Myths of Membership Site Creation Debunked!

As with any information product, there are many myths that surround the membership site creation process. The end result seems completely out of reach of the normal coach, consultant or small business owner. Yet, creating a membership program can be done in a simple, yet comprehensive fashion.

5 Simple Steps to Choose WordPress Hosting

Your decision to choose WordPress hosting can have a major effect. It is one of the keys to run dynamic sites on the web. Choosing WordPress hosting can be so easy if you know you can get great assistance right behind you anytime of the day or night.

In Need of a Secure CMS-Based Website? Look No Further Than Expression Engine

If you are looking to have a website developed for your organization, choose Expression Engine (EE), a CMS that offers one of the most stringent security measures for website contents and users. It provides various built-in framework and support for third-party security features such as Captcha veri

CMS - What Every CMS Should Have

The ability to quickly update information on a dynamic website can never be overestimated. The famous 'webmaster bottleneck' has effectively left CMS content in the hands of the original stakeholders, giving them the power to strengthen the business core aspect of their site at will. The q

5 Tips When Selecting A Content Management System

If you have previously used a Content Management System (CMS), you may have had a taste of some of the features they offer. A Content Management System is used to organize and facilitate collaborative content creation. This command and control center for your website facilitates updates, application

WordPress Basics: Become A Seasoned WordPress User In 10 Clues

WordPress basics are an easy start for anybody. WordPress can be a bit intimidating at the beginning, but with all the information at your disposal, you don't have to get overwhelmed. You can learn the basics in one weekend and master the whole thing in a short time.

Joomla Security - Backup Your Site Regularly

Joomla Websites can get hacked. If that happens to you and you don't have a clean backup of all your files and database, you might have to completely rebuild your site. Don't get caught without a clean backup of your Joomla Website: Make regular, complete backups of your site.

Learn to Change How Dates Are Displayed on Your Joomla Site

When you first install Joomla on your server, you may notice that the date format is in a European format, meaning that the the day of the month precedes the name of the month like this. In the U.S. the date formats are generally displayed with the the month first. This article will show you how to