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How to Disable Keyless Locks in a 2007 Camry

If you own a 2007 Toyota Camry that came with keyless locks, you can disable the feature so that the vehicle can be locked and unlocked only by inserting the key into the lock. Keyless locks allow drivers to lock or unlock their vehicles from a distance without having to physically insert the key in

How to Setup the Akai AT-A301

Discontinued in the late 1990s, the Akai AT-A301 is a radio tuner designed for AM and FM reception. The device includes all of the basic functionality associated with this class of device, including the ability to save your favorite radio stations in its onboard memory for easy access. Because the A

How to Program a Craftsman Remote Door Opener

Garage doors, such as a Craftsman model, use a remote control or transmitter to open and close the door from your car. These remotes can get lost or misplaced. Or you may have extra remotes laying around from a previous garage door. Technology in these remotes allows them to be reprogrammed to work

Check Out Samsung Galaxy S3 Price In India For The Best Deal

Samsung Galaxy S3 is said to be one of the coolest phones designed till date. It has plenty of features that were just imagination few years back. Outstandingly user friendly features with great look and slim design make the Samsung S3 one of the most desired phones.

How Do I Program a Saturn Key FOB?

Saturn is among the variety of vehicles manufactured around the world that features the popular keyless entry system technology. This capability allows owners the convenience and security of controlling their car starter, panic alarm, door locks and trunk from within their house or as far away as a

How to Replace the Battery in My Cadillac CTS

The Cadillac CTS relies on the battery to provide the necessary electrical power to operate the components and auxiliary features of the car. The battery can be tested beforehand to ensure the battery has indeed burned out. Once the battery has been determined faulty, it is not complicated to remove

How to Buy a Car With a 400 FICO Score

A low credit score can keep you from making major purchases, such as a car. But if you need a car and you have a low FICO score (in the 400-range, for instance), you still have a few options for financing the purchase of a vehicle. Some of these options actually can help you rebuild your credit, if

How to Upload Scanned Maps to a GPS

While many GPS units come pre-programmed with maps, its useful to be able to scan and upload your own maps to your GPS as well. Using a scanner and uploading your maps will not only give you the freedom to upload any map you'd like, it can save you money because you won't have to buy any maps online

How to Set the Clock on a Cavalier Car

The Chevrolet Cavalier was available with two different radios in its final body style (1995 to 2005). The standard radio contains a very basic clock. The upgraded radio is equipped with RDS or Radio Data Systems. If your radio is equipped with RDS, it will have "RDS" printed on the front. Setting t

Audio Sound System - The Works

You want a new audio sound system for your vehicle but you haven't got a clue. That's not really a reason to worry anymore.Everything you need can be found as long as you are patient and persistent.

How to Remove Factory Camaro Seat Covers

The seats on a Chevrolet Camaro are comprised of three parts: a wire frame, foam cushions and seat covers. The factory seat covers are usually made of vinyl or cloth, and in rare cases, leather. You will want to remove your seat covers if they are torn, faded or otherwise damaged. You will also need

How to Hook Up Aftermarket Radio in a Nissan Xterra

The range of features that are available on aftermarket stereos has increased over the years. Stereos now include features such as DVD players, MP3 players, navigation aids and Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity. Cars generally come with factory-issue stereos, which include only basic features such

Installation of a Drainage System

Poor drainage is the result of the inability of an area of ground to either absorb or shed excess water. As a result, sudden downpours can create a variety of problems like water damage to homes, buildings and landscaping. Standing water can create breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other insects,

1987 Jeep Wrangler Stereo Installation

Owners of a 1987 Jeep Wrangler can choose from several options to customize their vehicle. One basic point of interest for Jeep owners is the stereo sound system. You can replace the factory-installed AM/FM radio with an aftermarket stereo unit with features that dwarf those in the original deck. Re

Stereo Receiver Repair Tips

Stereos have a lot of small wiring problems that can go wrong.stereo seperates image by Nicemonkey from Fotolia.comCar audio installation and repair can be a tricky business, especially without the proper instructions, and it can prove very expensive when something like your stereo...

Commonsense In-Car Entertainment

Entertainment is a good thing. It is great that technology has made it possible for us to have high quality entertainment on the go. However, I'm concerned with a certain lack of commonsense in this mobile entertainment.

Basics of Car Stereo Systems

As technology has progressed, production companies have begun developing car audio systems with better sound quality, convenience and frequency control. User customization of audio systems prompted new techniques and better equipment for boosting audio performance.Head UnitThe head unit...