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Maine Child Custody Rights for Unmarried Women

Child Custody for Unmarried Women in Mainemaine house image by Earl Robbins from Fotolia.comAccording to the Maine Revised statutes, both parents of a child are considered the natural guardians of a child, responsible for the care and custody of the child. Generally speaking, child...

How to Expunge Juvenile Records in Ohio

In Ohio, your juvenile criminal record can be expunged in most circumstances. A prerequisite to expungement is that your criminal record must first be sealed by the juvenile court---a process that results in your record being moved to a separate file unavailable to the public. Your sealed juvenile

Children and Divorce? Where Has Legal Aid Gone?

So you and your long term partner are coming into issues. This is the time that you need to start worrying about your children and who is going to look after them if you do split. Even if you do stay together, it is better to be safe then sorry. Always be prepared!

How to Be Granted Child Custody in Kentucky

Divorce is seldom an easy process and many couples disagree about who should have custody of their children. In Kentucky, joint custody is generally considered to be in the best interest of the child unless there is strong evidence to the contrary, but one parent will still be granted primary physic

How to Check for Child Molesters

All parents worry about their children anytime the child is out of their sight. When a child molester decides to relocate to your area, it can cause untold stress since the chances of the molester attacking again is sometimes high. For peace of mind, learn how to check for child molesters in your ar

Washinton State Child Support Enforcement Laws

Child support insures that children are cared for financially after a divorce or separation.dreaming child image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from Fotolia.comA non-custodial parent has a responsibility to pay child support to provide for the child's needs. In Washington, the Department of...

Alabama Juvenile Justice Law

Juvenile justice laws in Alabama dictate how youthful offenders are handled by the criminal court system. Juvenile courts generally take a number of factors under consideration, including the age and mental fitness of the child. The punishment given depends on the nature of the crime and the charact

Megan's Law Registration Process

Megan's Laws are state and federal regulations that dictate the registration of convicted sex offenders with law enforcement agencies. The registration process helps police and the public have information about the whereabouts of people convicted of sex crimes.

Facts About Juvenile Justice in America

Juvenile justice in America is characterized by a number of course and policy changes. The juvenile justice system has wavered between policies of punishment and rehabilitation. States are responsible for developing juvenile justice policies; however, the federal government influences these polices.

What Is a Juvenile Diversion in the Probation Vocabulary?

Juvenile diversion is the process of handling the criminal cases of certain qualified youthful offenders outside normal juvenile justice channels that would lead to incarceration or probation. Research suggests that this process benefits both the child involved and the overburdened juvenile justice

Illegal Alien Child Custody Rights

Child custody often involves long and heartbreaking battles, even more so when one, or both, of the parents is an illegal alien. Regardless of your resident status, however, certain rights do apply.

Child Custody Laws for Mississippi

In 1982, Mississippi adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act, which was subsequently revised into the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act in 1997. What this means for parents is that Mississippi is dedicated to enacting and standardizing legislation in commonality with...

How to Ask for Custody of Kids in Court in Polk County, Florida

Divorce is often emotionally draining under any circumstances. For a parent with minor children, a divorce is potentially more traumatic. If you are a resident of Polk County, Florida, and are considering filing for divorce, there are specific steps you need to follow to ask the court for custody of

Can They Garnish Wages if You Owe Back Pay Child Support?

If you have a child who lives with the other parent, and you do not have legal custody of the child, a court may order you to make child support payments to the other parent. Child support payments are designed to help the custodial parent care for the child, particularly if you earn more than the o

Assisted Reproduction Opportunities and Legal Rights in Washington

Science and technology have allowed a range of new opportunities for those unable to naturally conceive. For those families who are interested in assisted reproduction, it is important to understand the legal issues that may arise and the importance of forming a contract before any steps are taken.

How to Get a False EPO Dismissed

It's unnerving to be served with an emergency protective order, especially when the accusations against you are false. False reports are frequently filed in haste, and sometimes in retaliation by parties to domestic conflicts. If this happens to you, you're not without recourse. Instructions for fil

Child Custody Guidelines For Custody Issues

Every state and locale is different, but if you have filed for custody of your children, you will follow the same basic procedures and have the same common child custody issues. Here are some basic guidelines you need to follow.