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How to Create a Whale Mural

Murals are a creative way to add personality to a room, particularly a child's bedroom. A whale mural can be as basic or as detailed as you wish, depending upon your artistic talents and the wall on which you wish to paint. Artist Wyland has painted 84 whale murals, known as "Whaling Walls," all ove

How to Build a Stretcher Frame for Fabric Painting

When you are painting fabric, you need to have a stretcher frame to keep the fabric taut. Otherwise, your fabric will become wrinkled, creating a non-workable surface. Fortunately, it is inexpensive to create a stretcher frame for fabric painting with materials you probably have about the house. Rat

How to Draw Parabolic Line Designs on a Square

Parabolic line designs are a series of straight diagonal lines that appear to be curving. It is an optical allusion of sorts but in reality parabolic lines are based in strict math and geometry. Measuring and dividing are an artist's two best friends when playing with parabolic lines. All you need i

How to Cut a Round Mirror

Cutting glass is easier than you may think. You may have a rectangular or square-shaped mirror that you want to change to a round-shaped mirror. Before going to a professional glazier or buying a new one, do it yourself. Having the proper tools will make this very easy to do. Cutting your own mirror

The Rokeby Venus by Diego Velazquez

In the summer of 1651, Diego Velazquez returned to Spain from Italy and the king promoted him to the Director of Royal Art, which made him fall into the complex art affairs. The painter felt ...

Art Classes for Everyone

Some people have a preconceived notion that art is only for children and that the older ones cannot learn art after a certain age. Well if that is the case then one is mistaken. In ...

How to Draw a Water Splash

Drawing water can seem too complex to beginning artists, but it actually can be quite simple. You just have to break it down into doable steps. Here's how draw a splash of water.

How to Determine Acrylic Paint Vs. Oil Paint

Painting is an art that humans have embraced for thousands of years. Today artists in every corner of the world have many options when it comes to choosing what kind of paint with which they want to work. While different kinds of paint are usually best suited for different kinds of pieces, sometimes

How Kids Can Create a Billboard

The process for creating a paper billboard advertisement remains relatively unchanged since the first large-scale American billboard was created in 1835. It involves breaking down the ad into pieces, like a puzzle, so that they may be transported from the printer and then assembled at the site as ea

How to Mount a Collage of Paintings

Spruce up a room with a fresh arrangement of paintings. Whether you are giving new life to old art by pairing them with recent acquisitions, or pulling your child's work from the fridge and putting it on the wall, grouping paintings together will make the most of your wall space.

How to Draw Caricature Faces

Drawing caricatures of celebrities or even friends and family is a fun art project that some artists have turned into careers. As with drawing anything, drawing caricatures is about paying attention to the subject's details. However, these details are often exaggerated in caricatures. Once you have

Why Choose Online Fine Art Photography for Sale?

Here are reasons encouraging the benefits of online fine online art photography for sale!Fine art photography is a medium for an artist to emphasize on people his creative viewpoint. But fine online art photography for ...

What Kind of Paint Would You Use Outdoors?

When it comes to paint, the most important question is usually, "What color?" However, when you're dealing with outdoor paint, there is much more to consider. Cracked, flaky or bubbling paint will turn an elegant outdoor accessory into an unsightly eyesore. To keep your surfaces durable an

DIY How to Stencil a Vinyl Floor

Vinyl floors are common in kitchen and bathroom spaces. While these durable floors are low cost, they aren't always pretty. DIY stencils are a great way to add painted color to most surfaces, but stenciling is a little more complicated with vinyl flooring. If you try to stencil directly on a vinyl f

DIY Rain Stage Sound Effect

If you're involved in the production of a live theater performance, you have several options available when it comes to making rain sound effects. You can use audio sound effects played over a stereo system, or you can emulate the sound of rain by building a rain stick. Using a rain stick makes the