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Making Room For the Netbook

Netbooks are better than smart phones and a great companion for the lap top. It is ideal for basic computer use.

Printer Maintenance for the Beginner!

Printers are not cheap to buy or to run these days, so it would make sense for you to protect your investment, after your purchase. To ensure that you gain the maximum life out of your printer, you need to make sure that you carry out regular maintenance on the printer itself.

First Look: Altec Lansing inMotion iM5

The inMotion iM5 from Altec Lansing is a portable speaker system designed specifically for the iPod and its siblings. It provides an on the go solution for listening to your music via a quality stereo experience. For more details on the inMotion iM5 iPod accessory, read this first look.

How to Find Friends on Steam

Steam is an online content delivery service developed by Valve Corporation. Its primary purpose is to bring its users digital downloads of games and to simplify social gaming. To help streamline this idea, Valve includes a buddy list in the program that you can use to locate other friends who are al

How to Make Visible Deskstop Icons

PC users intent on personalizing their desktops can start by changing their desktop icons. There are a number of free icon-designing software programs that can be downloaded from the Internet, but you have all the tools you need to create new icons right there on your desktop. These icons are shortc

What Is X1 Exec?

When viewing the Task Manager on your Windows PC, it's quite common to see some running programs and processes that are not immediately recognizable. Sometimes these programs are harmless, but it's always a good idea to know what you're dealing with. X1 Exec (x1exec.exe) is an example of such a prog

Small Businesses for Sale Within Bernal Levels in UK

Houses tend to be also referred to as apartments. They may be switching away considerably popular on the list of citizens very quickly. Here one can locate his or her recommended property and a amazing ...

How to Make a Playlist in LimeWire

LimeWire is a peer-to-peer file downloading program. It also has an integrated media player so that users can preview and play the downloaded files. The program is free to use, and a premium version exists with extra features and no ads. LimeWire lets users download audio, video, text, software and

How to Copy Programs to a Floppy Drive

If you use a computer that has a floppy disk drive, you can copy small applications and programs to floppy disks for backup or portability purposes. Floppy disks have a limited storage capacity, so you will need to check the size of the program being copied before you attempt to move it to the flopp

Buy A New Laptop At An Affordable Price

Are you thinking of going back to school online but you need to find an affordable laptop that will allow you to log onto school or university from virtually anywhere? Finding an affordable computer to give you the best results when completing school assignments can be a tedious yet worthy process

How Do I Share a USB Printer?

USB printers provide easy solutions for printing connections to your personal computer. The Windows operating system allows you to set up "printer sharing," which means you can give printer permissions to other users for your device. The permissions can be given to any installed printer including a

Inroads to the Unharnessed Power Savings of Asynchronous Chip Design

Power consumed by the chips in the devices used to meet daily computational needs is an issue of growing importance, with implications for continued improvements in chip performance to environmental impacts. This article explains some of the ramifications of this issue, together with a technology, n

How to Speed Up a Compaq Presario 2200 Laptop

Even though it is an older unit, the Presario 2200 laptop is still a good choice for home users and even some businesses. If you have one of these older Presario models, chances are it does not run as efficiently as it did when it was new. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to increase t

5 Tips for Choosing a Netbook (mini laptop)

Netbooks, also called mini laptop, are useful to business industries and to those people who are always busy doing their stuff in computer. Mini-laptop Netbooks had great advantage over desktop computers in surfing the Internet ...

How to Change a Profile Name

Microsoft Windows gives you the option to create multiple profiles on the same computer. Windows gives you the ability to modify your account if the profile name you chose is no longer relevant. Changing the name of your profile name can be done with a few simple steps.

Dell 1700 Printer - Save Space in Your Home Office

The Dell 1700 Printer is a monochrome laser printer with great speeds and high quality print jobs. The printer can produce 20-25 pages per minute in a 1200x1200 dpi resolution. It seems that Dell has managed to launch several cost effective and quality models lately, offering dependable and budget s

How to Fix My Wall on Facebook So I Can See FarmVille

"FarmVille" posts continual status updates notifying your Facebook friends of your progress within the game. Facebook allows you to hide notices of any Facebook games or applications if you don't want to see updates from them. Hiding these updates blocks them from appearing in your news feed on Face

How to Use the Backup Tray on an HP L7680

The Hewlett-Packard Officejet Pro L7680 does not have a back tray; however, it does have an optional Tray 2 that sits underneath the printer. This multifunctional device prints, scans, copies and faxes. This device also has the ability to duplex, or print documents on both sides of the page. It is a