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How to Switch Monitors on a Sony Vaio

Sony VAIO computers come standard with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 as the primary operating system. One of the features included in each of these versions is the ability to work with and switch between multiple computer monitors. Switching monitors on your Sony VAIO is easy to do once

An Apple Netbook - Apple's New Product Line?

After the October Notebook event, the hopes of Apple releasing a netbook seemed gone. Steve Jobs said during a question and answer session that "we'll see how it goes". At the time of that announcement, Jobs said the market was too small.

How to Create iPad Applications

You can develop your own iPad applications by using several different technical resources provided by the Apple company. iOS SDK, for example, is provided by Apple and contains several development tools for iPad applications. The iPad is gaining popularity amongst the tech-savvy and application deve

D-Link File & Printer Sharing

D-Link modems and routers support a variety of home and office networking functions, including file and printer sharing. The exact methods for configuring a network will depend on the operating system, router and configuration. However D-link provides online tools and support.

How to Build a Business Case for SharePoint

Businesses increasingly rely on technology to perform essential tasks. Many businesses around the world use Microsoft's SharePoint software to store and edit documents, manage multiple websites and connect employees to each other on a single platform. However, deploying SharePoint entails a signific

How Do I Copy an AVI Clip Onto a DVD?

If you have a video clip in the AVI format that you want to transfer to another computer, one way to accomplish this is by "burning" the clip to a DVD. Once you've done it, you can put the DVD in another computer and transfer the clip to that computer. There are free programs you can download online

Why Prefer Onsite Computer Repair?

Technology has become the world to us these days. It's what we turn to for everything. And it can be extremely frustrating when the things we're heavily dependent on, stop working all of a sudden. Whether you're a student trying to finish an assignment on time or the head of the house

How to Install a Driver Whiz Download on Windows XP

Driver Whiz is a computer program that allows users to load the proper drivers on their computer. Drivers are important to the computer because they allow the system to use printers, cameras and other hardware. If you need to install the Driver Whiz software on your computer, you can download the ap

How to Find the Network Security Code for a Wireless Router on a Computer

The network security code, or WEP (wired equivalency protection), is a long series of letters and numbers that is required to be present on any computer attempting to access your wireless network. This will keep strange computers from attempting to steal your bandwidth, as it is unlikely these compu

How to Upgrade an Asus Eee PC 1000HE to 2G RAM

The Asus Eee PC 1000HE is a netbook released in early 2009. The successor of the Asus Eee PC 1000H, the 1000HE is almost identical, with the main difference being a revamped keyboard. The 1000HE comes with the same 1GB of RAM that the earlier model came with, and while it may be enough for a small n

How to Find an NIC Address

Every piece of equipment designed to aid the connection and routing of the internet to a network has a MAC (Media Access Control) address assigned to it. This allows each piece of the network to work together. The NIC (Network Interface Card) allows a computer to connect to an internet modem, so it

About Internal Hard Drives

Internal hard drives are the brains of the computer. Data is stored on the platters of the hard drive, which spin inside the enclosure. Hard drives usually have two connections: One supplies the power for the unit to spin; the other connects the drive to the motherboard, allowing the other component

Overview of Laptop Battery Disposal Steps

If you have a laptop, chances are that one of these days you will need to replace the battery that is in it and therefore you will need to know something about laptop battery disposal. ...

Basic Computer Parts Information

Here's a simple list of personal computer parts that you must keep in mind mainly when you are planning to construct your own computer. This can help you choose on which parts to buy especially if you are new to this craze or don't have any idea what these parts are for.

Rackmount LCD Is Perfect for Video Data Monitoring in IT Environments

Combine Rackmount LCD with KVM switches and manage up to 64 servers using only 2-inches of space in your rack or cabinet. Rack LCD units used in tandem with KVM switches eliminate the need to connect a dedicated mouse, keyboard and monitor to each server. That frees up shelf space that can be used b

How to Replace the Ink Cartridge in an Officejet K80XI

The Officejet K80XI is a multi-function printing device manufactured by Hewlett Packard. The K80 can scan, fix, copy and print documents, so it is a versatile device to have in your home or office. If the K80 runs out of ink, you can easily purchase new ink cartridges and install them in a matter of

How to Burn iTunes Files to DVD

Although CD-R and CD-RW discs can be used to burn your iTunes music for backup purposes, a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc holds more information, which results in using less discs for data storage. Your information can be imported to any computer once it is burned to a DVD. Back up your iTunes information reg

How to Setup a LAN Network for a Bank

A secure Local Area Network (LAN) for a bank would be similar to any other LAN just with a huge emphasis on security. Concentrating on Firewalls and Security and avoiding open wireless access points should be followed. Banks obviously require a bit more security than other networks and with a little

How do I Use Sandisk Micro 1.0 GB?

Sansa Sandisk makes Micro 1.0 GB storage devices in both Secure Digital (SD) card and flash drive formats. The process of using the Sandisk Micro 1.0 GB SD card and the Sandisk Cruzer Micro 1.0 GB flash drive is basically the same. Both formats allow you to store music, picture and other file types