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How to Change the Taskbar Theme in Alienware

When using an Alienware computer with Windows 7, you have the option of setting your desktop and taskbar theme to "Windows 7 Basic," or the more advanced "Aero" theme. The amount of system resources devoted to each theme is different, and changing from "Aero" to "Windows 7 Basic" is a common trouble

How to Set Up Shared Printing From Vista to Vista

Windows Vista comes pre-installed with tools that make it possible to share a printer between multiple computers. Still, there are some steps you must take to set up printer sharing. First, you will need a printer with networking support. If your printer doesn't support networking, you might be able

How to Clear Old Entries in My Network Places

Over time, the resources on your network, such as folders, printers or hard drives, may get replaced. On a computer running Microsoft XP, you can access these resources through the My Network Places folder. This folder contains shortcuts to all of the network resources that you access. However, even

What Are the Advantages of Chrome?

Google's Chrome is a lightweight Web browser that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux systems. This browser has several unique advantages, including a user-friendly interface, independent tabs and integration with other Google products, that make the browsing experience faster and more secure. Google Chr

What Are The Hardware Requirements & Components for Windows XP?

There are a number of hardware requirements to run image by Elly from Fotolia.comAs operating systems progress, becoming more complex and running higher-resolution graphics, the physical requirements of a computer become greater. Windows XP, first released in 2001, was the...

What Does the UDF Reader Stand For?

A UDF reader is a computer program that allows PC users to access the contents of certain compact discs on their personal computers.

How to Repair Windows XP With the Startup Disc

Windows XP can encounter many problems over the course of a computer's lifespan. Sometimes the problems occur because there was an error during the initial installation of XP, and other times it is due to viruses and malware. The Windows XP startup (installation) disc can be used to repair an existi

Problems Installing AutoCAD 2000 With XP

AutoCAD 2000 is a computer-aided design program that was, as its name indicates, released in the year 2000, prior to the advent of the Windows XP operating system. This can cause issues on your Windows XP system, which must be resolved by using the Compatibility Wizard, a utility in Windows XP desig

How to Change a Table Name in SQL

Structured Query Language (SQL) is a database language used with relational databases such as Oracle or MySQL. It comprises statements, queries and clauses, expressions and predicates, which when used together allow the database user to create tables and manipulate the data within those tables. One

How to Remove the Webcam From Startup on Vista

When you install a webcam, it usually comes with its own brand of software that allows you to control and configure the camera. The webcam software may launch each time you start up your Vista computer and run as a program in the background. While this is not dangerous to the computer or the webcam,

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Installation

Adobe Creative Suite is a graphics design, video and website editing application manufactured by Adobe. When you attempt to install the program on your computer, you may receive an error. If you receive an error, the installer may be in conflict with your system components. To resolve this error, yo

How to Repair Windows 98 Freezes

Frequent freezes in Windows 98 could mean that the operating system has become corrupted. There are several ways to fix this, such as running an anti-virus scan to remove any viruses that may be causing the problem or performing a repair installation of the Windows 98 OS. If a user created a startup

What Is the Difference Between Home Edition & Windows XP Pro?

Windows XP comes in two basic editions: XP Home and XP Professional. Microsoft recommends the Home edition for users wanting a personal computer for school, home or other casual use, and the Professional edition for business use, but studying the differences between the two versions lets users make

Define Windows Task Manager Processes

Understanding the information displayed in the "Processes" tab of the system utility known as the Windows Task Manager is an important aspect of knowing what is happening on a computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system.

Microsoft OEM Certification

Microsoft original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is provided to computer manufacturers at a reduced cost. The certification means the manufacturer is entitled to install Microsoft Windows on the computers they sell.

How To Rename an Item In My Task Bar

If you have a program shortcut or folder pinned to the taskbar, the name of the item reflects its original name. You can change any folder or shortcut name by either accessing the properties of the shortcut or simply clicking "Rename." Once you rename the item, the new name will appear on the taskba

What Do You Do After Meeting Steven in "Pokemon SoulSilver?"

Steven Stone, a master of steel-type Pokemon, first made an appearance in the "Pokemon Sapphire" and "Pokemon Ruby" games. In those games, Steven starred as the Pokemon League champion. In "Pokemon SoulSilver," though, Steven has abandoned his post as the champion, and

How to Get Red Alert 2 to Run on XP

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 is widely considered a classic in the real time strategy game genre. Originally released in 2000, the game's popularity and longevity have caused it to outlive the operating systems it was designed to run on (Windows 95, 98, NT, ME or 2000). While the game has been t

How to Create the Direct3D Rendering Device

Direct3D is a component of the Microsoft DirectX framework. It provides a consistent interface for accessing 3D hardware and software devices and is controlled using a programming language that has direct or wrapper-based support for it. Programming in 3D environments requires establishing a pipe to