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How to Learn C# From Scratch

C# is an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. It was created, and operates within, Microsoft's .NET framework. The language itself is what can be referred to as a "mid-level" language. Whereas low-level languages give programmers a great deal of direct access to hardware and

Easy to Customize Technology Wordpress Themes

WordPress is easy and completely convenient tool to create a blog and within short span of time you can build a website and also able to maintain and manage website without too much trouble. There are

Smarter Way of Website Designing

The work culture today demands smart work than the traditional outdated ways of working. Thinking out of the box and bringing new innovative ideas on the table is the need of the businesses. Irrespective of ...

What is Web Designing?

Website designing is fundamentally the process of presentation of a content (generally hypertext or hypermedia) delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web, by way of a Web browser or other Web-enabled software like ...

Looking for an Internet Marketing Company in Kolkata?

The internet has become a pervasive solution for every need. Right from businesses to individuals, all make use of the internet in order to fulfill their objectives. Modern day internet usage is highly dependent on ...

Get noticeable results with effective web design

Web design undoubtedly plays an important role, for the promotion of any business or company. The first look in each case really matters a lot, since based on these looks, customers and clients of any

MLM Software - How to choose right vendor

In present time, many companies are running in Delhi, NCR and all over the India. Every company uses different-different policies for making money. For the best business many companies follow mlm whic

How to Install Java 1.3

Java 1.3 is an older version of Java software, but you still have the option to install it over more current versions. Accomplish this by downloading the appropriate version from the Java archives page and running the included installer application to sync the software with your operating system, a

How to Stop Opacity Inheritance on CSS

Web designers use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) rules to establish the opacity of a website element. The CSS opacity property allows the designer to create a glass-like effect where the Internet user sees through the website element to the background element that sits behind it. One problem is the pro

How to Send a Free SMS Using PHP

Short message service (SMS) messages, also known as text messages, have become the preferred way of communication for many people. They offer email's benefit of mass messaging, but also have the additional benefit of being received nearly instantly. What many people don't know is that SMS messages c

SugarCRM Customization

What is SugarCRM SugarCRM is a leading business open source CRM Package that brings the best of CRM features to small and medium enterprises at an affordable rate. The opensource version comes at no product ...

Good web design development and the fundamentals you need

Good Web design Use background images as an alternative for big images whenever feasible - Use background images wherever possible. This is usually a really useful tip for the purpose of headers and footers. Instead ...

Best Logo Design Create the Brand Name of Your Company

Branding has become an important part of every successful business these days including culture and economy. They describe the connection of your product or services in relation to your specific cultural and traditional values. Logo ...

Part 3: Installing Devise

Reddit wouldn't be much without users. In this tutorial, we install Devise as our authentication solution and get ready to integrate it.