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Windows 7 Beta Review - Windows 7 is Already More Stable Than Vista

I think it's wise to start preparing to support this operating system now, especially if you've been holding off corporate users waiting for a better version of Vista. By the time Windows Vista SP2 Beta is stable and out the door, you'll be on the heels of Microsoft's Windows 7 r

How to Convert an AIFF File to an MP3 File

Turning an AIFF file into an MP3 is easy as long as you have the right software. AIFF--Audio Interchange File Format--is simply the native format of a Macintosh audio file, just as WAV is the native format for PC. Like WAV files, a three-minute AIFF is about 30 MB, and that's likely too

How to Upgrade Shockwave Flash

Adobe Shockwave and Flash are popular content creation systems that web designers use to create animations, movies and interactive content that work in a web browser. Under normal circumstances, the Adobe Flash or Shockwave browser plug-in updates itself automatically. If you receive frequent error

How to Make an Interactive Document From Word

Creating interactive documents such as forms using Microsoft Word involves using content controls. Use content controls such as drop-down lists to create forms, templates and other documents that you can send to others for completion. Use for fields (where users can type data such as their name or a

Remove Twitter Worm - How to Get Rid of the Twitter Virus

Computer infected with the Twitter worm? You may also know it as "Stalkdaily" or "Mikey", which is not unlike a virus that effected MySpace a couple years ago. Basically the worm will infect your computer and post Tweets.


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How to Teach PowerPoint to Elementary Students

Teaching PowerPoint to elementary students provides them with a skill set to display their ideas in an outline form when they give reports and presentations in school. This can be used for book reports, science fairs, class presentations, and speeches. Teaching the PowerPoint concepts in a simple an

How to Calculate Coefficient of Variation in Microsoft Excel 2007

The coefficient of variation is a measure of the amount of dispersion, or spread, of an array of data. You can calculate a variable's coefficient of variation by dividing the standard deviation of a variable by the average value of that variable. Excel 2007 doesn't include a single function for calc


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The Best Way to Get Rid of Adware

Pop-up advertisements appear without warning. Your computer runs at the speed of a slow snail. Random programs appear that you don't remember installing. The problem? Adware has infected your computer. Adware is defined as any type of program that installs itself onto your computer -- usually withou

How to Convert RAM to MP3 With Ubuntu

The RAM audio file is a proprietary format developed by RealMedia. These files are typically played using RealMedia's RealPlayer. The MP3 format is compatible with any regular media playing program you have. If you're an Ubuntu user, you can convert a RAM audio file to an MP3 using a native tool, Ha

World's First 3D Prototype Room

In the world of 3D modeling, creating stunning prototype of various products, buildings, or even clothing has become the norm among serious professionals. 3D printing technology has advanced so far in recent years that many artist have begun using the technology to push the envelope in their various

How to Turn Something Around in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop gives you a great deal of control over the elements of your various digital images, from photographs to graphic art and layout designs. In conjunction with Photoshop's variety of editing tools and effects, the program's selection tools allow you to determine exactly which parts of yo

How to Change a RAR File Into an MP3 File

A RAR file is a type of archive that compresses existing files into a smaller space so they can be more easily transferred or stored. MP3 files that are saved in a RAR archive can be directly opened and played through any type of software. Before you can listen to the audio file you will need to dec

Cloud computing - Global trends

Article on cloud computing global trends, published by eXtendCode, an offshore software development company from India. Article discusses mobile application development in .NET.

How to Make a Background on Photoshop

You can make original backgrounds in Photoshop without using any of your own images. Make simple gradients and then layer shapes with custom fills on top of the background. Use Photoshop's "Layers" capability to mask effects on top of your work. Built complexity and color to make vivid and original