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Can a Person Sue if No Police Report Is Taken?

A person can sue someone even if the police don't take a report. Two types of cases can go to court: criminal cases and civil cases. Filing a lawsuit without a police report falls under civil cases.

How to Win a Small Claims Case in Florida

Small-claims court can be used by anyone wishing to sue for an amount not over $5,000. A lawyer is not necessary for either the plaintiff (person bringing the case) or the defendant (person being sued). Small-claims cases must be filed with the county clerk, and the person or business being sued mus

How to Sue Someone Due to a Labor Law

There are many reasons to sue someone due to a labor law. Mostly, employers are sued, but in certain cases, employees can be sued. Labor laws can be heard in state civil courts or in federal courts, depending on the charge you wish to bring and the amount you wish to recover. Federal courts only hav

Cell Phone Consumer Empowerment Act

The Cell Phone Consumer Empowerment Act of 2007 was a proposed bill designed to protect and inform customers about to enter into a contract with a cellular telephone service provider. The bill would have required cooperation from cell phone companies, consumers and the Federal Communications Commiss

How to File a New York Lis Pendens

The role of the lis pendens is to notify the property owner that a lawsuit is under way and that the foreclosure process has begun. The document also renders a given property unsaleable as it is part of an ongoing lawsuit that must be settled before the property is again eligible for sale or transfe

Verbal Contract Laws

Verbal contracts can be very difficult to enforce or prove in a court of law because there is no written man shaking hands in agreement image by Jorge Casais from Fotolia.comVerbal contracts are legally enforceable agreements made between two or more parties. Among other...

How to File a Massachusetts Malicious Prosecution Civil Lawsuit

In Massachusetts, a successful civil suit for malicious prosecution meets four basic requirements. First, the original case must end in favor of the person who is bringing the malicious prosecution suit. Second, the prospective defendant must have played an active role in the case. Third, the plaint

Small Claims Rules

The rules for Small Claims are determined by each state, and so therefore vary. In all cases, though, Small Claims is designed to be a streamlined version of the normal civil court process wherein parties can seek justice in limited claims quickly and without having to hire a lawyer. Though informal

Breaches & Clauses of Indemnity

An indemnity clause can appear in almost any business contract. The provision serves to protect the interests of the party hiring an independent contractor or professional from outside the business to perform work in the name of his company. The clause only triggers in the event a breach of contract

Practical Tips To Avoid Workplace Accidents

They says accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, even at your workplace, without any warning. While we cannot stop accidents, workers can still do something to at least prevent these mishaps from happening. To have ...

Florida Structured Settlement Laws

Structured settlements established in Florida must adhere to the state's laws.US Supreme Court image by dwight9592 from Fotolia.comWhen a court of law issues a monetary settlement to the plaintiff, or the party that brought the lawsuit to court, it can be given in one lump payment or as a...

What Is a Breach of a Contractual Relationship?

Contracts are legally enforceable agreements, and any party -- person or organization -- that enters into a contract has a contractual relationship with the other parties. When a party enters into a contractual relationship, it agrees to certain responsibilities, and failure to adhere to the agreed

How to Write a Florida Equine Adoption Contract

Equine adoption contracts in Florida need to be clear and concise and have specific elements. All contracts must have an offer and acceptance. This is called "consideration." Even if the horse is being given away to someone who is adopting and not purchasing, there must still be consideration.

What Is the Legal Age to Sign a Contract?

Contracts come in many forms, from leases to purchase agreements to promissory notes and other agreements that bind the signer to the terms within. In most cases, minors are prohibited from signing these types of documents.

Tax Rules for Claiming Tuition

The tuition tax deduction can be even more valuable than its nominal value because it lowers your gross income, so it can qualify you for other deductions and credits. However, the Internal Revenue Service puts several restrictions on the deduction, such as an income and coordination limit. Also, yo

How to File in Small Claims Court in Indiana

Filing a case in small claims court in Indiana is a quick and easy way to resolve your dispute with someone who owes you money. You can file a small claims case in Indiana if the amount you are owed is $6,000 or less. Small claims courts are designed to be user-friendly and non-intimidating. Attorne

How to File an Appeal for a Speedy Trial in Mississippi

Speedy trials are the constitutional right of all Americans. As stated in the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution: "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed

How to Get Out of a Fitness First Contract

Canceling a gym membership can be complicated, especially if a long-term contract is involved. If you want to cancel a Fitness First membership, carefully review the contract. Getting out of a Fitness First contract can be difficult, so you should document your actions to protect yourself.