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Copyright Facts Every Author Should Know

While it's generally known that authors own copyrights of their works once they put pen to paper, in this digital age, stealing someone's work is easier than it has ever been. Authors may find it in their best interests to get their work copyrighted, or at the least, to learn the facts abo

Copyright Laws for Paintings

A painter has exclusive rights in her painting under U.S. Copyright law.painting image by Dmitri MIkitenko from Fotolia.comA painting is considered a work of visual art, and a painter has the same exclusive rights under U.S. Copyright law as writers or musicians. A painter also has moral...

How to Pay Royalties for Copyrighted Music

While you can listen to music freely, to use the song as a way to make money, you must pay a royalty fee. Royalty fees pay the composer and songwriter for their work in creating the music. The amount of the fee varies depending on what you intend to do with the music. The fee depends on whether you

How to Obtain Music Copyrights

According to current copyright law (as of 2011), which has been in effect since 1978, any musical composition is automatically protected by copyright at the moment of creation. The composer is not required to publish his music or register his copyright to gain protection under intellectual property

Embroidery Design Copyright Rules

Embroidery designs are copyrighted material.embroidery image by Inger Anne Hulb?|kdal from Fotolia.comEmbroidery designs are protected under the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976. Under this act, any creative work is protected by copyright laws at the moment of creation, regardless of whether...

How Do I Copyright My Lyrics?

You and/or your band work hard on writing songs, and no one wants his rights to those songs stolen. Therefore, it is important to copyright those songs, and prove they belong to you. This is called your intellectual property. Two parts of music, lyrics and melody, can be copyrighted. The method to c

What Does the Fair Use Exemption Copyright Law Allow?

Those familiar with federal copyright law know that it provides for certain exemptions that protect individuals who wish to use copyrighted materials without fear of being accused of infringement by a copyright holder. These are known are "fair use" exemptions. While some fair use exemptions are ver

Common Copyright Laws

The copyright symbol can remind people the work is owned by someone but is not necessary for protection to be in place.copyright image by YvesBonnet from Fotolia.comCopyright law protects a creator of literature, photographs and creative art works from losing ownership of that...

How to Obtain Copyright Permissions

If you want to reproduce materials that are copyright-protected, you should have written permission. You can ask permission from the publisher to use the material entirely or in parts. If reproducing the material is considered fair use, you do not need permission.


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How to Copyright & Publish a Song

If you have a nice song that you are excited about and want to go through the process of copyrighting and publishing it, you have come to the right place for information. Do not upload your song to YouTube or any other site and wait to see if it becomes famous or you might as well give it away for f

The Copyright Implications of Using Newspapers in Art

An artist often creates art from other objects. For example, Andy Warhol gained fame painting everyday items, some sculptors deal entirely in found items. Some artists wonder if they are violating copyright law when they use works copyrighted by others, such as newspapers, in their art.

Most Bloggers Do Not Copyright Their Work - And Why You Should or Shouldn't

If you are a blogger, I am certain that you've considered copyrighting your work. And if you blog about more intellectual things, I am also certain that people have copied what you've written, or the ideas and concepts onto their own blogs. You may not care, because you are able to spread

How to Copyright a T-Shirt

It is important to copyright your original t-shirt design in order to ensure your rights if a competitor steals your design and claims it as his own. Your t-shirt is protected by copyright law as soon as it is created, but you need to protect this copyright by registering it with the U.S Copyright O

Working for Compensation

There is always the possibility of being hurt on the job. It is the responsibility of the company to pay for medical expenses and any lost wages while a person is out with an injury ...

OSHA Law on Bathroom Breaks

The need to go to the bathroom is a universal issue everyone can relate to. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has the responsibility of enforcing many health-related work issues, including the rate at which employees can utilize the bathroom.

What Is a Public Moral Crime?

Public moral crimes are also known as crimes of moral turpitude and typically are thought of as "vice" crimes that raise questions about the perpetrator's personal character and morality. Moral crimes are defined by state law and vary among states. Most states consider sexual deviancy to be a public

Laws on Music Copyright Infringements

Copyrighted music may not be played in public without book. manuscript. music score image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comBecause much of modern music relies heavily on production for its sound, many songs tend to sound very similar. In fact, “sampling” is the...

Fair Use of Copyrights

Fair use is the section of the copyright code that allows someone to use copyrighted works in ways that would not otherwise be allowed under copyright laws, saving some people from litigation.