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How to Find Court Records for Outagamie County, Wisconsin

As with all court records, the court records relating to Outagamie County, Wisconsin, are viewable to the public at any time. The state of Oregon has a court records database online that is searchable from your web browser. Simply type in the information required to find the documents you want and n

How to Reverse a Civil Judgment

If you disagree with the a civil judgment granted against you, you can file an appeal. Most courts will allow you to file an appeal within 10 to 30 days of the judgment. If the judgment was issued to you in the mail, you will typically have 10 to 30 days from the day it was mailed to file an appeal.

How to File a Motion for Contempt in a Divorce Case

Contempt motions are legal requests to have a judge enforce a signed or verbal order. During a divorce, if one of the parties has chosen to shirk the orders of the divorce judge, a motion for contempt can be filed.

How to Transfer Shares of Stock Within a Corporation

Shareholders of corporations may transfer, sell, assign, or gift their shares as they see fit, so long as the transfer complies with any shareholder agreements that have been signed. Not all corporations have shareholder agreements in place, but any corporation with multiple shareholders should hav

How to File for a Judge's Reconsideration in New Jersey Family Court

The Supreme Court of New Jersey admits that reconsideration motions are rarely granted, but that shouldn't stop you from trying if the judge who heard your matter honestly made a mistake. A motion for reconsideration follows the same procedure as any other motion made in family court, but your burd

Felony Charge Levels in Illinois

Committing a felony in Illinois will result in imprisonment.handcuffs image by William Berry from Fotolia.comThe state of Illinois categorizes criminal offenses as either a petty offense, misdemeanor or felony. While petty offenses are subject to only a fine and misdemeanors are subject...

How to Apply for a Pardon in Maryland

If you have been convicted of a crime in Maryland, it is only natural to want your record cleared. The governor of Maryland is the only one authorized to grant a pardon. The Maryland Parole Commission investigates when an application for a pardon is received. A report is submitted to the governor wh

Child Witness Laws

Sometimes, children are called to testify in court.Child image by Serenitie from Fotolia.comWhen children testify in court, protecting their identities, upholding the validity of their testimony and safeguarding their identities are paramount. In the United States, there are laws ensuring...

The Pennsylvania Rules for Refiling Criminal Charges in Magistrate Court

Magistrates hear criminal disputes that occurred within a municipal area or subdivision.Fotodesign Holzhauser/Creatas/Getty ImagesThe Pennsylvania Magistrate Court hears local disputes and traffic violations. Magistrates file warrants in their office, but they do not sign or originate...

How to Get a Copy of a Ticket From the 36th District Court in Detroit, Michigan

Most drivers want to forget the experience of getting a ticket as quickly as possible. It is not uncommon for traffic tickets to end up thrown out with the trash and easily forgotten about until a bench warrant is issued for the driver's arrest for failing to appear in traffic court or pay a fine. I

What Are the Duties of Kentucky Circuit Courts?

Kentucky circuit courts also oversee family court.Allan Baxter/Lifesize/Getty ImagesKentucky circuit courts encompass general and family jurisdiction oversight, which focuses on one judge to address all the needs of one family. The state is divided into 57 circuits, each of which operates...

What Is a Pretrial Brief?

A pretrial brief is a document prepared by legal counsel for a plaintiff or defendant that summarizes the facts of a case and the legal arguments she will present during the trial. In some instances, it is also used to request suppression of evidence. Pretrial briefs typically include applicable cas

How to Defend Myself at a Summary Judgment Hearing

A summary judgment hearing involves the culmination of a lawsuit, response, discovery and all the preliminary motions prior to the first phase of trial. If the parties involved get to a point where they are in agreement with all the facts of the case, and only the legal policy involved is in dispute

How to Ask for Pardon of a DUI Charge

People sometimes make mistakes they wish they could make disappear. Obtaining a pardon, for charges such as DUIs, can be the answer to that desire. The process varies very little from state to state. A governor's pardon is achieved through the state board of pardons and paroles. It will not expunge

How to Prepare Your Client for an Order of Protection Hearing

In order to obtain an order of protection on behalf of your client, you will need to present an abundance of evidence to the judge that proves the action is truly necessary. How you demonstrate the urgency of this need to the court depends on the amount and level of abuse sustained, as well as the i

How to Delay a Prison Term

A criminal trial can have many outcomes, but the most unfavorable for the defendant is a sentence of incarceration. A criminal defendant may have many reasons for wanting to delay a prison term. Personal health emergencies, family crises, or the desire to stay free pending an appeal may give you a p

If You File an Appeal Against Unemployment Can They Deny You Again?

The unemployment appeals process offers a second look at your claim when either you or your former employer disagrees with the original decision. The state reviews the evidence in the appeal hearing and makes another decision. It can deny your claim a second time, but you have the right to appeal a

How to Tell If a Writ of Garnishment Is Real?

A writ of garnishment is a court order that allows a certain amount of money to be automatically removed from an individual's paycheck or other assets. The writ typically is signed by the judge after entering a judgment against the individual upon whom the writ is served. While there have been some

How to Plead a Mistaken Identity Defense

While eyewitness testimony is often crucial in a criminal trial, the memory of an eyewitness can change or blur due to numerous factors. If you face charges for a crime you didn't commit, then you might consider pleading the mistaken identity defense.