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Inuit Food & Vitamin C Deficiencies

The traditional Inuit diet has been an interesting puzzle for nutritionists. How does a diet consisting of meat and fat a viable, healthy diet? Vitamin A, a nutrient usually gained from colorful plant foods, can be found in cold-water fishes, but Vitamin C is more of a puzzle. Where does this vitami

How to Paint Abstracts With Watercolor

Watercolor paint is the abstract artist's best friend. Everything about watercolor painting lends itself to abstraction: not only is it easy to create thin washes of color with watercolor paints, but the wetness of the paint is difficult to control upon application. An aspiring abstract artist can c

How to Choose a Canoe Paddle

If you love to canoe, then you know that the paddle that you use can make or break your adventure. The right paddle will help you glide easily through the pristine waters. However, the wrong paddle can make you exhausted and your journey less than enjoyable.

Arizona Blue - Gunfighter: Meeting at the Red Dog

Dennis has about nine files he uses for saving his stories and going back to them later, and this one can be considered the Forgotten Episode of Arizona Blue, it was lost in file #2, and as I mentioned, he is no on file 9, in which he has severl hundred stories in these files, and poems, and article

Make Money Online 2014

In the first article we looked at how many first time (and experienced!) sales people can be held back from achieving success because of the fears they may have on getting out there and selling.

The original Party pills ingredients

Since the creation of Party pills by Stargate international more than a decade ago there have been many ingredients used in various products. For the purpose of this article you will learn only about the ...

Stolen Comic Books

A man in Florida had his collection of comic books stolen. He saw his collection for sale at a comic book shop.

Tips And Tricks For Increasing Business Revenue Through Kindle Sales

You can take information and use it to make money, build a brand, or make you look like an expert in your niche. Just about anyone who's heard of Amazon has heard about the Kindle store they've built. What this means to you, as an info product creator, is the potential to tap into a new ma

How to Identify Pocket Knives by Their Blades

Pocket knives come in a dizzying array of blade shapes and sizes for a variety of uses. Some blade types are more all-purpose, while some are designed to perform best in specific situations. It is easy to identify the type of blade any knife has by looking at its point and shape, and knowing the typ

Raised Plaster Designs On Your Walls Is Easy

If you have yet to try it, stenciling with pre-mixed joint compound or plaster should be a must for your 2007 "To do" list! Raised designs on walls, is a rapidly growing and truly exciting ...

Tattoo Placement

Advise on where to place a new tattoo. Around the world there are many cultures that have different views on what is right or wrong.... Tattoos are used in some cultures to mark manhood or even womanhood. Most people have seen National Geographic's shows dealing with pacific islanders or rain f

On The Regent Theater In A Production Of Billy Elliot

Aspiring dancers and actors say they are "living on adrenalin" after wowing spectators in a well-liked musical. On the Regent Theater in a production of Billy Elliot, a cast of 46 performers from North Staffordshire and South Cheshire have been taking to the stage. The show put on by Stage

Underdog Winning Ways on Online Mac Poker Site

Poker online is an extremely widespread card game throughout the world performed mainly by almost all poker on-line lover and internet poker players alike. Normally, not all who takes on online poker just turn out ...

Download Mixtapes Can Turn Out To Be A Really Great Price Saving Effort

Everybody loves great music. But enjoying great music isn't feasible whenever you do not have the correct source of buying great music. As the costs of most of the commodities are on a constant rise, individuals really feel that they do not have sufficient chance to indulge in luxuries; but you