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How to Lower Debt Using Your Mortgage

After you have undergone a review of your spending and you have removed all of your wasteful spending but you still have too much debt, you need to look at what assets you can convert ...

The Statute of Limitations on Debt Recovery in Missouri

Imagine receiving a notice to appear in court because someone filed a lawsuit against you, only to discover it is for a debt you don't even remember incurring --- not because you don't keep your debts organized, but because it's so old. As you look back through your personal files, you discover the

10 Debt Consolidation Facts You Should Know

The first thing to understand is that credit counseling and debt consolidation is not the same thing. Credit counseling involves a debt counselor working with you to assist you in making a budget so that you can pay off your debt, whereas debt consolidation involves the payment of a bulk amount of m

Your Best Chance at Eliminating Your Credit Card Debt

The past few years have not been easy and many people have the credit card statements to show it. Many people have charged thing, such as; groceries and gas. With this being said, you will have to make some changes and manage things differently.

Help! I'm in Debt - Three Ways to Get Out of Debt

No! This can't be happening, I can't be in debt over my head. How in the world did I get myself into this situation? It was just a couple dinners out, well maybe more than just a couple. But my wife really needed that perfume, I thought I could pay it off with my next paycheck.

General Tips on Debt

ACCUMULATED unpaid dues hurt, especially if acquired through credit cards. People wanting to get out of debt mess are strongly advised either to stop using credit cards or to at least see to it to pay whatever is charged to your account at the end of the month.

3 Programs For Debt Relief

There are many options available for you if you want to solve your debt problems. One of the most popular debt relief solutions is the consolidation program. Many companies in the US offer this option where you can take advantage of lower monthly payments and rates.

The Role of A Credit Counselor in Debt Consolidation

In this modern world, where standard of living is rising day by day, people do everything to achieve that standard, and while doing so, sometimes because of unplanned financial activities, they are drowned in huge debts...

Credit Card Debt Consolidations

Advertising for credit card debt consolidation is everywhere. Youll find ads in magazines, on the Internet and on the airwaves. It is a big business for a good reason. Most American families have an average of $9000 or more in credit card debt. There are many consolidation programs to choose from, a

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Legally- Do You Know How?

Today people are facing a real problem.  Credit card debt, eliminating credit card debt really is something we all want to do, but most don't know how.  There are many different strategies to help eliminate ...

What to Consider When Choosing Debt Relief Programs

The price of human basic needs has dramatically gone high forcing many people to rely on credit cards and loans in order to satisfy their needs. Unfortunately, majority of the people are not able to clear their bills in time. Eventually, bills accumulate at a very high rate due to high interest rate