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Can a Teeth Whitening Pen Work For You?

The new innovation in home teeth whitening is the teeth whitening pen. We take a look and see if it really works. Does it deliver in its promise?

CEREC: One Day Crowns

CEREC is a two-part system that consists of a computer CAD program that uses 3D images of your tooth to design a tooth crown and a milling machine that creates the designed restoration.

Bleeding Gums Causes

Gums are pinky and spongy structures, essential to hold and protect teeth. They adhere to the teeth very closely for sealing to prevent entry or spreading of the infection inside, to the root of the t

The Importance of Dental X-Rays

Ever wondered how X-rays work? Well, simply put, X-rays are forms of energy that are absorbed by highly-dense objects such as bones and metal, which in turn, leave bright imprints on an X-ray film. Non-dense objects, like flesh and clothing, let X-rays pass through, leaving faint to no imprints on a

Dentistry Implants For Patients

Dentistry implants are considered to be the best option for people who have lost one, two, or all of their permanent teeth. Dentistry implants are used by people of all ages, except for small children, to replace their missing teeth. Some of the most common dentistry implant patients are

Information About A Manhattan Beach General Dentist

This article deals with the different functions of a general dentist and how to find one. Dentistry is a field which is growing new branches every day. More and more fields are emerging within this ...

Problems Faced by Teenagers Without Braces

Nowadays every person does not have normal teeth. Teeth sometimes grow very awkward in individuals and hence create problems for them. They first problem which people face is the issues they face while eating. It is very hard to chew properly if you have your teeth in the wrong directions. But the r

Dentist: A Professional That Promotes Oral Health

Dentists or Richmond Dentists for that matter are health-care practitioners properly trained to provide services that maintain, promote and restore good oral health. Dentists in the United States face stiff competition for available spots in dental school, and about 75 percent of graduates eventuall

Tooth Whitening - alex m

There are a number of different ways to whiten teeth. There are two main choices. One is professional bleaching which requires visiting a dentist and the second is over the counter whitening i.e. buyi

How to Take Care of Teeth After Oral Surgery

Taking care of your teeth is very important part of personal hygiene. Brushing twice a day and seeing a dentist once a year can keep your teeth in good condition so they'll last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, even good dental care doesn't prevent the need of oral surgery. This can include root canal

Low costing teeth whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening the pros most certainly outweigh the cons. Not only will your brand new smile boost your confidence, help you to look and feel years younger, but its also beneficial t

Natural Remedies For Gum Sickness

Gum unwellness affects almost one in three adults, but the precise reason behind gum unwellness is usually unknown however gum unwellness symptoms appears to be painful, bleeding, receding or infected gums, dangerous breath and odontalgia caused by gum unwellness.

Are Cheap Dental Veneers Covered by Insurance?

Before you get some dental veneers on your teeth here are some things to consider.Not all insurance companies will cover your porcelain veneers and this can be an expensive procedure to pay for on your own.

Bad Breath Remedy Revealed

There are many different homemade remedies for fighting bad breath or halitosis. The remedies can be classified into two main categories, namely, taking care of the oral hygiene and bringing in changes in feeding habit. Since, both these aspects of the remedial measure of bad breath are equally impo

Tooth Sensitivity - Can You Avoid It?

Harris Interactive has conducted a survey in the year 2010 for new Orajel advanced tooth desensitizer. According to this survey 46% of adult Americans have been affected by tooth sensitivity in the last five years. Out of this half the population did not take any remedial actions for their sensitive