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Research Design for the Ph D Scholars of Medical Science

Research Design for the Ph D Scholars of Medical Science Introduction The author of this article has taken one Research problem in Medical Science field as an example to explain the concept of Research Design ...

Useful Tools for the Handicapped

Handicapped parkingdiabled sign1 image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.comLiving with a disability is a challenging experience, to say the least. Ordinary tasks that other people take for granted can be extraordinarily difficult when you are faced with a disability. In many cases, the use...

Hearing Aid In India|best Hearing Aids

Discuss with the hearing care professional whether a hearing aid is of potential benefit. If so, determine which hearing aid style and circuitry is right for you.

Mobility With A Portable Power Wheelchair

Being confined to a wheelchair is a life-changing experience and being limit by physical restriction can make nearly anyone feel a loss of independence. Very few people will embrace being dependent on someone else in ...

Market News On Disability Aids: The Increase Of The Disability Aids Industry

Disability aids for older people are incredibly commonplace in the developed world and plenty of firms are producing a great number of models of healthcare products that include reading devices, hearing aids, walking style gadgets, wheelchair add-ons, walker carry bags and many other excellent devic

How to Apply for Partial Disability

An individual is eligible for partial disability if he or she cannot perform all or some of the duties and responsibilities required by his or her job. To be eligible for partial disability you must meet certain guidelines and requirements. The Social Security Administration may need to speak with y

Custom made Orthotics

The market demand for custom orthotics has developed exponentially in the past few years. The basic purpose of custom orthotics is to provide the right support and posture to your foot. Custom made or

Social Security List of Disabling Conditions

Social Security disability requirements are sets of medical conditions that are established by the federal government as general guidelines for determining who qualifies for Social Security benefits. Not all medical conditions qualify. The qualifying impairments are categorized and used as a guide b

Parkinson's Drugs - Another Man's Story

Life is too short to suffer needlessly. We have already been diagnosed with PD.Do we have to live with what some of the medications are offering us, as well?

What in the World is a Stair Lift?

Many people have heard of the word stair lift, but what exactly is it? Well, a stair lift is a mobility device that is used for handicapped and elderly people. What it does is lift people up and down stairs from floor to floor.

An Introduction to Bruno Stair Chair Lift Models

With a focus on continually innovating and creating quality designs, the Bruno company is on the leading edge in this niche home care market. Founded in 1984, it is still a family-owned business, and espouses the cause of providing its clients with dignity and gracious service. Its stair chair lift

Lift Chairs and Medicare In Today's World

It was in the early nineteen nineties that Medicare stopped reimbursements for electric lift chairs, and will nowadays only reimburse for the chair's motor and lift mechanism. Usually, this comes out to be about three ...

All You Need To Know About Buying Used

Buying a wheelchair vehicle is a tough thing to have to go through, and if you’ve never bought one in the past, you’ll be overwhelmed, stressed, and extremely frustrated before you drive away in a wheelchair van that you want.

Old Age Problem: Need To Live In Carer

Human beings become older after enjoying youth. For the elderly, living alone could be an intense thing. So, they need help any expert. Live in carer is need most of the UK people. Safe hands live in care is the best live in care provider in London, UK. The first choice of UK elder people.

Rotator Cuff Impingement - Break The Cycle Now

Rotator cuff impingement has a number of different causes. It can bring about a variety of rotator cuff damage such as a rotator cuff tendon tear. This is an explanation of the reasons why impingement occurs and what can be done about it.

What Do You Know About Pericarditis?

Pericarditis is the inflammation of the area around the heart. That area is called the pericardium. Pericarditus is usually caused by an infection of some sort and can be treated.

How Do Computers Help Disabled People?

Computers have done a great deal to allow individuals with physical or mental disabilities to participate fuller life. Computers can help disabled people in many different areas of life including working, reading, and communicating.

Innovative Wheelchair Technology - The IBOT Mobility System

The iBOT 4000 Mobility System is a technological wonder. While it performs the same basic functions as an ordinary wheelchair, it also has so much more to offer. The iBOT is a power wheelchair developed by Dean Kamen and sold through Independence Technology, which is owned by Johnson & Johnson.