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Google Android Auto

The new software links to the driver's Android device, then uses the dashboard monitor as an interface for drivers and passengers to operate familiar apps and features such as Maps, Spotify, and voice calls. The ...

Online Shopping In India for mobile phones

Mobile phones come in all shapes, sizes and most importantly they come with amusing prices. They also come with a varied range of ego boosters, technological enhancers, and materialistic physical trai

Mind-boggling Advantages of Spy Bluetooth Devices

In this high-tech world technology is getting advanced day by day. Among all the technologies, Spy Bluetooth devices are the latest one. These devices are most popular in comparison to all other cover

What Does HDMI Mean in TV Sets?

With the technology of home entertainment systems advancing so rapidly, it's hard to keep up with the terms. High definition television comes with a new set of technical terms to describe different levels of quality and how they connect to the devices that create pictures. In TV sets, HDMI means it

How to Transfer Movies to a Computer With a Vivitar DVR 565HD

Founded in 1938, Vivitar has grown into one of the largest camera and video manufacturers in the world. Though Vivitar was acquired by the Syntax-Brillian company in 2006, the company still creates products in accordance with its former owner's quality guidelines. The advent of the computer and the

How to Clean a Video Cassette Recorder

Cleaning a videocassette recorder's read/write head periodically improves the image quality of your VHS tapes and is especially important if you plan on converting your tapes to a digital format for DVD. Effective cleaning requires removal of the cover, which varies between brands. Check the owner's

How to Tag Songs on the Radio for Future Download on iTunes

Unlike other iPod models, the iPod Nano includes an FM tuner that allows you to tag music while listening to the radio. Known as iTunes Tagging, this feature creates a list of music you've tagged on your iPod Nano and syncs the tagged list to iTunes when your Nano is connected to your computer. Anot

Security Camera Systems, Security Cameras Systems

The advent of science over the last hundred years or so has taken the human civilization to its zenith. More categorically to say, the last couple of decades have been the magical spell of man's ...

How to Program a Sony Remote Control for a Visco LCD TV

Visco LCD TVs are affordable HDTVs that were previously sold in Walmart stores. Although they are no longer being sold at Walmart, you still may own a Visco LCD TV. Visco televisions are manufactured by NEC, and therefore use the NEC remote codes. You can program your Sony universal remote control b

How to Upload Themes to Blackberry

If you're tired of the generic background, or theme, on your BlackBerry, and want something that reflects your personality a little more, many options are available to you--and they can be uploaded without too much difficulty. Uploading themes to a BlackBerry involves a series of steps that you must

How to Play UK VHS Tapes on US VHS Tape Players

If you want to play VHS tapes from the United Kingdom on tape players in the United States, first you must know that the analog video format in the U.S. is different than that in the UK. The U.S. uses the NTSC standard, while the UK uses the PAL standard. VHS tapes that were recorded in the PAL form

Top Landline Phone Service Providers

Find a reliable and inexpensive landline phone provider.telephone image by Vasiliy Koval from Fotolia.comIn 2007, nearly one out of six homes in the United States did not have a landline phone. However, landline phones are still present in homes due to tradition and convenience. ...

How to Convert Desktop Speakers to RCA Stereo Speakers

Desktop speakers, such as models used for connecting to a computer, are equipped with a single audio cable with a 3.5 mm stereo plug that connects to the PC tower or headphones jack on a laptop. If you want to convert desktop speakers to RCA-type stereo connectors, which use two 1/4-inch jacks for t