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Darkspore: Online Dungeon Crawl Review

Darkspore, like all games living in the dungeon crawl genre, involves more than its fair share of clicking, looting and equipping of all that loot. With a game that boasts 100 total heroes at your disposal it's hard not to at least take a peek. So that's exactly what I did (okay maybe I to

El Gordo Lottery and All Things Spanish

Throughout recent history Spain has commanded a remarkable status not only in the spread of its language around the world but also its culture. In modern times this has been represented by the influence of General Franco, an incredible story, depicted so wonderfully in Ernest Hemmingway's "

DIY Xbox 360 Repairs

When Xbox was introduced to the market in the last quarter of 2005, everybody was scrambling to buy this game console. Today, it is still so popular that it has become the number one competitor of the Sony PlayStation.

See How You're Able To Prosper Out of FarmVille

FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation game title brought to life by Zynga, to be found as an software tool for the social-networking site Facebook. com and as a recent Program for the Apple iphone. ...

Impact of Economic Downsizing on Gaming Industries

The current recession has put forward many questions over the gaming industries and how the gamers have responded. Gamers are involving themselves more in playing free online games and buying used games. This trend has affected the game sales at large. Along with the economic downsizing, lack of blo

Comparator Circuit Design

Occupying a niche in electronics between the analog and digital worlds, a comparator takes two or more analog signals and compares them. Normally, its output is at zero volts. If its non-inverting (positive) input is greater than the inverting (negative) input, the comparator's output rises to a so-

List of Board Games

The list of Board Games is ever increasing. Why in the world are board games so popular? What should you know before deciding to get really involved?

The Hardware Debate

So it's been one of the oldest debates in gaming - Does hardware make you a better player? If you listen to ads from Logitech, Nvidia, and other retailers, they will tell you that you will lose big time without their latest and greatest chips and mice.

How to Play Snap Cards

"Snap" is a fast-paced card game suitable for children as young as three. Players watch for cards with matching numbers or letters and yell "Snap!" when they see a match. The first player to yell "snap" wins the two matching cards and others. The goal is to win all of the cards. Snap is an easy-to-l

LEGO Star Wars for Wii Game Cheats

LEGO Star Wars for the Nintendo Wii gives gamers of all ages the chance to re-enact unique interpretations of the most memorable Star Wars moments from the franchise's storied history--entirely in LEGO form. There is a plethora of unlockable content in LEGO Star Wars, and while some of it can be unl

World of Warcraft - The Best MMORPG Ever Made

World of Warcraft is the largest and most successful Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ever made with over 11 million players worldwide. With the best quest system in the industry, nice looking graphic and amazing combat system Blizzard has once again created a masterpiece.

Avoid Going on Tilt

For a lot of poker players the thing that gets in the way the most in becoming a great poker player is their mind set. There is always a number of different mental mistakes that have caused even good poker players to fall at times.

Sandbox Games That Support LAN

Local area networks (LANs) of computers allow players to connect and play games together. Although many multiplayer games have dedicated servers that bring together gamers from across the world, LAN games require that players be on the same network, meaning they are usually in the same room. Playing

4 Free MMO's

There are about 50 million MMO gamers out there, with a lot more who want to give it a try.But the one thing that stops a lot of potential new players from experiencing these online worlds is the cost.Shelling out 50 bucks for a game is one thing.

How to Earn Badges on the Sims 2

"The Sims 2: Open for Business" game allows players to use badges in relation to skills. Sims need skills to get jobs, and each badge relates to different fields, such as cleaning or creativity. Talent badges allow Sims to craft items, too. As you craft, you gain more badge points, which leads your

Cheats for "American Conquest: Three Centuries of War"

"American Conquest: Three Centuries of War" is a video game developed by GSC Game World and CDV Software and released in February 2003. This historic real-time strategy game begins with Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World in 1492 and features campaigns with real battles spanning over 3

Children's Games in Italy

Traditional Italian children's games are easy and fun to learn.playing in nature image by .shock from Fotolia.comChildren in Italy like children everywhere enjoy fun and active games. They also engage in indoor games when the weather is not conducive to outdoor play. Many of these games...

Fun at-Home Date Night Ideas

Plan a romantic date night at home.romance image by Melissa Schalke from <a href=''></a>Whether you are married and sending the kids to grandma's house once a week or meeting your sweetheart between meetings or classes, a date night can be an...