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How to Airbrush Murals

Airbrushing involves using an air-operated gun to apply paint to a variety of surfaces, ranging from T-shirts to automobiles. A skilled airbrush artist can turn just about any surface into a work of art. Murals are paintings typically done on a large surface, such as a wall or a house--indoor or out

2014 Forest Hills Drive

This is a review of the rap music 2014 Forest Hills Drive. This is one of the most best selling albums you may find on Amazon. Their song is really astonishing to listen!

Eric Church

View photos taken at Eric Church's performance at The Funky Frog in Mentor on the Lake, Ohio, on July 6, 2006.

The Alarm Artist Profile

Typically viewed as a bit of an afterthought on the British early alternative rock scene - especially when U2 became critically beloved superstars - Welsh band The Alarm nevertheless deserves credit for putting together a working-class '80s career filled with passionate songs and performances.

Basic Guitar Lessons: How to hold your guitar

A Guitar lesson that shows you the the correct methods for holding the guitar. In this lesson you will learn not only how to the guitar but how to sit correctly while playing the guitar.

True Story Of iPods - Development Through 5 Generations

Technology has reached the golden age. There are a lot of things that are made easy and compact by gadgets. Everything is now just a click away. It is taking over the world by storm. This article is all about iPod Technology.

Magical Mystery Tour, a Beatles Retrospective For All Generations

The Magical Mystery Tour has enchanted audiences since its conception by Jim Owen and Dr. Martin Herman. Four dead-on interpreters of the Beatles plus a great symphony orchestra equal an evening of bliss. The program that has played to appreciative audiences worldwide is scheduled to delight many mo

Learn Country Guitar - Tips For Beginners

If you dream of strumming your favorite country songs at your next get together with friends and family but feel it is too difficult, do not give up. Following are some tips to learn country guitar that can have you playing like the pros in no time.

A History of Punk Music

The first wave of punk aimed at distancing itself from the pretentiousness and posturing of 1970s rock. Punks strove to dismantle the tame acts that were now standing as pre-eminent rock and roll. Rock no longer stood for the left field, for the rebels, for the counter-culture.

Canon in D by Pachelbel - The Song Everybody Knows

The Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel is a composition well known throughout the world. It's a piece of music that is played in commercials, feature films, and shopping mall music systems. Its melody and harmony are such that, when heard, spur an "I know this song" reaction in listeners.

Piano Learning Software - The Do'S And The Don'Ts

You have to keep in mind several things while purchasing piano learning software from online stores. First of all you have to check whether the configurations of your computer or laptop are matching w

How to Install the MCrypt Extension in Plesk

Mcrypt is a placement command for the UNIX crypt command. The crypt command is used to encrypt files in an algorithm that dates back to World War II. If you would like to install the Mcrypt command software to your Plesk operating system, you can do it with just a few commands in your server’s

A Bit of Information About the iPod Nano

The development work on the new Apple MP3 player that we know as the iPod Nano commenced 9 months prior to the date of when it was actually launched.It comes with more flash memory storage than that to be found in the Shuffle and also has a miniaturized version of the color screen and click wheel wh