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What Is A Heartist - Create Your Dream Job From Your Heartfelt Hobby

Love's impact is my art ~ My medium is wherever my heart loves! As a heartist all of my passions flourish, coincide and commune ~ I let what I love truly lead me to what I do and I hope that in some small or GREAT way my art can inspire your heart and open your curious eyes to find the heartist

Math And Honesty - Is There A Correlation?

The other day, I was discussing with an acquaintance our mutual respect for honesty, integrity, ethics, and mathematics. You'd be surprised how many mathematicians see the world in absolute terms, and not much gray area in between. That's a hard way to live in a complex world and society l


The evolution of biological Life can be identified by allowing your sense organs to do the job they do best. Sense organs confirm what is true.

Proof That Humans Are Unique

Some want to scientifically prove that humans are unique others believe that the present classification of humans as higher order mammals in the animal kingdom is the scientifically proper place for them.

Symbols and Reality

Symbols have always played a significant role in man's life. A symbol represents something either physical or abstract but it is not the thing itself. It often happens, though, that the symbol takes the place of the real thing and people lose sight of the reality. The problem is discussed here

Lost Paradise of Eden and the Future of Humanity

There is no reason to mourn over the legend of the lost paradise of Eden. Though the human body will never free us from pain, the suffering caused by values and beliefs that are combined with actions can be altered. We long for world peace and the end of cruelty, but what must change is us.

If You Want to Help Others You Must Make Sure They Actually Want Help!

Many folks so desire to help others, almost to the point of breaking such basic wisdom and cardinal rules that they end up doing more harm than good. It happens all the time, and perhaps the best illustration is the old Boy Scout joke where an old lady is sitting in a wheel chair on a street corner

What is It to be Human and is It Something to be Proud of?

Some contend that humans are naturally wonderful loving creatures and we are full of good. Others look out at the French Riots or Machete and AK-47 killings and say you have to be kidding me? You call that a group of loving and caring...

Secret Group; Want to Sign Up?

One way groups try to get people to sign up and recruit them is to say that it is a secret group and only if they you select people are allowed to join. This tactic works very well for many groups to recruit members who are of higher caliber then they normally would be able to collect because curios

Life And Its Beautiful Stages

Life is a beautiful journey. So all of us should continue it gracefully. It is a precious gift of God which He has given to us. We all should feel lucky enough to get it. There are many stages of life and each stage has its own charm. From infancy to old age, all stages are inter-linked. One becomes

Progressive, Regressive, Or Building Upon Prior Philosophical Thoughts

Have you ever noticed that each subsequent generation builds on the knowledge, and research of the past? Every bit of advancing technology we have today is bathed in the discoveries and inventions of yesteryear. In other words, progress is incremental, and the power of knowledge moves us forward. Lu

Ready to Join a Think Tank - What's Your Background?

Not long ago, I had the privilege of meeting someone online who was actively seeking entrance to a Think Tank. Although he did not have academic credentials, he had a vast amount of real-world experience, know-how and a good many years of wisdom. I had asked him what his expertise was in and he stat

Gifts: How Framed Quotes Can Make Great Presents

Words can help you smile, laugh, or feel inspired when you feel like you need to be picked up. When it feels like things aren't going your way and the universe is working against you, hearing or reading the right words can give you the push you need to persevere and keep your nose to the grinds

The Nature Of Religious Belief And Dialogue About Religion

Religion and spirituality have existed almost as long as mankind has, and yet the debate still rages as to whether it is a force for good or bad in the world. Some of the world's most inspiring actions have been performed in the name of religion, as have some of its worst atrocities, not to men

What is a Book?

Books nowadays can come in a whole lot of different formats: some still come in the form of a papyrus; some books are in the form of an old manuscript kept together by some animal skin or leather; some books have been hand-printed; some are engraved in a stone; some books are accessible online throu

The Paradox of the Sublime

While we are drawn to experiencing the sublime and we value it for its aesthetic worth, such an experience is also mixed with negative pleasures and negative feelings. For instance, looking at the ocean, while standing in the middle of it aboard a small boat, I may aesthetically appreciate the majes

Should Legitimate Think Tanks Host Open Forums to All?

There are a good many Think Tanks in the world and many of the top notched Think Tanks are not open to the public. To become a member you'd have to be the top in your field or even subscribe to a certain mindset, belief system, or political persuasion. Of course, their detractors point out the