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Graphic Design Colleges Can Help Anyone Become A Graphic Designer

The field of graphic design is much wider than you may have imagined. Surprisingly, a lot of people think of graphics and design and immediately their minds turn to thoughts of video games and complex coding for websites. The truth is, there are a lot of other avenues open to you, so if you've

Searching for the Perfect Painting

Kilby thinks that Giorgione's painting of the 'Madonna with Child and St. Francis and St. George' is Perfect. Let the debate begin!

Art For Ministry

Using Art for Ministry By Sandra Joy Perini What is Ministry Art? Simply, it is art used for the purpose of ministry. For this article I will focus on the visual arts. Art that is ...

Ink MLB Tattoo Designs To Show Your Support For The Game

Baseball season is here and most enthusiasts are trying to get tickets for the big game. People just simply love the flair and style of the game. Baseball personalities are highly popular and many fans ...

Master of Master's: the life of Ghirlandaio

Advanced in his use of light (chiaroscuro) and perspective, teacher of Michelangelo and world famous master in his own right, the great renaissance artist Domenico Ghirlandaio was born in 1449, the son of a small ...

Photoshop With No Film

Photo Shop With No Film? "Only a transparent film covered her exposed breast." Sign in old photoshop. A friend of mine was searching for large sheets of film to use in some photo etchings. The ...

Cover For Musicians That Will Take Them to the Top of the Charts

If you are just starting in the music industry then you would probably need to send out your demo CD's. Before when musicians sent out their demo CD's, all they did was use a Pentel pen and write their band's or the singer's name in the CD. If you are the producer, will that even

Nature Wallpapers In HD Quality

HD photography has brought the wallpaper craze for Nature to a whole new level by putting into display the gigantic and mysteriousness of nature with real life feeling on the PC and I phone screens. O

Great Photo collage Ideas

There is no greater freedom of expression than in a collage. While one can design a collage with any concept, photo collages are a great way of preserving memories of events over a period of ...

How Atlanta Got So High on Art: The Birthing of an Industrious Art Culture

Sometimes to move forward requires that we look backward. Atlanta's art history is vibrant and adolescent. Who knew a city could make such progress at the hands of a few able-bodied enterprising art organizers? Why is our art culture the way it is? Come look what I found in Carlyn Gay Crannell&

Economical Easel Stands for Every Need

Whatever kind of easel stand you need, whether it be a floor mounted whiteboard stand or a tabletop one to display your favorite photograph, there will be one available. Even the cheapest models are a

Cinema 4D - Getting Help

Cinema 4D has many helper tools, a great reference online help but like some of the complexity of the tools presented, you can get a lot more help and find the help you're looking for if you know some of the tools and shortcuts devoted to the help system. Let's get some help! The first thi

Having your favourite subject printed to canvas prints

I was thinking of getting some canvas prints made up because I was around a friend's house and I seen lots of really cool photos that he had made up on to canvas and you can really see the qu

How to Choose a Wedding Photographer?

Couples who are planning their wedding should choose a wedding photographer who would suit their needs and would make the memories of this day special by capturing beautiful photographs. A wedding photographer in Ireland who ...

Green Arrow – Part One

The most famous of the Green Lantern and Green Arrow team-ups from the Hard Traveling Heroes days is the 'Snowbirds Don't Fly' storyline, in which it was revealed that, as a result of his mentor going

How to Draw: 5 Tips to Create Black With Graphite Pencils

My 5-Pencil Method uses, you guessed it, five different grades of pencil-4H, 2H, HB, 2B, 4B. I always recommend you start with your lightest pencil first, which helps to lay a foundation for the darker color values that will lie on top, creating dimension and contour.