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How to Write a Letter of Guardianship

A guardianship is established when an adult is unable to care for himself or herself, usually for medical reasons. A guardianship also can be established for a child whose parents are unable or unwilling to provide care. Every state handles guardianship differently, but in most cases the legal proce

How do I Get Guardianship of a Child in Louisville, Kentucky?

Guardianship is when someone other then a child's parents has legal custody and control over the child. The guardian is responsible for making decisions relating to the child and is legally responsible for them. A child may need a guardian for a variety of reasons and gaining guardianship means you

Leaving An Abuser: What to Expect and How to Stay Grounded

Abusers are extremely predictable. In my experience as a survivor and now through encounters with other abuse victims and survivors, it is apparent that the abuser's response to separation from his or her enabler-victim taps into a collection of tactics that is shockingly consistent. So, in the

Step-Parent's Rights After a Divorce

Many stepparents develop close relationships with their spouse’s children, and may even feel like a parent to the children themselves. During a divorce, stepparents can lose all legal rights to their ex-spouse’s children, even resulting in total loss of contact with them. However, for an

How to Switch Guardianship

Guardianship of a minor child can be decided by a court, as it is in cases in which the parent (or parents) either consents to having a guardian appointed or is deemed unfit. In either case, you'll need to fill out a petition and indicate why you think that your being the child's guardian is in her

How to Write a Premarital Agreement

Planning your marriage should involve more than discussing the details of your wedding day. Your plans should also include discussing your premarital or prenuptial agreement. The most obvious use for such an agreement is to provide for what happens in the event of a divorce; however, the better appr

Domestic Violence and Honesty: Are You Protecting An Abusive Spouse/Partner?

Are you protecting an abusive spouse/partner? This is a dangerous stance to take and you are putting yourself in a position for continued abuse. Your abusive partner controls you and by protecting he/she, you are making things much worse. Yes, you are afraid. But you need to do the following to get

Step-Fathers Rights

During the often confusing period of separation, divorce and remarriage, many questions arise that normally would seem out of the domain of the average citizen. One of these pertains to the rights of the stepfather in assuming daily proximity to children who are biologically unrelated to him.

The Legal Definition of a Court-Appointed Guardian

There are times when individuals, such as children or the elderly, are forced to rely on other people for assistance in their daily lives because they lack the capacity to make decisions on their own. They require outside help in the form of surrogate decision makers, who have the legal authority to

Places Where You Can Adopt Kids

Painting depicting child expressing longing.a4 image by Allisija from Fotolia.comThere are countless places all over the globe for prospective parents to go if they wish to adopt a child. China, the Ukraine and India are just three of those countries where orphaned children in need of...

How to Change a Name After Marriage in British Columbia

In British Columbia, a man or woman can apply to change her surname to the surname of her spouse, or change the surname to an entirely different name. In order for the name change to be legally recognized under the Name Act, you must meet several requirements, such as age and residency, and then com

Surviving Emotional Abuse

Abuse can happen anywhere, at any time. Some Individuals are teased and pressured at work, others deal with it from their friends, children experience it at their school, and many live with it in their home. If you are a victim - or you know someone who is - here are some steps to stop the violence.

Abusive Relationships - A Step by Step Guide to Stopping the Cycle

Being involved in an abusive relationship is horrible and definitely not something you would wish on anybody, but like many women, I felt trapped in such a relationship for 9 very long years. But back then I didn't have the resources to help me break out of the abuse cycle, so I endured the abu

Reasons for an Annulment

If you need to end your current marriage and don't want to go through a divorce, you may want to consider an annulment. However, there are limited legal reasons you can get petition for an annulment. An annulment is a legal petition in which a court will deem a marriage void. Basically getting an an

How to Register the Birth of Your Child

Registering the birth of your child is done by filing a birth certificate application with your state, which is typically done by the staff at the hospital where you give birth. Once your baby is born, a nurse will ask you to fill out the information required on the birth-certificate application, wh

Is A Loved One Putting You Through Mental Abuse?

There are thousands of women all over the world that are being put through mental abuse by a loved one. Many women are not even aware that this is happening to them and that is why you need to know the signs that will tell you that you are being put through this.