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Who's Eligible for Dating Divorcees

This article takes a look at the 4 million plus divorced women that out-number the rest of the male divorcee population. Tips are shared regarding getting back onto the dating scene after divorce and a brief evaluation is given about December-May Romance. U.S. Census data is used to gauge the popula

Wedding Traditions Around The World - Weddings In Different Countries

Ever wonder what's a wedding like in Africa? How different is an American wedding from an Indian Wedding? Do you want to know the different wedding traditions around the world? It is surely different from one place to another. Some are extremely bizarre. Some are even outrageously hilarious. No

How to Choose a Children's Picture Bible

A children's picture Bible that contains short, easy-to-read sentences along with bright pictures can help your child take the first steps toward understanding the Bible.

Public Divorce Record On The Net Comes To The Rescue

It does not matter whether you wish to get access to information pertaining to a divorce proceeding that happened about a month back or even about fifty years back, because the internet has now made it possible for you to get access to such information easily and not just wait on the governing bodie

Never Wake Up Angry

You and your husband or wife might go to bed angry, but you should never wake up angry. Find out why sleeping off a fight might help your marriage.

My Wife Doesn't Love Me Anymore - What You Must Do

I really believe that my wife is no longer in love with me. Even though we have been together for many years she is really considering a divorce. I'm not sure why? Is there any way to get my wife to want me again?

A 24kt Gold Rose Proposal

Why not do a different type of marriage proposal?Get on bended knee with a rose and an engagement ring, and ask the big question!

Contacting a Member on Matrimonial Site

Matrimonials sites are geared towards getting people married, not dating. So it is imperative that when you contact another individual from the site that you show yourself to be serious.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Having an outdoor wedding can be a great refreshing event as opposed to the boring, template ballroom weddings. As in all events, it should be properly planned. Get some tips on this article.