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Using a Family Law Mediator to End Your Marriage Amicably

Going through a divorce is extremely difficult, both on the separating spouses as well as the immediate family members, particularly the children. Going through divorce court can have dire emotional consequences for all parties, since ...

Arranged Marriage-A Pure Shape of Marriage

The girl was blushing. She appeared awkward and embarrassed. Eyes downcast, hands making patterns on the table-cloth, she sat flanked by a posse of heavily decked women.

I Hate Myself For My Cheating. What Can I Do?

I heard from a woman who said: 'I cheated on my husband. It was the worst mistake I have ever made in my entire life and I spend every second of every day regretting it. My husband says he will try to

Search Maine Divorce Records Online

Obtaining a public divorce record may seem like a tricky task for the uninitiated, yet with the advent of the internet, viewing the information contained in a public divorce record has never been easier. Not only is it fast and easy, you can access the information in the comfort of your own home.

I'm Starting To Lose Hope That I Can Save My Marriage

I heard from a wife who said: "my husband left me three months ago. He thinks that I cheated on him, but I didn't. I have repeatedly tried to reach out to him with proof that I didn't cheat. I won't say that our marriage was perfect before this one incident. But it is this one in

Ego and Marriage

My Ego tells me that I'm the most important person that I have to look out for. It tells me to think of someone else worse off than I am to make myself feel better. It tells me that the most important thing is that I am right. My ego has taught me self-preservation. I have begun to live in a wa

Can a Book Help My Marriage?Insights on Expert Guidance

"Can a book help my marriage?"The bookstores are stuffed with self-help guides and volumes about how to improve your relationship, but can they really work?I know things seem almost beyond help right now and all of the advice floating around out there can seem almost overwhelming, but a sm

Rekindle Love in Marriage and Invest in Your Future

Would it surprise you to learn that a recent study conducted by the Chicago University found that happily married people have less health issues than divorced people? When you stop and think about that, it makes sense that if you are happily married, you would expect to have less stress in your life

Ways to Stop a Divorce--3 Simple Steps

Ways to Stop a Divorce--3 Simple Things You can Do There are lots of people that will give you ideas about ways to stop a divorce. You must decide if the tips they offer are ...

Want to Make Him Fall in Love? This Article's For You

Do you think you just didn't get that gene that makes you appealing enough to men to make him fall in love with you? Are couples around you falling in love at the drop of a hat and you're still alone and confused about how to get in the game?

Ideas to Make Your Wedding Invitation Unique

Are you looking for unique wedding invitations? We all want to have such creative wedding invitations that could get our guests talking. To get this done, it is not that difficult as you might consider. ...

When Your Spouse Wants to Separate and You Don't

One of the hardest words to hear from your spouse is the request that you separate for a while or possible even divorce. Sometimes these words are expected but they are never fully realized while other times these words catch you by surprise.

Statistics on Infidelity

The number of divorced and annulled marriages continues to rise. And one of the reasons behind this saddening phenomenon is infidelity or simply known as cheating. This has become very common these days; we read ...

What Is Maturation In Success And Marriage?

There is usually always at least one person in the relationship that has a maturity level that sets the marriage ship on a straight course to longevity. My wife is that person. She's always planning and keeping track of the major things that make the relationship work. She not only could write