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How to Make Manzanita Centerpieces

Manzanita tree branches with sparkling crystals twined through the branches make dramatic centerpieces at formal parties and wedding receptions. These centerpieces enhance the look of the tables and the overall decor. Many brides use manzanita centerpieces on guest tables, while others create one la

Wedding Gifts To Give Each Other

Having sorted out your wedding gift list, personal gifts for those that have helped and wedding favours for your guests, you now have the job of thinking of a gift for your new husband or wife to open on the day of your wedding. Having already had to find ideas for past birthdays, Christmas and anni

14 Essential Wedding Tips

Weddings can be a stressful event as things may happen on the day that are completely out of your control but with enough preparation and support from your friends and relatives it can be the most memorable and joyous event you'll remember for a long time to come. Here are some handy tips to be

Unique Wedding Photography - Top Ideas For Your Wedding Shoot

Most brides want to have their wedding the one that is talked about for moths after the wedding. These women will do almost anything to ensure their wedding is the best onetheir friends and family have attended. Weddings have, in a way become a silent competition among brides world wide. Can you thi

Hawaiian-Style Wedding Attire

Whether taking place on a cliff overlooking the ocean, standing on a sandy beach or at a venue in your own home town, a wedding in Hawaiian-style clothes and accessories will make your special event even more memorable. Choose authentic clothing made in Hawaii or design your own island look blending

How to Create Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Some brides complete their wedding party with special nieces, cousins, or lifelong neighbors, and these participants are called junior bridesmaids.The ring bearer and flower girl are sometimes replaced with the junior bridesmaids. Dressing the junior bridesmaid has been a little difficult in

Wedding Flip Flops

An example of your options comes in the form of the most comfortable footwear in the world -- flip flops.You can never go wrong with a classy pair of flip flops because you can make them both fashionable and comfortable without any problems.It is actually becoming very popular for a bride to have a

The Beauty Of Personalized Wedding Gifts

The world today has learned to value the essence of practicality.Nobody really likes spending a lot of money just for a wedding gift! Nowadays, the most practical way to give a good yet memorable gift to newlyweds is by personalizing wedding gifts.

How to Plan a 40th Birthday Party on a Budget

Turning 40 years old is a milestone worth celebrating. However, there's no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to throw a fabulous 40th birthday party. Instead of selecting a specific party theme, which might mean special invitations, decorations, paper products and food, make the celebra

How to Have Great Music at Your Wedding

Choosing the music for your wedding will help set the tone of your wedding. Your options are a live band, a sting quartet, or a D Jay which ever you choose make a music plan for your wedding ton keep the entertainment flowing and your guests happy.

The Best Man Wedding Etiquette

A bachelor party, a toast, the rings--as the groom's closest friend--a best man has several duties and responsibilities. From helping pick out the tuxedos to even driving the couple to the hotel or the airport, a best man is someone the groom can count on to help make the wedding a success.

Pre Marriage Counseling Is A Boon

Counseling sessions can help to determine the mental makeup of the couple and also helps in finding out the effort that the coupe will make in order to make their marriage a success.

What Does the Veil Symbolize in Marriage?

The exact time veils became part of bridal attire is unknown, but even in biblical times they were used. In Genesis, Jacob was promised Rachel's hand in marriage. However, a heavy veil covered the face of her older sister, and he was tricked into marrying Leah first. This story emphasizes that the v

What NOT to Wear to Your Beach Wedding

Okay, this is the question, ladies: Do you want to wear your wedding dress or do you want it to wear you (out)? Last week, I saw a clear example of a dress "wearing" a bride. Tina and Tony (not their real names) planned a Maui beach wedding with a few family members and friends. Overall, i

Helpful Tips for Planning your Wedding Guest List

Newly engaged couples have plenty of wedding planning to do. You have to first get over the excitement of getting engaged! Take your time and enjoy it. Then once you announce your engagement and set ...

Weddings- The Father Of The Bride

Much has been said about fathers of brides.There was even a movie made with the same theme.Sending a daughter off in marriage is something very significant.It's certainly a moment filled with conflicting emotions; there are the feelings of sadness, trepidation, and loss, but there are also the