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Building Wealth: It's An Inside Job - Part 1

Whenever we read about building wealth or even attend a seminar for that purpose, we usually begin by assessing our present financial status. We're asked to calculate our assets and liabilities followed by a determination ...

Why Do You Need Cheap Car Insurance?

Due to recession many companies are now offering cheap car insurance loans along with many benefits and opportunities. by comparing the quotes of different companies you can chose a company offering cheap rates and then deal with the company who rates are most affordable and best suits you.

Obama Health Care Plan

The American health insurance scene desperately needs reform. In a nation where over 15% of the popu ...

The Internet Is The Best Way To Get Fast Secured Loans

When it comes to gettingfast secured loans then the internet is by far the best way to do so, there are many online lenders who can offer you cheap rates of interest while throwing in offers to attract your attention. Where before the popularity of the home computer and the internet you were stuck w

Secured Personal Loans: Constructive Structuring for Financial Success

Secured personal loans have traditionally served as a loan option for almost everybody and anybody that has ever been in need of a loan. A homeowner can apply for a personal loan for any purpose vacation, home improvement, car finance, education. Even bad credit or adverse credit fails to materializ

Refinancing To Save Tax Dollars

Even though many people think that refinancing their home is an expensive proposition, the truth is that refinancing can saves homeowners hundreds of dollars on a monthly basis. In addition to saving money each month on your house payment, there are also tax benefits associated with refinancing your

Are You Financially Healthy?

In order to achieve total wellness, we must focus on OVERALL wellness, not just physical wellness. It is very important to achieve wellness in every aspect of our lives: Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Family, Social and Financial. I am sure that we all know about most of the aspects of wellness, but n

Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary

The Moderate Economic Recovery is Still Underway * Consumer credit surged by $19.3 billion in December, the second consecutive solid monthly increase reflecting growth in credit cards, student loans and car loans. * Weekly first-time ...

Understanding Peer To Peer Organizations

The capacity for the majority of people to obtain cash in this economy has actually become difficult if you have less than excellent credit or if you have a lot of debt even with excellent ...

Determination Of Depreciation

The recording of fixed assets and the related, periodic writing off of depreciation is based on the concept of the accounting entity as a going concern with an indefinite lifespan.Depreciation is the systematic distribution of the cost of a fixed asset over its useful life so that the cost of using

Free Financial Advice is Far Too Expensive

There's no such thing as a free lunch, and that especially applies to supposedly free financial advice.Here's how to spot them so you don't get stung.Cold callers offering to slash your repayments.Most of the time these guys call you just as you're sitting down to dinner, promisi

Living Frugally Can Be an Interesting Challenge

When it comes to saving money it doesn't have to be all work. It can also be a little fun. I know that living frugally brings to mind all sorts of unpleasant things to many people. But those that live frugally often have a zealous approach to frugal ideas. They are actually excited by the idea