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Planting and Watering in Borders and Containers

Cannas, begonias and dahlias are available in a wonderful array of colors and can be started into growth in late winter or early spring so that they produce a mass of flowers throughout summer. Cannas and dahlias should be planted into, and begonias should be placed on top of, barely moist compost a

Cilantro Seed Uses

The plant, Coriandrum sativum, produces leaves known as cilantro in North America; this versatile plant is a popular herb and spice in the kitchen. The dried seeds of this plant provide many culinary uses and are common in Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, South Asian, Latin American, Chinese, African

DIY Trellis

Trellises offer an upright place to grow and are a fine addition to any garden. They are easy to make and will provide support for plants that vine, climb or put out tendrils that grab onto anything they come in contact with. Arch type trellises are useful for ornamental or vegetable type plants.

Grow Lights for Herb Gardens

Many gardeners grow herbs for use in the kitchen. Although in the summer these can be harvested from an outside garden, the best way to have a steady supply of herbs available year-round is to grow them indoors. An indoor herb garden can easily be set up in a sunny window or other convenient locatio

Sources Of Supply For The Gardener

Three out of every four container plants are purchased at a garden centre. You can wander about and look at the perennials, trees and shrubs, knowing that at almost any time of the year it is possible to get a container-grown specimen and plant it in your own garden.

My 3 Favorite Types of Lilies

Lilies are the most beautiful flowers in the universe and with superior reasons. Lilies are of over 100 different species, they come in many beautiful colors.

DIY Plans to Build a Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic gardening, also known as floating gardens, is a method of growing plants without dirt. Soil-less gardening has been around for centuries, one of the earliest examples being The Floating Gardens of China. A hydroponic garden is planted in a container with the roots growing down into water

Springtime is Plant Upkeep Time

Springtime is Plant Upkeep Time Spring is usually considered a time of fresh beginnings and rebirth. For plants it is a very active period as they arise from their winter nap. For gardeners this is ...

A Wine Arbor Shade

A vine arbor is a man-made pleasant shade made by leading shrubbery to a framed structure. Arbor is a great suggestion to put in a garden. Its quite easy at the same time affordable to construct.

Grow Mushrooms For Additional Income

Thousands of people today, grow mushrooms for additional income. Mushrooms are in great demand. These are fairly easy to grow and hence make a great business preposition to consider.

Growing Kitchen Herbs in Pots

An introduction to herb gardening in pots or containers. Information is included that will give a prospective herb gardener insight into what is required in growing herbs in pots and its rewards.

How to Get the White House Garden Look

The First Family are always trend-setters, and the Obama family is no exception. This year they've started their own vegetable garden, and it's easy enough to get the same look on a smaller scale.

Can You Use Orchid Fertilizer on Plants?

Orchids are bright, exotic flowers that require some very specific care. The right fertilizer, at the right time, keeps the plants healthy and blooming. Orchid fertilizer is a specific combination of vital minerals.

Spectacular Blooms - Organ Pipe Cactus

I have Organ Pipe cacti in the backyard and it is their season to bloom (May, June and July). During the this time the cactus will send out a shoot and it usually takes about 5 - 7 days for a bud to form.Once the bud is fully formed the cactus will bloom during the night.

Gardening for Kids

While they are young, it is of utmost importance to instill in the minds of kids a deep appreciation and an understanding of the importance of nature and its beauty. That is to say, they should also b

Grow Your Own Garden Fruit Trees for Real Fruit

When visiting a supermarket have you never wished you had a few garden fruit trees? Have you ever noticed how purchased fruit these days is bit inconsistent in quality? Sometimes it will be fine, but mostly is tasteless, too hard or too soft. The pears are rock hard, you can push your fingers throug

Growing Herbs in Your Square Foot Garden - Basil

Learn how growing herbs, especially basil, in your square foot garden is an excellent way to have a kitchen garden right outside your back door. Basil is one of the easiest and most popular herbs for both beginners and expert gardeners.