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Pennsylvania Homeownwers Rights for Renters

Homeowners in the state of Pennsylvania have rights that are provided within the Pennsylvania Landlord and Tenant Act, which includes laws and regulations regarding residential rentals in the state. It requires homeowners to be responsible to their tenants and the property, ensuring the safety and h

Condo HOAs can Sue Builders using Class Action

The Nevada Supreme Court Justices have ruled that the District Court judges will have to analyze each construction defect claim on a case by case or even claim by claim basis to determine whether it o

New Jersey Governmental Regulations for Booster Seats

New Jersey law requires child restraint use through age 7.child in the car image by Natalia Pavlova from Fotolia.comNew Jersey is one of 47 states with a booster seat law, as of May 2010. While the law only says that a child safety or booster seat is required for children until a certain...

Can I get rid of this student loan debt?

I am in default on my student loans. Can bankruptcy help me get rid of this debt? Student loans are non dischargeable, generally. To discharge a student loan obligation through bankruptcy you must file a ...

What Is a National Security Violation?

In the United States, a national security violation is a breach of national security policy. It is a serious offense. National security policy is meant to protect citizens from external threats. The U.S. government considers some foreign powers to be more threatening than others, so the activity of

How Do I Sign Up for Food Stamps in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services administers the state's FoodShare Program. FoodShare was formerly known as the food stamps program. Eligibility for these benefits is determined at local, county or tribal agencies approved by the Department of Health Services. The benefits can be used to

Need of Forest Park Accident Attorney

Every day hundreds of people die in accidents and most of the time it can be prevented, in fact very rare we might see any accident which is missed, all accidents happen suddenly which leaves ...

Sales Promotion Rules

Sales promotion rules help prevent deceptive pricing.rules image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comThe United States Federal Trade Commission establishes sales promotion guidelines to evaluate pricing practices based on the principles of honesty and deception. Honest sales promotions feature...

Discrimination Lawyer

Discrimination is something that although we didn't hear much about years ago is very prevalent today, resulting in many cases of discrimination. This is in thanks to the many discrimination laws in A

How to Prevent Wage Garnishment Before It Starts?

IRS can be notorious at time when it comes to collecting taxes. If you owe back taxes or unfiled tax returns one of the ways in which they can recover these dues is through wage ...

Penalty for Car Theft in Kentucky

Under Kentucky law, car theft is classified under three separate but related laws. Depending on the circumstances you can be charged with theft by unlawful taking, or with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, or--in extreme cases, such as a theft of a car by force--with robbery. Penalties generally

Bicycle Helmet Regulations

Federal, state and local bicycle helmet regulations affect many American cyclists.exercise image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comAmerican laws are hierarchical. Federal laws are the highest laws in America. State and local laws cannot lessen federal law; they can only make additions to...

Florida Laws on Cyberstalking

According to Secure Florida, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Florida's citizens from cyber crimes, cyberstalking is defined as using the Internet and "other forms of electronic communication to harass and/or threaten other users on-line." As cyberstalking invades personal privacy an

Commercial And Corporate Law Firms And Law Services

There are several law firms in India, which provide legal services at affordable price meeting the client's requirements and expectations completely. Global clients are suitable to get qualit

How to File a Cross Complaint in California

A cross-complaint arises when the defendant of the initial complaint files a complaint of his own against the party suing him. To file a cross-complaint in California, you will need to obtain the appropriate forms and fill them out, notify all parties involved, then file the cross-complaint with the

Does Private Retirement Income Affect Social Security Disability?

Social Security taxes pay for more than just retirement. Social Security benefits also provide assistance when a wage earner becomes disabled or dies, leaving dependents. If you receive Social Security disability benefits, your options for earning additional income and the effect earnings have on be