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What Causes Lung Cancer?

What causes lung cancer is the greed of smokers. It's not about beating around the bush but rather about starting right now and quitting right now.

The Nicotine Trick of Smoking

There's a SNEAKY "trick" regarding cigarettes and smoking that most people are not aware of. Read on to find out what cigarette manufacturers don't want you to know...

Quit Smoking for Good No Matter What Your Age

If you have smoked for years and now think you are too old to quit, I have good news for you! Within twenty minutes of your last nicotine drawl, your body will start celebrating by ...

Get Help For Your Smoking Addiction Here!

Do you know that the best way to stop a certain kind of unwanted activity in your life is to replace it by another kind of good activity? Well, this is how it goes also ...

Tammy Quit Smoking

"How many times have I thought about quitting? How many times have I tried to quit? The answer is…I don’t have a clue. I really really wanted to quit smoking and I really thought that I could whenever I felt like it. I thought that it would be easy if I really wanted it bad enough...&

Various Important Signs Of Addiction

The word "addiction" is vastly overused by the majority of society. We have a tendency to allege to be "addicted" to everything from chocolate to action films and everything in between. Genuine addiction, conversely, is ...

Searching For The Best Way To Quit Smoking

It's vital to get the best way to quit smoking with the damaging properties that cigarette smoking cigarettes has on the entire body. The nicotine inside smoking helps make them particularly addicting along with the ...

Kick the Smoking Habit with a Stop Smoking Aid

Are you ready to quit smoking?Many smokers are simply sick and tired of smoking cigarettes, spending money on the habit, smelling like cigarette odor and of course adding to their risk of serious diseases.So, why don't you quit?

November 3

Recovery thought of the day for November 3 from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site.

The Most Effective Ways To Stop Smoking

Smoking is a terrible vice that many men and women around the globe live with every single day. But as of late, more smokers wish to get rid of their dependence and have a more healthy way of life. Th

How to Help Someone Quit Smoking

Smokers are the most obstinate people on the planet. Unless a person doesn't want to quit smoking, you can never get them to stop. You can hide all the cigarettes, but they will find a way to smoke.

Top Tips on How to Break Your Smoking Habit

Every smoker wants to quit their smoking habit but it takes a huge sacrifice and lots of time and effort in able to do so. Most of them have tried several self-help programs and most of them have failed. How can someone break free from this vicious cycle and overcome their cigarette craving? Below a

Drinking Alcohol Increases Cancer Risk

Scientists and researchers continue to find a link between even moderate alcohol drinking and an increased risk of certain cancers, especially breast cancer and liver cancer. The more you drink, the greater the risk of developing cancer.