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Common Symptoms of Quitting Smoking

One very dangerous symptom that stops people is something that they don't even realize is a symptom.It's the state of mind.Some people describe it as being confused about their life, frustration with their life, thinking their life is poor, and many other descriptions.People rarely underst

Holly and Diana

The 2006 Smoking Cessation Forum Reunion took place in Jackson, Georgia at High Falls State Park.

Breaking the Smoking Habit - 3 Important Tips to Keep in Mind

Are you planning to quit smoking? Yeah? Excellent! You've just decided to have a healthier and stronger body and lifestyle. However, you should understand this - breaking the smoking habit is a task that takes Herculean effort from your end.

Common Questions About Crystal Meth Abuse

Like many illegal drugs, crystal meth is shrouded in myth and is thus mysterious to many people who have no experience with the drug. What cannot be doubted, however, is that crystal meth abuse is a serious problem that almost always warrants treatment. If someone in your family has been using this

How Smoking Affects Your Behavior

How Smoking affects to relax when feeling tense. How Smoking affects to more alert when he's feeling dull. How Smoking affects when depressed or bored, or to overcome feelings of anger or grief.

Is There Online Counseling For Substance Abuse?

There are hundreds or even thousands of people throughout North America who suffer from substance abuse, either with prescription drugs, street drugs or alcohol. Many of these people are unaware that help is just a phone call, visit or click of a button away; others are aware of the help available b

What Drug Is in Fake Cocaine?

Get the answers to the most frequently asked questions about fake cocaine from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site.

Quit Smoking Hypnotis Help

Nicotine, the substance that is contained in tobacco isn't only truly hazardous for health, but also deadly. Regrettably, most individuals aren't aware of this thing. If a drop of nicotine in a pure form is ...

How Can We Reform Healthcare?

There are many steps we can take to provide high quality health care at a lower cost. But reining in Big Pharmacy would be a good start.

The Benefits of Drug Detox Centers To Addicts

In the last few years, many drug detox centers have emerged. This is because the problem of drug abuse has significantly increased in most parts of the world. As a result, many addicts who want to qui

Buprenorphine: What Is It And How Can It Help Me Cure My Opioid Dependence?

Buprenorphine is the main active ingredient contained in both Subutex and Suboxone (Suboxone also contains naloxone) and, in higher doses, is used to treat opioid dependence. In lower doses, it is commonly used to treat moderate to chronic pain. Buprenorphine is a derivative of the opium poppy plant

Common Myths About Drug Addiction and Recovery

There are a lot of beliefs about drug and alcohol use, abuse, addiction and treatment.Unfortunately, most of those beliefs are wrong and those beliefs stigmatize people that need help for their addictions. These myths need to be dispelled and this article will provide the public with facts about add

Ru Update: Good News!

GOOD NEWS: This coming week, we should be receiving the 6 challenge badges from our new vendor. Praise God for your patience and for His intervention in our binding circumstances. Please apologize for US to YOUR students. As for those who have had to use something else in the meantime, please forgiv