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Tips on Buying an Air Purifier

Thinking about buying an air purifier for your home? According to many every home should have an air purifier. Air purifiers will help rid your home of pollutants that are the result of pet dander, second hand smoke, cleaning chemicals, dust, mold, dirt and other pollutants that cause poor air quali

Environmental Illness-Topic Overview

What is an environmental illness?Chemicals, fumes, pollution, allergens, and other health hazards are common in our environment, and sometimes they can make us sick. Maybe you have mysterious headaches that only occur on weekends. Or you develop nausea and a rash after moving into a newly built ...

Understanding Gluten Allergy Symptoms

If you ever note some gluten allergy symptoms, you need to know that they could be a signal of a more serious health condition such as celiac illness. If any member of your family has ever experienced such symptoms then, it's time to understand everything about gluten allergy symptoms in order

Avoiding Mild Exercise Induced Asthma Attacks

Exercise induced asthma can be a problem for anyone who suffers from asthma, but on the other hand exercise has many benefits. Learn how you can manage your asthma attacks while exercising.

How to Check Pollen in Your Area

Pollen is made up of tiny particles that produce plant male "gametes" or sperm cells. Pollen is blown by the wind, and also transported by birds, bees and other animals. When inhaling pollen, some people have an allergic reaction commonly referred to as "hay fever." Pollen counts are often reported

How to Cure Asthma - Reduce Your Waistline

If you're wondering how to cure asthma, and your carrying extra fat around your waist, a new study appearing as an online report in the journal Thorax finds that both of the conditions may be linked. Obesity is a known risk factor for asthma, especially in women, but to this point no one had lo

How to Manage Exercise-Induced Asthma in the Cold

Exercise-induced asthma indicates asthma attacks resulting from physical activity. Exercising or playing sports in cold weather can increase your risk of an attack. If you take appropriate measures to control and treat attacks, you will find you can take part in all your desired activities in any we

Seasonal Asthma

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of seasonal asthma including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Fighting Allergies With Food - Eat Your Way To Allergy Relief

Who doesn't love to eat? Eat, drink, and be merry, right? But did you know that eating certain foods can actually help you eat your way to allergy relief? Eating well is one of the most natural ways to strengthen the immune system, and here are 5 ways to eat your way towards life with fewer all

Help! I Can't Stop Scratching!

Itching is a common reason for people to see an allergist. Many of those with itching have a rash, others do not. Some people suffer from itching for many

Asthma Rates on the Rise in U.S.

The number of people with asthma has been rising in recent years, but CDC researchers say in a new report that they aren’t sure why.

Things That You Need to Remember About Allergies

An allergy is an abnormal response of the immune system to a substance which is mistakenly considered as harmful to the body. It is important that a person learns about the causes, symptoms and management of an allergic reaction to prevent any complications.

Milk Allergy, Lactose Intolerance and Soy Allergy

There is a difference between milk allergy, lactose intolerance and soy allergy. Milk and soy allergies are immune disorders while lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder. Each condition requires different diets.

What Are Inhaled Corticosteroids?

What are inhaled corticosteroids? How do they work? What are the side effects? Learn what you need to know and do to get better control of your asthma.