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Choosing a Wheelchair Cushion

There are many different types of wheelchairs, and not all chairs are alike.For those who need extra padding on their wheelchair, there are many different options.

Hospitals in Illinois

In the United States, each state has its own laws and boards to ensure that the medical services and hospitals are up to standard. The hospitals in Illinois are not left out.

How a CNA Develops a Strong CNA-Patient Relationship

The certified nursing assistant forms an important part of the health care field and helps patients stay healthy and recover faster. Here is some information on how a CNA can develop a strong CNA-patient relationship.

4 Myths About Nursing Homes Debunked

Common misconceptions about nursing homes lead to overwhelmingly negative opinions held by the general public. Backed by factual evidence, this article debunks four myths about such facilities.

List of VA Hospitals Near DC

Several medical programs are available in Washington, D.C., for veterans of the U.S. armed forces.US flag image by Eishier from Fotolia.comFor veterans of the U.S. armed forces, living in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area offers resources for former military personnel in need of...

Chronic Disease Management For Healthcare Providers

As a physician, how many times have you thought to yourself, "If only I could get that patient (I am sure someone pops into your head even as you read this) to follow my instructions, then his health would be so much better and I would feel so much more satisfied." Unfortunately, this lame

Peppermint Essential Oil - How I Broke A High Fever With No Medication

When it comes to home health care, there is no greater feeling than being able to confidently take care of your family. The healthcare system is not taking care of us anymore. That is not their concern. Learn how I have become self-reliant and take action in your own home.

How to Find Gifts for Nursing Home Residents

When faced with the prospect of buying gifts for someone in a nursing home, the list of possibilities seems regrettably short. Because of dietary restrictions, that enormous box of chocolates is probably out. For those with diminished eyesight (sometimes coupled with an inability to focus on the pri

Antifungals For Candida Treatment - Some Tips

This article will describe briefly about antifungals that are important for candida treatment. In the lists of antifungals that are available on the internet, tea tree oil is there (which it should be), but it's always listed for external skin conditions. You can also take tea tree oil internal

Selecting the Best Scooter For Your Loved One

Scooters have several advantages over manual wheelchairs. First, they don't require any physical exertion to maneuver, which is great for those who have minimal arm and hand strength. Second, they don't automatically look like a medical device that is only used by the sick and injured-beca

Medicaid Nursing Home Qualifications

Medicare will only pay for nursing home care for short-term, health-related conditions. Most government funding for nursing home care is paid by Medicaid. This is a program to assist low income individuals.

Walk In Bathtubs - More Comfortable Than You Think

Not everyone has a bath tub at home, and for those individuals who do have one, they often find it hard to get in or out of their bath tub comfortably and safely. This makes them frustrated and so a lot of people prefer the walk in bath tub. Fortunately, walk in bathtubs are available to make bathin

The Cost Considerations That People Who Buy Adult Diapers Usually Deal With

The costs surrounding OAB roughly translates to a sum of $12.6 billion dollars as seen and found in year 2000 dollars. Community and medical patients using incontinence products on a daily basis spent around $9.1 and $3.5 billion dollars. Nearly half of these costs relate directly to incontinence an

The Joy Of Retirement

You just spent 30 years making reports, fielding phone calls, filing papers, and pacifying your boss at the office. At the end of each day, you find your energy gradually waning as you reach that point wherein you wanted to declare the last part of your work — retirement.Retirement is when an

Three Best Wart Treatments in Runners

Plantar warts are common but can cause considerable foot pain when running. Runners need to choose wart treatments carefully to make sure they don't end up with a worse problem.

Common Types of Senior Living Options

Trying to find the appropriate placement for a senior in your care can be an overwhelming decision. With so many different options available and factors to consider, it is important to take your time and do your research before making any final decision. This article will help you to learn more abou