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Reasons to Have a Nuclear Stress Test

A nuclear stress test, also known as myocardial perfusion imaging, is a diagnostic imaging test that uses a small amount of radioactive solution to help doctors get images of the heart. These images are taken through a special camera. The test is divided into three parts: imaging at rest,...

What Fire Extinguishers Do I Need?

Portable fire extinguishers can protect your family and home by putting out small blazes completely or by helping to contain a fire while everyone gets out of the building. The National Fire Protection Association says getting everyone out is the top priority. Keep a clear exit open behind you while

Glass Shop Safety

When working with glass, safety issues must be considered. In addition to the risks presented by sharp edges, you may need to guard against fire and chemical hazards as well.

How to Bill for the Application of Splints

The application of a splint in a physician's office is a common treatment for a patient who has a broken finger, arm or leg. Many practitioners and medical billers want to know if they can bill Medicare and private insurances for the procedure. If no other treatment was performed, a cast application

How to Shower After Shoulder Surgery

The period after shoulder surgery is one of immobility and difficulty. How much you need both hands and arms becomes readily apparent as you try to do the simplest things, such as showering. You need to make sure you don't overexert your shoulder while it heals, or you will risk re-injuring or perma

MRI for Breast Cancer Screening

Commentary on a study of the usefulness of MRI for the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer, published November 2011 in The Lancet.

How to Make a Mold Test Kit

Mold can seriously affect human health. The quantity of mold, type of mold present and individual susceptibility are all factors related to the level or degree of health risk. Mold-test kits are available that determine the presence of mold and identify what type of mold is present. You can make a m

Treating Constipation After Surgery

Understand the Causes of Constipation as it Relates to SurgerySurgery can inflict more than physical trauma on the human body. As precise and calculated as a surgical procedure is, it's traumatic. When a person has surgery, she is exposed to the procedure and to anesthetic agents,...

The Effects of Tornadoes on Humans & Nature

There are about a thousand tornadoes every year in the United States. While 74 percent of tornadoes are weak, they have a significant but reparable effect on humans and nature. The impact of the remaining 26 percent can be much more substantial. Tornadoes are different than other natural disasters,