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Positive Time-Out

While some discipline experts have rejected the idea of time-outs, Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Time-Out, suggests modifying time-outs to make them a comforting experience.

How to Support the Social Development of a Child

Social development of children is just as important as the development of the brain and the body. As you would probably expect, relationships that babies and children have with other people largely influence their social development. Follow these steps to help support a child's social development.

Child Custody - Make Sure You Get Custody

In any separation or split up, one of the most difficult areas will be when you have to file for a case of child custody. This is because you will need to cope with a mixture of emotions relating not simply your times with the entire family but also have to handle the difficulties that your child re

Most Wanted Deadbeat Parents in Kentucky

Deadbeat parents in Kentucky are listed on some county sheriff's web sites. Find out where you can access a list of the most wanted deadbeats in Kentucky.

Art Activities With Bubbles & Water for Infants

Babies are always ready to play in bubbles and water. They are curious about bubbles and can enjoy the process of making art without realizing what they are doing. While very young infants are not yet ready for bubble and water art, older babies who are starting to crawl, walk and become curious can

The Essentials of Baby Bedding

You've got an idea of what you want your baby's room to look like, but what are the essentials needed for your baby bedding? Having a good grasp on exactly what's needed before you venture out to shop is crucial for an enjoyable experience.

Top Preschool Math Activities

Help your preschooler build her math skills early with these fun and educational preschool math activities.

Federal Child Restraint System Laws

Children under the age of 3 must be in a child restraint.child in the car image by Natalia Pavlova from Fotolia.comAccording to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), car crashes cause one out of three deaths among children under the age of 13, and auto accidents are the leading...

Top 5 Prime Activities That Keep Baby Boomers in Shape

Baby Boomers do not have to kill themselves to stay in shape. In fact, most common sense activities to keep Boomers in shape are just the opposite. Here are the "Top 5" exercise habits you can develop to stay in shape for the rest of your life.

Preschool Toys for Outdoor Play

Playing outside is a highlight of childhood. Encourage outdoor play with these fun outdoor toys for preschoolers.

How to Give Up Parental Rights and Child Custody

Courts generally prefer to keep both parents as a part of their child's life as long as they don't pose a risk to the child's safety. In some cases, however, one or both parents may not wish to be part of the child's life any longer. In these cases, the desires of the parents and their reasoning beh

Creative Baby Photography Ideas

Babies cause adoration, which makes them a favorite subject for many photographers. When it comes to taking baby photos, it is a smart idea to have your camera on you at all times and to just start shooting. Babies are always growing and learning about the world around them. This wonderment can lead

3 Simple Ways To Help Your Child Listen

Many parents have a hard time getting their children to follow directions and actually listen to them. Getting into the car, coming to the dinner table or even brushing teeth can be the cause of many battles between parents and children. It is hard to get kids to listen to sometimes even the simples

A Fit Family Is a Key to Happy Life

Having a family that's fit (and not having fits!) is about practicing exercise in the form of play - - whether it's family bowling night, or walking after dinner. At Kid's Closet Connection, we know ...

100% Autumn Term School Attendance Guaranteed

Like 99.99% of parents I am sick of the dreaded germs that linger around the School classroom come Autumn. I'm determined to help parents across the globe find a solution to the copious numbe