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What Is Green Onyx?

Green onyx is a mineral of the Earth that is a compacted and colored form of quartz. Unlike ordinary quarts, the crystalline structure is fine and compacted, making it ideal for gemstones, and cameos.

How to Hone Woodworking Tools

Dull blades are dangerous to your health. They do not cut wood easily but will slice through flesh in a flash. With a well-sharpened blade, the wood seems to cut itself. The key is to always keep your woodworking tools as sharp as possible. You should hone your tools before each use. This will keep

Methods of Generating Electricity From Ocean Waves

Electricity generation from oceans has been of great interest to engineers and political leaders since the oil crisis of 1973. Methods of harnessing wave-power involve various devices such as buoys and oscillating water columns. Devices can be based onshore, near shore or offshore. Not all devices a

How to Embroider a Star

There are many types of embroidery, some more time consuming than others and it all depends on the type of stitching used to create the embroidered piece. In some cases people choose to embroider just the outline of an object, in other cases the entire drawing is filled with stitching giving the pie

Dalton's Characteristics of Atoms

As a result of his experiments combining oxygen and carbon, John Dalton observed the ratio of carbon to oxygen always remained constant in each compound. To explain why atoms combined in fixed ratios, Dalton proposed his Atomic Theory, which describes the characteristics of atoms.

Power Wheels Assembly Tips

The Power Wheels line of toys are small cars with limited power, but which drive a lot like their larger counterparts. Many of these cars are decorated to look like larger cars, but when they first arrive they're not constructed. You have to assemble the Power Wheel car first to get your kids drivin

How to Make a Gladiator Belt

Whether you're trying to recreate the look of Russell Crowe's character Maximus or just want the rugged look of the fighting slave class in Roman times, you'll need a gladiator costume for your next Halloween or dress-up occasion. The whole costume is relatively simple to assemble, and you'll just n

How to Design a PCR Primer

According to the University of Wisconsin's BioWeb website, a PCR primer is a short, synthetic oligonucleotide (usually between 18 to 25 bases long) used to amplify specific regions of DNA in a molecular biology technique known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Both a forward and reverse primer are

Principles of Modern Architecture

Ancient Roman architecture has influenced countless modern designs.Buena Vista Images/Photodisc/Getty ImagesModern architecture still draws from a variety of historical precedents in building design, with features such as the arch and column remaining popular due to their sound basis in...

Gem Cutting Equipment or Types of Gem Cuts

Craftsmen that shape and cut gemstones employ four basic styles of working: carving, faceting, tumbling and cabbing. Each method is used to produce a different finished result. While carrying out their work, craftsmen have a variety of tools and equipment at their disposal that help in producing the

How to Make a Dinosaur Fossil Out of Clay

Dinosaurs left behind a fossil record that allow paleontologists to learn a great deal about what these ancient animals looked like and how they acted. The University of California states that dinosaurs did not die out, but in fact evolved into today's birds. Make your own dinosaur fossils out of ch

How to Restore a Lava Lamp

Lava lamps were invented in the 1960's and many used lamps are still in circulation. Some in the salvage market need restoration, since the wax "lava" inside is fragile. Just shaking a lamp can permanently cloud it. Even leaving it in the sun can eventually turn the colored water clear. Fortunately,

How to Convert From Leader to MLeader

Autodesk AutoCAD provides leaders, or arrows, to annotate a drawing. The application provides two different leader commands: "Leader" and "Mleader." The "Leader" command creates a leader and a separate single-line text field, whereas "Mleader" creates a leader connected to a multi-line text field. U

How to Dry Wild Flowers

Wild flowers are a delight to the senses. They lend color, interest and fragrance to any landscape in which they appear. When cut and placed indoors, wild flowers make pleasing decorative elements. Like all flowers, however, wild flowers have a relatively short life span, especially after they are c

How to Use an Ink Film Thickness Gauge

A film can be applied to many surfaces giving a finished look. However, the thickness of the film is important. Too thick, and it can detract and obscure the appearance of the item coated. Too thin, and the effectiveness of its protection is lessened, not to mention any detail it's meant to conceal.

How Does Calcium Hypochlorite React With Water?

Calcium hypochlorite is one of the primary disinfectants added to swimming pools and municipal water supplies. It is a strong oxidizer and can be dangerous if not stored and handled properly.

How to Identify Hull Pottery Dinnerware

The A.E. Hull Pottery Company was founded in Crooksville, Ohio, in 1905 and continued production until 1986. While Hull is best known for its art pottery, the company also produced dinnerware. The Hull plant burned down in 1950, and when it reopened in 1952, the company refocused its production effo

How to Make Plastic Shot Glasses

'Going green' is a practice that many people across the United States have chosen as a way of life. One project that helps to recycle plastic drink bottles is making a plastic shot glass. The type of bottles used to make this project include plastic wide mouth juice bottles and milk bottles. A clean