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Instructions for Hoover Washing Machines

While Hoover may be best known in the U.S. for its vacuum cleaners, the company produces a variety of appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators, ranges, washers and dryers. Primarily available in Europe, Hoover washing machines offer several standard options, such as a detergent disposal draw

Vented and Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Vented gas fireplaces are much safer, more convenient, reliably attractive every time and easier to install then the traditional wood burning fireplace. Look at the various options for vented, ventless, b vent and direct vent gas fireplaces for home heat and design today.

How to Install a Thermostat for a Furnace

Furnace and AC thermostats control the temperature settings in your home. When they malfunction they need to be replaced. There are many types of thermostats available at your local hardware store. Many people are now opting for programmable thermostats to save on energy costs. Once you learn how to

Cheap Air Purifier

Were you aware that the air outside of your home is actually cleaner than the air inside of your home? Probably not, but it is a true fact. It does not matter exactly how many windows you keep open to let fresh air in, the air will still be much dirtier

Winter Advice From An Electronics Website: Keep Warm Without Spending Hundreds!

The end of November saw the coldest November yet, with 2ft of snow unleashed upon the northern parts of Britain. Although the snow has dissipated for now, Britain is expected to have another cold winter, as the UK is expected to reach temperatures well below 0.Not all of us, especially with the rece

Whole House Dehumidifiers - How Can They Save You Money?

There are many consequences because your home's relative humidity should be between 30-50% to avoid dust mite infestation, condensation on your water pipes, wet stains on your walls and ceilings or other unhealthy conditions. With whole house dehumidifiers, your home's indoor humidity prob

My Kenmore Elite Is Not Agitating

Kenmore Elite washing machines offer both standard washing machine features with temperature, spin speed and time controls as well as special features such as stain treating options, water filtration, quiet operation and electronic controls. If the washing machine is not agitating, the problem may b

The Different Types of Juicer Explained

The juicer market is now a complicated area in the last few years, we've had the birth of a completely class of juicer, the vertical slow juicer and many innovations in the established classes of juicers. Let me review and explain each class to help you making your selection.

How to Hang Unfaced Insulation Batts on a Ceiling

Adding the right insulation to your ceiling is the best thing you can do to prevent heat loss through the ceiling and attic. Verify that the unfaced insulation meets the required R-value for a ceiling in your area before adding the vapor barrier and closing the ceiling in. Unfaced insulation comes i

Freezer Stopped Freezing

An upright or chest freezer that stops freezing can be a calamity. Food in your freezer can represent a major investment that you will lose if your freezer fails. Most freezer problems are beyond the skills of a home handyman. But there are some things anyone can check before calling a repair techni

How to Get Water Pressure in Your Boiler

A boiler must have enough water pressure to push heating through each radiator in a home efficiently; if the pressure drops the heating system will not function properly and the boiler may even shut off completely. Boiler pressure is normally between 1 to 1.5 bar when cold and or 2 to 2.5 bar when t

Facts About Water Softener Systems

The level of water pollution in many nations today is appalling. Water is found to be hard which is bad for health. Hence, many health conscious consumers are considering one or more water

How to Replace the Drive Belt on a Rally Garden Tiller

Rally gas-powered tillers make turning the soil or planting a garden easier than operating a manual cultivator. These garden tillers are powered by a small engine that drives the tines with a belt. The drive belt can wear out with use and become frayed or cracked. If the belt is loose, the tiller ma

Retro Toasters: The Evolution of the Classic Toaster

The dominance of the classic retro toaster with solid workmanship, shiny chrome exterior and stylish design waned when toaster ovens were introduced. Although toaster ovens were often not manufactured to the same quality standards as the older toasters, they were able to cook a wider variety of food

Honeywell Thermostat Instructions CT500

The comfort level in a home can be directly related to the home's temperature. Fluctuations in outside temperatures, from changing seasons or weather phenomena, can make it difficult to maintain a constant temperature inside. Thermostats offer a hands-off approach to heating and cooling inside the h

How to Fix a Dishwasher Door Spring

Most residential dishwashers are constructed to stand up to years of use, but occasionally you will have to replace a part to keep your dishwasher in good working order. One of the most common parts that breaks is the door spring. This spring keeps the door from falling open when the latch is open.

Refrigerators - Maintaining Your Fridge

The refrigerator, or fridge for short, is a kitchen appliance that is used to store foods and beverages at a temperature lower than room temperature and above the freezing point of water. Unlike what most people think when they think about how refrigerators work, the fridge doesn't blow cold ai

How to Change the Belt on a Maytag Dryer

Doing your own repairs on major home appliances can be intimidating, but this is one quick fix that is incredibly easy to do. Only the most simple tools are required, and the entire project only takes about 15 minutes at most. By performing this repair yourself, you can avoid hiring a professional r