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Storing Coins in Coin Albums

Coin albums might be one of the best ways to store your coins as well as display them.They keep your coins safe from the elements and dust, as well as save space in your home or wherever you keep your coins.

Making Christmas Angels With Metal Embossing

Making Christmas Angel table decorations centerpieces or tree ornaments is a good project for both students and grown-ups to learn the art of metal embossing. First draw an angel, or cut one out of a magazine to use as a pattern.

Making A Knitted Cap With A Brim

To me, brims on caps are so popular these days and an attractive brim adds a touch of class to any head wear. No matter what age you are, the home knitted brims make a fashion statement in my opinion. I personally think that, when purchased, the hat brims contribute to the cost of the knitted hat.

5 Great Tips For Flawless Knitting

Give your knitting projects a perfect finish with these 5 Great Tips for flawless knitting. Beginner knitters will learn very quickly the do's and don'ts of knitting with flair, and how to make their yarns work for them. By using these simple techniques, it will give you the edge on all yo

Halloween Pumpkins Tag

Have a few special friends that will be getting extra-nice treats this Halloween? Use these printable tags.

Clay Beads - What Can I Do With Them?

Most of you probably agree that clay beads are great but many of you may not be exactly sure what to do with them. While the options are limitless, in this article I would like to show you three specific ways that you can use these beads to create all sorts of wonderful craft projects.

Nile Kinnick Autograph

Autographs, autographed baseballs and photographs were hot in the March 2006 online auction from R&R Enterprises. Nile Kinnick Autograph

How to Research Antique Cruets

A small glass bottle or vessel used to hold holy water or wine for religious ceremony or, in non-religious use, oil or vinegar, is called a cruet. They are highly collectible because of their beauty and variety of design. Because they have been in use hundreds of years, the word itself stemming fro

Create Uniquely Designed Cards On Fathers Day

Father is a special friend who admires you, loves and cares for you. He is your confidant in your mischief and a loving and doting companion. Wish your father this Father’s Day, with exquisite greeting cards. You can design either printable cards or electronic cards. It is fun to create cards

A Handmade Soap Gift

Handmade soaps make great gifts for all holidays and occasions. This article gives a brief introduction to the most basic soap making process, and how one can easily make their own soap.

Christmas Tissue Paper Crafts For Kids

Tissue paper Christmas crafts are simple and easy for children to make. These include the ever popular Christmas tree ornaments and wreaths. Children especially like to make crafts from tissue paper. Over half of the children crafts that teach tissue crafting to children call for "bits and piec

Tennis Valentine

Vintage and antique Valentine Card art and illustrations.

Pre-Programmed Embroidery Designing

There has been a noticeable rise in the interest in the art of embroidery, with the increased ability of embroidery machines for home use; many people can now enjoy the wonders of designing and creating their own embroidery. Almost any item of clothing or material can now be personalized to suit any