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How to Collect Bibles

In the world of book collecting, Bible collection holds a special appeal. A spiritual lexicon for Christianity, a history book, a book for holding family records, and often beautifully bound, the Bible makes a popular book for researching and collection. Collecting Bibles is a fairly simple and rewa

What Are Legends Made Of?

Back for a 3rd tour of duty in its current form, Legends packs a powerful punch which includes scratch-off redemption cards, inserted at a rate of 1 per hobby box, good for the corresponding 2004 NBA Draft Pick that the card depicts. What this means for you? Well, you could pull the very first rook

Hottest Miniature Train Toys Of 2009

Find out the truth about the hottest Train Toys of 2009 and see if they are up your alley. Learn all about the hottest Train Toys of 2009 for free on the Internet.

Benefits of Studying Stamps Before Purchasing Them

Philately is basically the study of stamps, but a philatelist does not have to collect the stamps they study nor do they have to research the stamps they collect. However, collecting is not the same as philately due to the casual collector enjoys accumulating their stamps without having to worry abo

Finding Your Jewelry Selling Direction

David A. Weiman, Marketing Director for Lapidary Journal and Step by Step Beads, offers his unique perspective on selling your jewelry through his virtual seminar: "Introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry."

8 Tips For Safety With Rotary Cutters

As the owner of an online quilt store, I recently participated in the Calhoun County Illinois Quilt show. A woman in the neighboring booth recently had suffered an injury with a "rotary cutter". Her story went as such; she was HURRYING to finish a project and placed her open rotary cutter

Great Canadian Antique Furniture Is Worth the Look

Learn the differences and uniqueness of Canadian antique furniture. This article will help you to be able to identify, value and discover Canadian furniture's unique character and appreciate why is it so desirable to people for their home.

Make Your Occasion Light Up With Chinese Flying Sky Lanterns

Arranging the decorations for any specific event can be a tiresome yet fruitful activity once the guests start arriving and appreciate your handiwork. The trick is to retain a sense of freshness and innovation in each party. Chinese flying sky lanterns are one of the most convenient options to eleva

Navy Seal Challenge Coins - An Honor to Receive

For those who serve their country, a navy seal challenge coin is a prized possession. The meaning that the coins stand for is clear to those who are a part of the Navy and every other branch of the military. There are millions of challenge coins today and many are used to show the pride and respect

Picking the Right Christmas Tree

Want to show off your ornaments? I'll bet you didn't know the many different choices of artificial trees there are for Christmas. Some work great for decorating and others, not so much.

How To Make A Patchwork Quilt - 6 Essential Steps

Patchwork quilting is an artistic and fun activity that allows you to express your creativity. Learning how to make a patchwork quilt is quite simple and you don't need to have much experience.

Introduction and Materials

These adorable "Boo" beads have a ghost one one side and the word "Boo" on the other side. With a little hemp and a few knots you can use them to create this fun Halloween bracelet.

Model Trains for Beginners - Learn to Create the Layout of Your Dreams

Model trains for beginners can be a very intriguing and exciting venture for any railroad enthusiast. The thought of capturing all the aspects of these magnificent machines, the places they have seen, the history they have been a part of, and condensing it all into a minuscule layout is breathtaking