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How to Convert From Acreage to Square Feet

Originally, an acre was simply the amount of land one man could plow in a day with one ox. Modern-day machinery has made that definition obsolete, and governments have standardized the size. In land surveying, lot and parcel sizes typically are described in terms of acres. For smaller residential lo

How Long Concrete Tile Roofs Last

Concrete roof tiles cost about twice as much as wood shingles and about three times more than heavyweight asphalt shingles, according to the Tile Roofing Institute (TRI). Nonetheless, the durability and weather resistance that come with concrete tiles are unmatched by many other roofing materials. T

How to Weatherize a Sliding Glass Door

According to the Bonneville Power Administration, as much as 30 percent of energy loss is associated with inadequate weatherization around windows and doors. A sliding glass door looks great and allows a lot of natural light to flow into a room, but it is also a major contribution of energy loss. We

How to Reglaze a Counter Top

If you have an old tiled countertop and the tiles are solid and unbroken, but the shine of the glaze has worn off, consider reglazing. You cannot bake the glaze on the way the tile manufacturer did, but you can add a few layers of polyurethane (the same tough gloss covering that is used on wood floo

How to Repair a Cut Carpet

Carpeting is not as durable as a wood or tile floor and can be easily damaged. A rip in a carpet can be distressing, but it can be repaired with minimal time and expense. Pick up a quality seam adhesive product at a home improvement store and do the job yourself in less than an hour.

How to Take Down a Soffit in Your Kitchen

Kitchen soffits are hollow fixtures used to fill the space between the top of kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. In some cases, soffits also conceal wiring and plumbing. If you want to install taller kitchen cabinets or simply want to create a space between the ceiling and the top of your kitchen cab

How to Lay Cork Tile

Cork tile is considered a green building material because the cork is harvested from the outer layers of bark of the cork oak tree without harming the tree. Cork tile is glued down to concrete or plywood subfloors using a heavy-duty adhesive to hold it in place. If your subfloor is particle board, y

How to Climb a Ladder to a Roof

Ladders can be found in nearly any household and are used for many different applications. Without them, getting certain tasks done around the house would be much more difficult. One of the most common uses of a ladder is getting to the roof of the house. Ladders are necessary to work on gutters and

How to Decorate With Porcelain Tile Around a Bathtub

In rooms that have regular contact with water, tile is a smart option because it can withstand the excess moisture and humidity. A bonus of a tile bathtub surround is that it is affordable and easy to clean. Porcelain tile is a durable tile that can function well in a bathroom space. With so many di

How to Make Pellets From Wood Chips

You can save a great deal of money using a pellet stove, or a pellet basket fireplace insert, to heat your home. Additionally, you can make your own pellet fuel for the stove, using wood chips and other recycled biomass. While this method requires an initial investment of equipment, making your own

Do Split-Level Houses Have Basements?

Split-level houses have living room and kitchen space on a lower level, with bedrooms and accompanying bathrooms on a higher level. The higher level usually sits directly over a basement. The basement is somewhat raised above ground level. The living room floor is halfway between the floor and ceili

Mealworms In Yards

Mealworms are insects that live in wide areas of the United States. However, they are seldom referred to as yard or garden pests. In fact, many people produce their own mealworms to attract songbirds into their yards. The biggest danger of mealworms in the yard is that they can attract moles lookin

How to Remove Rust From Vinyl Flooring

Areas with hard water are more likely to have rust stains than others. Rust can come from a metal can that was left to sit on the floor or even the faucet itself. It can leave an unsightly stain that detracts from the room's esthetics. Removing rust stains is simple task that only requires a little

Stick Built Vs. Prefabricated Homes

The old way to build a house is to truck lumber to the building site and assemble the home board by board until it's finished. This method, called stick building or on-site building, is used in the construction of most homes in America, but prefabricated homes, whether built entirely in a factory or

How to Fix Broken Glass in a Window

That ill-flung baseball or confused bird always seems to find your window. If it broke a single-pane window, you're in luck--this is usually a straightforward task, as long as the window is on a ground floor and the sash is removable.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Roof Replaced?

A roof replacement is usually the most expensive remodeling job for a normal home. Typically, roofs only last 20 to 25 years, although a severe hailstorm can warrant an early replacement. At the time of publication, a small home of about 1,500 square feet and a normal pitched roof can cost about $8,

How to Pour Concrete Counter Tops

Counter tops can be made of many materials. Stone, marble, tile and vinyl have long been popular choices. Another material that is increasing in popularity is concrete. Concrete is a very durable substance, is fairly easy to work with and, with pigments added to the mix, can be made in just about an

Pergo Prestige Collection Specifications

Pergo Prestige Collection is a collection of laminate flooring choices produced by Pergo. The Prestige Collection is available in a eight different wood finishes and is set apart from other Pergo laminate collections by its unique warranty and performance characteristics. The product is constructed

Step-by-Step Installing Underlayment & Hardwood

Hardwood flooring can go over cementboard, existing hardwood or other hard surfaces, but plywood generally makes the best underlayment. Plywood is one of the easier materials to work with, and it expands and contracts as the wood floor does, making it less likely you will develop gaps or buckling af

How to Calculate the Gravel Needed Around a Swimming Pool

Splashing around in the swimming pool may be a great way for your family to spend a summer afternoon, but it can also be destructive to the landscaping around the pool. Water that's expelled from the pool from splashing or people just getting in and out of the pool, along with the increased traffic,