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Tapestries:Decorating With Chenille

Chenille is a form of weaving that results in one of the softest textures of all. Tapestries made from chenille require delicate handling, but are tactilely interesting and more touchable than any other type of tapestry.

Paper Lamp Safety Requirements

Homeowners often use paper lamps or lanterns to provide dim lighting for outdoor get-togethers. Indoors, these lamps can create a festive, Asian-influenced ambiance. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of accidental fire when using paper lamps.

How to Make a Nine Patch Quilt Square

The traditional nine-patch quilt square is made up of nine equal-size squares of alternating light and dark fabric. Although they may look difficult to piece together, the trick to making quick and easy nine-patch squares is strip-piecing the squares. Nine-patch quilts come in a variety of patterns,

Ideas for Holiday Gift Baskets

Giving and receiving gifts is the highlight of the holiday season. Put together creative gift baskets for loved ones with their interests and tastes in mind. Add a personal touch such as monogrammed pie pans ...

HVAC Air Conditioners for Round-The-Year Comfort

Heating, cooling and ventilation or HVAC air conditioners are adopted by more and more people looking for integrated climate control solution. Carrier, like many other leading manufacturers of airconditioners have come up with many models ...

Fun Ideas to Incorporate in a Baby's Room

Teddy bears and soft colors are traditional ideas for baby's room, but there are a few different directions you can go to give your nursery a special look. With just a few personal touches your baby's bedroom can transition from a nursery to a playroom for his early childhood years.

The Open Space Living Concept

One of the most sought after living styles today is the open space concept with the living room, dining room, and kitchen prep area all in one large room. With today's lifestyles, this concept makes a lot of sense. Compare it with days gone by, where the cook was confined to the kitchen and the

The Many Uses For Room Dividers

When most people think of room dividers they automatically envision a three panel folding screen that may or may not be decorated. But actually a room divider is anything that separates the spaces of a room into smaller areas.

What You Need To Calculate Before Buying A New Radiator

You may not know this, but did you know that buying a new radiator requires a radiator calculator? What Is A Radiator Calculator? A radiator calculator is basically a program that allows you to determine ...

Antiques - Bronze, Silver And Gold

Bronze was the earliest alloy used by man.It is made from copper (more than 50%) and tin, more recently with small additions of zinc, lead, nickel and phosphorus.Because it is relatively soft and easy to fabricate, it has bee used for tools, weapons and utensils.Most people will probably have some s

David Trubridge Coral Pendant Light

Bringing you the charm of natural wood is the most elegant design by David Trubridge. Wood isn't the first thing you think of when it comes to light fittings, but it works like a treat ...

High Style Clip-on Lighting

Clip-on lamps allow light to be directed anywhere you need it, are compact, stylish and can attach almost anywhere. Any hobby or student desk can benefit from a gooseneck light source. These lamps boast strong ...

Decorating Ideas for Kids for Paper Hearts

Paper, scissors and a little imagination are all kids really need to make paper heart decorations. Valentine's Day cards are only the beginning. Paper hearts can be transformed into charming animals, grouped together in a graphic design, or hung from the ceiling as dangling decorations. Only Cupid h

Get the Best Cleaning Services at Affordable Rate?

It is the great option to the customers that they can take an advantage of carpet cleaning anchorage services where the customers are getting good cleaning by trained and expert professionals. These professionals are serving ...

What Makes Roller Blinds Popular

One of the most popular and modern ways of adorning the rooms in a house is using roller blinds. As compared to vertical blinds or Venetian blinds, roller blinds are quite flexible. For adjusting the light that you need in a room, all you have to do is roll the blinds up or down. At the same time, t

Bathroom Lighting and How it Works

Bathroom plays a significant role in giving life comfort and convenience. Bathroom is one of the important places in the house where people get to use it for their necessities to make them feel refreshed ...

Sponge Painting Instructions

If your plain, painted walls look boring, give them a boost by sponge painting. One of the most popular faux finishes, sponge painting adds visual depth and dimension. It also helps disguise any flaws on your wall. Since paint is cheap and reversible, it's a safe way to perk up a rented home or apar

How to Use Textures in Design

Whether you are designing a room, website or advertisement, adding texture will give your design depth and create visual interest. Texture can be found in many objects, from brick walls to chunky fabrics. Texture is a basic design element that stimulates the sense of touch. It creates a sense of thr