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Hiring A Local Painting Company? 8 Questions You Need To Ask

Avoiding drab and mundane ambiances in your home or place of business is easily remedied by changing the color of the exterior or interior. Expect to pay more if hiring a painting company than you would by doing it yourself. However, a professional job can end up saving you money in the long run. On

Let's Make Beverage Coasters from CDs

Coasters protect our tables from spills and the hot bases of mugs or glasses. They serve as the protective material that keeps our furniture looking clean, new and shiny. You can buy beer coasters from ...

Designer Radiator Multifunctionality

Radiators are no longer just for heating. Designer radiators have changed the way we view our central heating systems and these days people look for radiators that offer more functionality. If you look around a house, you can see that these heating devices are doing double (or even triple) duty with

How to Trim a Chandelier

Chandeliers can become a sophisticated focal point in a room or foyer. Their warm illumination adds energy, brightness and character. Occasionally, you may want to change the look of the chandelier without replacing the fixture. Trimming your chandelier for special holidays, seasonal changes or simp

Tips for Installing Lighting in a Living Room With No Fixtures

While it may seem unusual for builders to dispense with installation of ceiling light fixtures in living rooms, the problem does present itself now and then. This was a design choice most often found in homes built between the 1950s and the 1970s. Designers during that period apparently eschewed the

Beach Bedroom Theme - For Those Water Spirits

The beach bedroom theme has caught on and is really popular among the beach lovers. If you and your partner really love the beach, then create your own piece of the beach in your bedroom. It is a fresh and vibrant theme and one that will garner you a lot of compliments.

Shopping for Kitchen Carts

Kitchen carts are the best solution to the age-old problem of space that has plagued bakers and cooks alike for many generations. Kitchen carts are perfect because they are mobile, and you can pull them out to use them when you need the space and then just tuck them away after you are done with your

Do I Really Have The Best Light Sockets And Switches?

Are you still using white plastic light switches and sockets in your house? I could not blame you if you are, as they are a very popular choice for many people as they are both cheap to buy and relatively hard wearing, as they do not mark or scratch easily. However, is it just me or can they look a

How to Control Outdoor Lights Wirelessly

Outdoor lighting displays are popular for many home owners, particularly around the holidays. However, the hassle of manually turning outdoor lights on and off can discourage many people from decorating with outdoor lights. There are numerous products that can turn your outdoor lighting display into

It's Easy to Install a Floating Floor

If you have ever wanted to install a floating floor in your house, you are in luck; because it is not nearly as difficult as it seems. Just follow these tips, and you will have ...

Window Scarf Options

Window scarves are a great option for decorating both small and large windows. The benefit of using a window scarf is that it looks good with or without other window treatments including blinds, shades and drapes. You have many window scarf options that enable you to customize the fabric, length and

The Best Of Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Worried about enhancing your kitchen interior design? Leave it to Sleek, The Kitchen Specialist. We surely practice what we preach. The Kitchen Specialist truly understands every design of a kitchen. View our kitchen gallery photos for a clear picture.

DIY Jar Lamps

Classic old canning jars are beautiful to look at but can get in the way if they're just sitting on a counter. By converting the jar into a lamp, you can still admire it while giving it a practical function. You don't have to go out and buy fancy drilling tools, since the parts are now available to

Framing a Window With Curtain Panels

Window treatments aren't just for keeping out light; they add a decorative element to any room and soften stark walls. Panels can hide ugly or worn window trim, framing the window until the frame can be repaired. Two curtain panels usually cover one window, and metal or fabric tie-backs pull them ap

What Is a Hoist in a Crane?

Hoists and cranes are machines that use leverage to efficiently raise and lower large objects. They are often used in construction. Although hoists and cranes are similar in function, the terms refer to two different types of equipment.

Rental Decorating Ideas

Decorating a rental can be challenging.apartment for rent image by dead_account from Fotolia.comIf you live in a rental space, you have likely faced some decorating challenges. While you want to make your rental a home, you may not be able to paint or drastically alter your space. Also,...

Decorating Ideas for Taupe Furniture

Taupe is a shade that is between orange and yellow on the color wheel. This is a shade composed of raw sienna, yellow oxide and raw umber, and depending which colors are added, it will have a red or gold undertone. When used in home decorating, taupe is classified as a neutral, which is a family of

The Importance of a HEPA Filter

The Kirby Sentria II features a power unit that is designed to facilitate the strongest airflow possible. Dirt and debris are pulled from deep within carpeting, bedding, upholstery, and hard surface areas, and are trapped ...