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Instructions for Installing a Newel Post

Newel posts, the upright posts featured on staircases, are elegant touches to any home. They come in two varieties: turned and boxed. "Hollow newels" are not usually considered true newels, since they are merely decorative. Traditionally, a homeowner placed the home blueprints in the newel. Both

How to Grow Vetiver Grass

Chrysopogon zizanioides, commonly known as vetiver, is a clumping, perennial grass used as an ornamental grass in USDA Plant Hardiness zones 8 through 11. The attractive tropical-looking grass features blue-green blades that bend over sharply at the ends. Vetiver grass is also known for its fragrant

DIY Backyard Park Landscaping

Backyards should be a private oasis or a little miniature park. Most backyards consist of an open space with grass. Other backyards are filled with a riot of trees, brush and blackberry bushes. Occasionally you'll find a special backyard that someone has taken the time to landscape into a park-like

Landscaping Ideas for a Large Square Front Yard

Large square front yards provide plenty of flexibility and space to showcase rows of trees, blooming flowers and ornamental hedges. The large square shape frames the house and provides a traditional, panoramic view of your plants as you walk up to your front door. You can work with the outer square

Water Supply & Irrigation Systems

Water is the essence of life, both for animals, humans and plants, so in order to have a wealthy crop, it's vital to satisfy its need of water. Water supply and irrigation methods were used from antiquity by our ancestors, who used the most rudimentary methods to irrigate their cultures. The passage

How to Care for Black Mulch

Black mulch continues to rise in popularity over other colors, giving flowerbeds a professionally landscaped look. Comprised of fir bark, it is partially decomposed and colored, bearing the appearance of rich, dark soil. However, it is lower in nutritional value than other bark mulches; it must be

Long Island Landscaping

Competency and accuracy are fundamental characteristics a landscaping company should have to help you in obtaining your dream landscape. A great landscape can not only make your outdoor living area more enjoyable but also help ...

The Difference Between SAE & JIS

The standards developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the standards set by Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) both apply to a wide range of industrial standards. They both cover the transportation industry and the standardization of automobiles.

How to Prepare Dead Leaves for Compost

Instead of raking up your leaves, stuffing them into trash bags, and hauling them to the curb for trash pickup, use the leaves to make compost for enriching your garden soil. Before making a compost pile, check local ordinances, as there may be local laws that regulate or prohibit compost piles. Sel

Landscaping - Backyard Structures, Helpful Tips & Ideas

You're in the middle of landscaping your new backyard, or maybe finally having the chance to revamp your old one. A big part of your plans is to add a backyard structure for that central and finishing piece. But how do you choose when there are so many options, styles, and colors? In here are a

Kids Playhouse Plans - What to Look For in Any Set of Plans

Every kid wants to have his or her own playhouse. And every kid wants that playhouse to look a specific way and meet very specific need. Some kids demand a huge tree house in the tallest tree, while others want a playhouse that looks like a castle.

Lakefront Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping a lakefront property is an exciting task.lakefront image by Rachel from Fotolia.comDesigning the landscape of a lakefront property is an exciting task that needs to be done with your favorite and ideal activities in mind. Relaxation and entertainment are usually at the top of...

Outdoor Lighting Safety

Outdoor lighting is very important for safety particularly when the daylight hours are much shorter. Most outdoor lighting is used for the safety of your family and friends plus it will hopefully deter would-be burglars.

Adding a Greenhouse to Your Backyard

If you are looking for a way to make your house stand out from all the others, adding a greenhouse to your backyard is an elegant way to do that.All you need to get started are some English cottage house plans that have an added greenhouse.

How Is Flagstone Sold?

Flagstone imparts an earthly beauty to any property and is offered in an array of colors with the versatility to complement nearly any design. Available in several different cuts -- sawn, chop, irregular and boulders -- its end uses are numerous. Flagstone is generally sold in three different forms.

About Quick Set Concrete

Quick-set concrete is a mixture of cement, dry products, sand and chemicals that trigger fast setting. Quick-set concrete is used for repair jobs where speed and efficiency are exceptionally important.

Tropical Palm Trees for Landscaping

The distinctive shapes of palm trees make them important landscaping plants.palm tree image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comLarge tropical palm tree species such as the Cuban royal palm are used as specimen trees in landscape gardens. Other smaller palms can be grown in clumps or stands and...

Wire Fence Installation Instructions

A wire fence is an economical choice when compared to wood, vinyl or chain link fences. Installing a wire fence requires no special skills--and installation is faster and easier than more expensive options.Types of wire fence include woven wire, barbed wire--the easiest to install--and h

How to Replace a Solenoid Valve on an Irrigation Sprinkler

In an irrigation system where each head can be run independent of others, each head has its own control wires and solenoid. The process of changing this solenoid is very similar to changing the solenoid on a control valve. The major difference is the need to make sure that the entire system has no w