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The Key Advantages Of Infrared Sauna Over Conventional Saunas

Heat therapy, i.e., the application of heat to the body or to a part of it, for obtaining health benefits has been in use in different forms since ages- be it in the form of the humble hot-water bottle (for local application) or the sophisticated infrared sauna (for whole body treatment).Infrared sa

How do I Get Rid of an Inground Pool With a Vermiculite Bottom?

Nothing lasts forever. If you have an in-ground pool in your yard, the time may come when you want to remove it. Pools can be made of concrete or have a fiberglass shell. Many were constructed by excavating a hole, layering vermiculite on the bottom and covering this with a vinyl liner. The vermic

About Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are essentially vacuum cleaners for the pool that operate autonomously and provide round-the-clock cleaning to sweep up dirt, grime and algae from the bottom of pools.

How to Select Fish for Your Fishing Pond

Stocking a fish pond is more art than science. Fish should be selected for the environment within the pond, as well as the place where the pond is located. Fish should be purchased from nearby hatcheries if possible. The hatchery staff will be able to offer good advice on the types of fish that will


A definition of the aquarium term peat.

How to Tell When the Ground Is Made Level for a Child's Swimming Pool

Level ground is an important factor when placing a child's swimming pool in a yard. Whether the pool is a large above ground pool or just a small kiddie pool, level ground provides a stable foundation for a swimming pool. Trying to judge the levelness of the ground using only eyesight can be a trick

Discolored Hot Water From Faucet

Your water supply may become discolored at any time from a number of potential sources. When only the hot water supply in your house is discolored, however, the list of potential causes shrinks. The water discoloration may not harm your health, but it can indicate problems with your plumbing.

Swimming Pool Design Standards in Residential Areas

Most townships have swimming pool safety standards in place.swimming pool image by Wolfgang Peinelt from Fotolia.comAll modern societies have safety as a concern. These concerns extend to the home and the outdoors enjoyed by homeowners. One of the chief safety concerns is swimming pools....

Deep Well Jet Pump Installation

A jet pump installed in a deep well pushes water up a pipe and out of the well. By definition a deep well is too deep to use a surface suction pump to bring water to the surface. The deep well jet pump is installed at the bottom of the well and pushes the water up a pipe to the surface. Installation

How to Heat an Indoor Pool Economically

According to the USA Swimming Association, more than 50,000 commercial indoor pools exist in the United States today, and there are thousands more private pools in residences. Rising energy prices are driving up the cost of heating indoor pools. Additionally, many people are looking for environmenta

Benefits of Having a Hot Tub

Anyone who has used a hot tub before is familiar with the relaxing affect of the hydro-therapy. Hot tub use is known to promote a multitude of physical and psychological benefits.

Inflatable Pools for Kids

Inflatable pools can be a great summertime option for families on a budget. They are not difficult to install and are typically much less expensive than a permanent pool. When it comes to safety however, you will need to heed caution just as you would with any pool or body of water, especially when

Chlorine Free Pool - Dangers of Chlorine

In today's world with all the harsh chemicals removing one from your life is fairly simple. Chlorine has been used for decades as a way to keep our pools sanitized and sparkling clean but chlorine has been linked with various health problems not to mention the effects it takes on our bodies.

How to Compare Hot Tubs?

Imagine lying in your own hot tub after a hard day's work. relaxing. If you've decided you are getting a hot tub, the next thing is to know how to compare hot tubs.

How to Fix a Crack in the Pool

Swimming pools should be areas of relaxation or exciting summer fun, but the upkeep of a pool can bring stress and headaches, especially when it involves damage and repairs. For many pool surfaces, small cracks are merely superficial, and as long as you aren't looking to impress anyone, they do litt

DIY Pond Deicer Info

When pond water freezes over during the cold winter months, air is unable to penetrate through the ice to the water below. Fish quickly consume the oxygen in the water and can suffocate if the pond's surface remains frozen. This phenomenon, also known as "winter kill," is easy to prevent. Pond deice

How to Measure the Hardness of Pool Water

Pool maintenance will often require you to take weekly measurements of chemicals in your pool water. Another reason to test the pool water is to measure the "hardness" of the water. Hard water in your pool can result in a buildup of calcium scales in your pool. Calcium scales can result in buildups

Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas

Indoor pools provide watery enjoyment all year long.Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle image by Sloguy from Fotolia.comIndoor swimming pools may seem like an indulgent addition to your home, but the protected areas provide privacy, convenience and year-round use for any water-loving family....

Spas And Jacuzzis

One of the best ways to relax at home is to have a spa or Jacuzzi available. A Jacuzzi or spa is not only relaxing and a good way to relieve stress, these units can provide a number of health and mental wellness benefits, as well. Regardless of the climate, hot or cold, a dip in a spa can turn a bad

Importance of Custom Spa Covers

A spa is a great facility for relaxation. Most people have to go to commercial spas just to experience its benefits. What if, however, you can have your own spa at home? That way, you can enjoy relaxing in it anytime you want like say for example, every night after a long tiring day at work. That wo