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Chainsaws - Some Maintenance Tips

Chainsaw restoration is simply not for the unskilled. It is a highly harmful product, and in case something goes wrong, you could possibly very easily lose an arm, or perhaps your life if you're not very careful. Here are some easy methods to execute some appropriate routine maintenance on your

Pink Tools For Tomboys - Women Influence the Tool Market

Pink Tools For Women: Women are using their buying-power to influence the home improvement industry. Companies are beginning to design tools for women and product lines that appeal to DIH (Do It Herself) handy-women.

5 Steps to Connect a Propane Tank to a Portable Grill

Propane is one of the most handy, inexpensive and convenient form of fuel nowadays. It is commonly being used for several functions such as automotive engines, residential heating systems or portable propane grills and etc.

Ryobi Chainsaws

Ryobi chainsaws have been designed with the homeowner in mind. This means that even the gas-powered saw is not designed for the rigors of logging. It will not stand up to long days and weeks like a Stihl or Echo chainsaw will do.

How to Change the Trimmer Line on a Craftsman Model #74545

The Craftsman 74545 is an electric string trimmer used to remove overgrown grass and weeds from your yard. Unlike a gas trimmer, the 74545 plugs into a wall outlet and requires a constant power source to operate. The trimmer has two strings that, when the trimmer rotates, cut the overgrown grass. As

Bathroom Revolution: the Body Fat Scale

Ever wonder how you can make your bathroom step into the 21st century? Ever think that your bathroom is technologically slower than the rest of your house? Or ever want to know more than just your wei

The Common Types of Cap Plugs

The open ends on hoses, pipes and also tubes need to be well covered especially during transportation and storage. The cap plugs make this possible. They are protective fittings which are of great importance in different kinds of application since they ensure that the contaminants such as dirt and d

How to Install a Fixed Line in a Trimmer

Fixed-line trimmers utilize a thicker cutting line that must be replaced in small precut sections (when it becomes worn out), rather than conventional spool-type line trimmers that utilize a continuous feed mechanism. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of design, however it is much

Good Gas Equipments Are Not Enough, It Should Be Secured

These days LPG and premium gas gear walks in to the market at cheap charges. These gear varieties from boiling rings, change of state appliance hoses to gas meter boxes. Most of this gear has quality promise and perfection.

Weed Eaters and Weed Trimming Safety

I remember when I first used a weed eater years ago when my dad let me help out with yard work. Hacking away at weeds, grass, and anything that got in the way was loads of fun for a 10-year-old, and even today as an adult I still enjoy using these fun machines!

Can Rust Remover Be Used Outdoors?

Any metal object left outdoors will inevitably be subjected to the effects of the harsh weather such as the sun's heat and the chilling rain. Sooner or later, you'll notice that scrapes and rust stains start to appear.

Alternatives to the Green Weed Wacker

The green weed whacker is an inexpensive, internal-combustion-powered tool that quickly removes unwanted vegetation with a movable, plastic cord that looks like oversized fishing line. The machine is easy to use and the tiny engine runs on a mixture of gas and oil, yet the apparatus sells, at the t

How to Check an Electric Fuel Pump on a Lawn Mower

There are two types of fuel pumps used on lawn mowers: mechanical and electrical. The electric fuel pump runs off the 12-volt battery system. As soon as you turn the ignition key, a 12-volt current is sent to the pump, causing the fuel to travel from the gas tank to the carburetor. If the electric f

Features to Look For When Purchasing a Black and Decker Circular Saw

A Black and Decker circular saw is really convenient to have around the home and can come in handy for dozens of small projects you might have. Before you buy, there are several features that are absolutely essential that will help to reduce injuries and provide more convenience.

How to Replace the Seat Switch on a John Deere

The seat switch on John Deere lawn mowers and tractors plays an important role in the safe operation of the mower or tractor. The seat switch detects weight on the seat, and only allows the mower or tractor to operate if weight is detected. This important safety feature is designed to prevent runawa

Petrol Lawn Mowers - A Better Option For Bigger Grass Surfaces

There are many kinds of mowers. Today lawn mowers are available in two major varieties, manual and automatic. The automatic mower consist of two varieties again. One of these categories belongs to the petrol mowers and the others are the battery powered mowers.