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How to Plant a Camellia

Camellias are slow-growing, upright plants that will become shrubs or trees with the right level of care. They have bright rose, coral and white flowers and go against the grain by flowering in the winter instead of the summer. Although camellias are large, winter-flowering plants, they need environ

Heuchera Sanguinea Plants

Coral bells (Heuchera sanguinea) are mat or clump-forming herbaceous perennials with origins in the American Southwest. Today, scores of cultivars exist; their variously green-marbled leaves and tiny flowers on thin stems lure hummingbirds to the mixed flower border or woodland garden....

How to Plant Tomatoes and Marigolds

Tomatoes are the mainstay of the home vegetable garden. Growing them can sometimes be challenging, though, considering their susceptibility to nematodes, a type of soil-borne parasites. Companion planting with marigolds, an old-fashioned method of pest control, is very effective in controlling nemat

Different Kinds of Tupperware

What started as a line of plastic ware to contain leftovers, house a cake or tote a lunch has grown into a complete ensemble of tools and containers for the home cook.

Evergreen Shrub Removal

Shrubs are the foundation of any garden, but sometimes they become old or diseased or otherwise unattractive, or perhaps they become invasive, threatening other plants or even your house's foundation. In some cases, you simply want to change your garden's look. Whatever the reason, there will be t

Deer & Rabbit Resistant Plants

Deer and rabbits are usually a lovely sight to behold in the landscape. Who doesn't pause while drinking their morning coffee to watch a rabbit or a deer bound across their lawn? But when you see the same deer or rabbit devouring your newly planted vegetable garden or your blooming tulips, then you

Dendrobium Orchid Potting

Dendrobium is a species of orchid found in Asia and the Polynesian Islands. Like most orchids, they are epiphytic plants that do not need soil for growth and support. Dendrobium orchids can bear up to 20 blooms on a stalk. Dendrobium orchids require large amounts of sunlight and good ventilation. Po

How to Make Morels Grow by an Elm Tree

Morel mushrooms are a gustatory delight that few foodies can resist. Their elusive nature and short picking season add both to the mystique, and to the price, of this delectable fungus. Those who know of a good patch keep the location to themselves. The morel, however, requires the perfect combinati

How to Germinate a Ficus

Ficus, a group of trees, vines and shrubs, contains over 800 different varieties. Many ficus trees are grown for their fruit, the fig, or as indoor plants. Ficus are unique in that each species can only be pollinated by a specific kind of wasp. If the wasp has no contact with the plant none of the s

How to Grow a Gardenia Veitchii Inside

Commonly called everblooming gardenia or cape gardenia, Gardenia jasminoides "Veitchii" is a variety of evergreen shrub grown for its creamy-white, fragrant flowers and attractive, dark-green foliage. Many people grow Gardenia jasminoides "Veitchii" indoors as a potted plant, since it adds visual in

Allergy to Birch Trees

If you spend your days sneezing and sniffling, the birch tree in your garden might be the cause. Over 40 species of birch trees populate the northern hemisphere, making birch trees a common, potent allergen.

How to Trim Norfolk Pines

The Norfolk pine tree can grow as tall as 130 feet in its native South Pacific environment and other locations that are warm year-round. It grows in Hawaii as an attractive landscape tree and it also functions well as a potted houseplant in climate zones that have cold winters. When you grow it in a

My Avocado Trees in Pots Have Brown Leaves

Growing avocado trees in planters is a way for gardeners with limited space to have fruit trees available in their homes. Keeping avocado trees healthy as they grow in planters is important for maintaining good fruit yields. Avocado trees with brown leaves may be incapable of producing fruit unless

How to Make a Bass Humbucker

Humbuckers are electrical guitar pickups designed to prevent the hum that was ubiquitous when the guitar was not being played. They always come in pairs. One humbucker has the north poles of the individual pickups interacting with the strings and the other humbucker has the south poles of the indivi

What Are Some Unusual Plants in Botanic Gardens?

The Montreal Botanical Garden grows poison ivy.Ken Samuelsen/Photodisc/Getty ImagesBotanical gardens are formal collections of plants, arranged for attractive viewing and used for scientific study. Botanical gardens are often located at historic estates, or on the grounds of universities...

How to Naturally Kill a Shrub

It can be sad to get rid of a shrub, but sometimes they have to make way for new landscaping plans. Aside from the tedium of digging it up manually or giving it away (requiring the recipient to do the digging), there are other natural, environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of an unwanted shru

Tiny Shade-Loving Flowers

Shaded areas in the garden may seem difficult to fill, but many flowering plants tolerate, or even prefer, shady sites. Determine the hours of direct sunlight your planting site receives during the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the summer, and choose plants that match these conditions. Plants t

How to Replant Maple Trees

Whenever you go to a nursery to buy a tree, you will notice that they are not planted but rather their roots are wrapped in a burlap with a bit of soil. This is to make transportation easier and also to help lessen the stress of replanting. Maple trees are a cold-hardy tree that are very popular in

How to Take Cuttings From Fruit Trees

Vegetative propagation is the art of using cuttings, stooling, budding or other methods to produce a replica of the parent plant. Open pollination and simple evolution will often produce fruit trees that are not true to the parent's characteristics. To prevent this mutation gardeners use asexual pro