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Feng Shui Enhancers for Rooster, Dog and Pig Horoscope in Year of Rabbit 2011

It is impossible to list all the symbols of good fortune but included in this article are some of the more popular representations which can be obtained with little difficulty and placed in the home. There are different of luck for the horoscope of Rooster, Dog and Pig this year, thus we will see ho

The Traits of Virgo Star Sign

Most of you people born under Virgo star sign are most likely to have quite a firm set of rules when it comes to your morality and personal conduct. You have a thing with cleanliness and like your personal surroundings to be spotless and especially in your working area. You like to follow rules and

Vedic Astrology House System

Vedic astrology was primarily based on constellation ( Nakshatra ) system of prediction but eventually adapted to house system also. House system consists of 12 Bhavas or houses that explain each and every aspects of your life.

The Astrological Sky From the Chinese Monastery

They believe that if you channel your life according to the heavens you will be fine. Human affairs and events in the sky had some connection. You could not only foretell the future but also learn what one was expected to do to make your life smoothly. The opposite was that to go against the signs i

Interpreting Tarot Cards During a Psychic Reading

Experienced readers describe this attenuation as an exhilarating feeling, as powers that cannot be fully defined are brought into use.In this way, it becomes beneficial to all observers and participants, leaving them with a sense of having been energized when the reading is complete.This is only one

Full Moon in Gemini - 2 December 2009

This powerful Full Moon is about communication, attitude and your sense of adventure. Characterised by loads of energy, social activity and illuminated wisdom, trust your instincts to find creative ways to cope with the future. Gemini, with the element air, is on the mutable cross.

The Month of Scorpio 2009

AUTUMN IS ALIVE! Scorpio is here to settle us further into the season as Mother Nature finishes her masterpiece. With Pluto guiding the transformation energy of any Scorpio, be prepared for shift, letting go, and welcoming rebirth in the month ahead.

Astrology in Wicca

Most witches have some belief in astrology. We accept that the position of the planets influences our birth which determines who we are and our future lives. It must be remembered that they are only influences, other factors such as free will, genetics and chance are also at play.

Aquarius at Work - Examined

Aquarius tend to be the people in the office that are able to do relatively little work yet gain promotion after promotion. They are the masters of their own PR and are often loved by their peers. Aquarius rarely show their true feelings at work and tell their colleagues what they want to hear. More

Vedic Astrology Natal Chart - How Do They Help?

Astrology is a very old and ancient metascience of the world, used as a tool of divination to predict the future, to make forecasts and to know what fortune has in store for an individual or a race or a nation. Different branches of astrology were practiced in different countries, though the basic e

Astrology - Basics

I have read at least 20 books related to astrology and tried a lot of astrology soft wares out there. The conclusion that I came to is explained in this article.

Best Tarot Card Readings Online

Here we talk about Best Tarot Card Readings Online If you are a tarot card reader there are means and ways to be outstanding at giving readings.

Become an Astrologer

Have you ever predicted something bad which eventually happened? Do you always find horoscope interesting? Do you like giving your friends some advice based on their zodiac sign? If you are prone to doing these things, then you might have an interest in astrology.

Jyotish - Illuminating the Future of Mankind

Jyotish, which means light or lord, is the study of the divine and expressing it through time and space. It is the existing form of ancient astrology and is still rampant in India. It is known as the Eye of the Veda for its ability to see the future.

Magic Before Houdini

Following some research of my own, I found that it was once believed, that magicians were able, by use of supernatural powers, to exercise control over nature. Magic was, in the early stages, closely associated with religion.

Chinese Astrology Today - Monkey, the Innovator

The Monkey is a highly respected Chinese sign. As with all signs, the Monkeys have certain characteristics that define them. Monkey is a West, South-West oriented animal with a Yang (male) nature. Its western zodiac equivalent is the Leo. Its favorable gem stone is the mysterious Peridot. The Monkey

How to Attract the Sagittarius Astrological Man

If you have your heart set on a Sagittarius man, you have to be able to keep up with him. If you don't like adventure, have a lot of energy, and are spontaneous, then you really should find someone else. A Sagittarius man is extremely adventurous, and they never let anything stop them - includi