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A political cartoon about Comcast merging with Time-Warner.

Flammable Beach

A political cartoon about the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Move Along

A funny captioned picture of a soldier in the field.

Funny Rude Free Ecards As Greetings

If you are one those pranks or humorous guys looking for a funny rude free ecards, then it is not that difficult to find one. With the high speed of internet advancement, an online social utility site may have one of these things you are looking for.

I Took a Bath For Nothing

The second I heard her voice, I knew this was a wasted effort. It had been over two months since my last date with anyone...not for lack of trying...Yet lately no one was biting...No one was interested. Katherine had sent me a teaser wink on, meaning she saw my profile, and professed inter

Sarah Palin Shower

A political cartoon poking fun at Sarah Palin's hand notes.


A political cartoon of a scary Christine O'Donnell Halloween costume, featuring O'Donnell dressed as a Senator.

The Short Story - A Collection

I have a good friend who is a doctor. A great guy but with one minor flaw: he never tells the truth. One weekend we went to play tennis at a resort about a hour ...

Fun quotes

this is the best quotes forever 'Marriage is an agreement to disagree. It is an acknowledgment of gender difference and their innate emotions. Acknowledging this fact dissolves all the marital problem

Have a Nice Day is So Pass Say

Have you ever noticed that fewer and fewer people are telling others to; Have a Nice Day! It seems that using the phrase have a nice day is to plain and ordinary, so people have stopped using it.

The Need For Daily Humor

People will always seek out daily humor and daily stories from the top sites around the web. When you think of how many people are sitting around at all times, bored at work or at home, it is only normal to want a quick laugh and where better than the computer, where you don't have the necessar

Obama Campaign Jokes

A collection of late-night jokes about Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.

Sopranos in Aretha Hats

A picture featuring the cast of The Sopranos wearing Aretha Franklin's inaugural hat.

How to tame a cougar

Cougars are amazing because the have zero expectation. They've already dealt with a ton of assholes just like you throughout they're lonely, asshole filled lives, and now that they&a

Tornado Damage

An editorial cartoon abou the tornado disaster in Oklahoma.

Christmas...What A Wonderful Time!

You can feel the excitement in the air! Neighbors are decorating their houses. You're forced to do the same or you'll come across as the neighborhood Scrooge. A simple wreath on the door isn't enough. ...

The Cure For Middle Lane Moron Syndrome?

What is MLMS? Middle lane Moron Syndrome is not exclusively for the middle lane drivers but is where a driver feels that when driving on a road with more than one lane it is acceptable for them to use a lane other than the left hand lane (when driving in the UK) to sit in when they are not overtakin