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Top Ten Frugal Tips for Babies

One way to save more than a thousand dollars is to follow the AAP recommendations by breastfeeding baby for at least the first year of life.

Menarche-Topic Overview

Your first menstrual period is called menarche. It usually happens around age 12 but may start as early as age 9. Menarche is a sign you are growing up and becoming a woman. Along with starting your period, your body is changing. You've begun to develop breasts, pubic hair, and underarm hair, an

State Car Seat Laws - Booster Seat Laws

My pediatrician said I should keep my five year old in a booster seat, but Texas law says that kids only need a car seat until age four. Who is right?

Top 5 Baby Strollers for 2010

When researching a baby stroller there are numerous important factors to consider which includes safety, economics, and more. The list below of the Top 5 Baby Strollers for 2010 are truly the best sel

Electric & Manual Breast Pump for Maternity

Breast pump is a device which helps new mothers extract milk. Breasts pumps are normally powered either manually by hand or foot movements or electrical devices powered by batteries or by electric mai

Crib Sheet Variations

Choosing the right crib sheets can be an overwhelming task with so many different options to consider.Being a new mom is overwhelming enough, so here are a few facts regarding crib sheets that will make your decision less daunting.

New Treatment for Diarrhea

A recent report states that Lactobacillus is a safe and effective treatment for children with diarrhea. Learn more about this new treatment for a very common childhood problem.

1st Birthday Invitations Make the Party

So your baby is turning one and 1st birthday invitation are on your shopping list. Great! Before deciding on a style of card, you might want to consider how you are going to word those first birthday

Cloth Diaper Rental

Cloth diapers are cheaper and better for the environment than traditional disposable diapers.

Which Factors Can Speed Up The Arrival Of A Baby?

So you're expecting a baby or maybe even just thinking about having one. It's a big step to take but it's also a wonderful step to take and an amazing time in any parents life that needs to be cherished and remembered. So of course you will naturally want to do everything possible to

A Guide to Buying Jogging Strollers

Regular strollers have been used by parents when jogging in the past, but recently with the emergence of jogger strollers, people who are into running have better options.

Adoption is always an option

If you ever visited Whispering Waters Animal Clinic on Blowing Rock Rd. in the late 90's, then you probably met Morty. The photo here is one of him on the re-ception counter greeting clients