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The Importance of a Good Police Report

A good police report can either make or break a criminal case. The narrative that is found in a police report will be the core of any investigation and prosecution. Therefore it must provide all of the pertinent details in a flowing and easy-to-follow manner.

How to Find Public Records of San Quentin Ex-Inmates

San Quentin is a prison located in San Quentin, Calif. Whenever someone is incarcerated within the state, there is a public record of the circumstances surrounding the incarceration, including any court dates and proceedings that occurred. The State of California has a convenient system of record ke

How to Extend 90-Day Probation

Probation often is ordered by a court in lieu of, or in addition to, incarceration as a result of a conviction for a criminal offense. The length of a probation term can vary greatly, depending on the offense, the defendant's criminal history and the judge. Special conditions frequently are ordered

How to Clean a Security Police Badge

A police badge represents more than a symbol of authority; it conveys a message that the officer wearing the badge is of great moral character, trustworthy and noble. Living the life of a police officer means he shall always live a clean and spotless life. The badge is a reflection of the officer, a

Requirements for Inmate Meals in Georgia

The state of Georgia housed 58,295 inmates in June 2009.the prisoner image by Hunta from Fotolia.comAccording to Crime Insider, a news affiliate of CBS Interactive Inc., the state of Georgia has the fifth-largest prison system in the United States. To address both economic factors and a...

How to Reduce Conflict in Police Roles

Police officers have multifaceted roles within the criminal justice system. The requirements of their roles and the expectations vary by situation and the people they are working with and for. Role conflict is defined as the incompatibility of requirements and expectations in a role, when the compat

Penalties for Filing False Police Reports in Florida

Those convicted of filing a false police report in Florida may have to pay a $1,000 image by Horticulture from Fotolia.comFiling a false police report is prohibited in Florida by statute. According to Florida Statute 817.49, anyone who knowingly misleads the authorities, or who...

How to Get Off of Felony Probation Legally

Probation may be ordered instead of jail or prison time in some felony cases. If you have been sentenced to complete felony probation, you are probably aware that there is a set limit of time in which you will be monitored by your probation officer. The probation officer will have certain requiremen

What You Need to Be Eligible for a Bail Bond

A bail bond is the amount of money required by a judge or court to release a person and allow him to wait trial outside of a prison. Whether or not a person is eligible for bail depends on a variety of factors, both geographical and personal. A bail bond acts as a financial guarantee to the court th

What Are the Duties of the Executor of the Will in Maryland?

An executor reviewing a last will and testamentHand and document at the meeting image by Dmitry Goygel-Sokol from Fotolia.comUnder Maryland law, an executor is the person nominated in a last will and testament and approved by the probate court to oversee the affairs of an estate. In...

The Pros & Cons of a Standard DUI

Driving Under the Influence---or DUI---is a serious criminal offense. Although the degree of punishments and fines levied for a DUI conviction vary from state to state, you can be assured that you will pay dearly for being arrested for drinking and driving.

Where Can You Find Police Impounds?

Government agencies use police impounds to store automobiles and boats that were seized because of nonpayment of taxes, crimes committed, abandonment or as part of an asset freeze of a person accused of a larger crime. The items in police impound lots are stored for up to 30 days and then sold at an

How to Kill Outdoor Ferns

Over 12,000 species of ferns grow around the world, in a wide variety of environments. As beautiful as ferns may look, they can spread widely and become a nuisance. Some, like bracken, have been found to be carcinogenic. As ferns have existed for 300 million years, it’s not surprising that get

What States Give Teens Life in Prison?

Life without parole is mandatory in many states for some crimes, such as armed robbery. As of March 2010, Florida was responsible for 70 percent of the total juvenile offenders sentenced to life in prison without parole. Lawmakers throughout the United States, however, are rethinking these strict se

How to Contest a Will Within 30 Days After It Is Probated

A will is the legal document that determines how the estate of a decedent (person who died) will be distributed. Upon the death of the decedent, the will is admitted to a legal process known as probate. During the probate court process, the administrator of the will inventories the assets, pays the

Athletic Equipment Grants

Grants for athletic equipment assist youth programs and developmentally disabled groups in bringing the joy of partaking in sporting activities to their organization's members. Funding sources include professional or college level sports programs, governmental committees and...

What Happens When Someone Is Sentenced to Probation?

Probation is the legal process to test an offender's behavior. A person under probation has to prove he can live free without committing another crime for a set period of time after his court case. He typically cannot own firearms or purchase alcohol, and may be required to abide to a curfew. Specif

How to Develop a Victim Impact Statement

A victim impact statement allows crime victims to express to the court what effects the crime has had on them and their families. The statement is included as part of the decision-making process during the sentencing phase of a successful prosecution. The statement typically includes descriptions