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Capability Of Tanks

The article describe tanks capabilities and more information about tanks.

Discovering Soldiers' Cold Weather Clothing

Proper clothing is fundamental in carrying out effective cold weather military special operations. To cope with the extreme cold weather and avoid any illness and disease sometimes associated with the coldness, military soldiers are obliged to equip themselves with proper clothing for protection.

Making an Introduction

The ability to make a good introduction of one person to another is an essential skill for business, networking and regular social interactions. Not only do people appreciate not walking into a social or professional interaction blind, people appreciate being given lead-ins when forming new relation

How to Finance Your College Education Through the Military

The military is a great way to finance your education and acquire skills that you can apply in so many jobs.There are numerous ways the military can fund your college education.You can attend a military college, the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), or participate in the militarys Credit and Tu

Millions of Iraqi Youth - Victims of On-Going Turmoil

As tensions continue in the war-torn country, a number of Iraqi children being victimized by countless bombings and abuses in Baghdad remain a major problem.In a recent report of Unicef, the daily siege that Iraq is facing has put the lives of two million Iraqi children at risk. Threats that endange

Should We Open Negotiations with the Iranian President?

Many in the political scene are discussing the question; Should we open talks, dialogues or negotiations with the Iranian President? Should be go beyond him and talk with the Supreme Rulers? The Media seems to be attacking the Bush Administration over this issue and yet how could anyone expect them

How to Enlist in the Marine Forces Reserve

Young men and women wishing to join the US Armed Forces have a number of options to choose from. For those American citizens who wish to serve their country, one option is joining the United States Marine Corps. Enlisting in the Marines provides you with two options: joining the Marine Forces Reserv

How to Find a Unit Address for Someone in the Army

There is a wide range of Army unit addresses, so you have to know specifically what strategic and tactical units the soldier you are looking for belongs to. For example, a soldier might serve in the 82nd Airborne Division, which is based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. A Division is further div

The Cost of the JSF Is Almost Unbearable

Remember that anti-war bumper sticker that said; "what if the Air Force had to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber?" Now that might be funny to a left-leaning individual driving a Volvo, wearing a Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead shirt, and on their way to a Sierra Club sponsored march against an o

Naval Reserve Act

The Navy Reserve was created as a means to provide trained personnel who could be quickly called into service during an emergency. Created along the lines of the National Guard, its members are civilians who either enlist or are commissioned officers in the Navy. Unlike the National Guard, however,

How to Adjust the Fan Limit Switch on a Forced Air Heater

Forced air heaters contain an internal fan switch to regulate when the fan turns on and off and a limit switch that shuts down the heater when it reaches unsafe temperatures. In many heaters, these two switches are combined into a single component. Adjusting a fan limit switch in a forced air heater

Definition of a Department of Defense Contractor

Defense contractors are companies that provide goods and services to the U.S. Department of Defense, including producing weapons systems and supplies or building roads or facilities. Many of the most profitable companies in the world are defense contractors.

Changes to Trauma-Related Tactical Gear

Tactical gear encompasses supplies used by medic personnel on the battlefield. In order to meet demands of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, medical tactical gear, along with relevant training, has been given to soldiers, and the design of Army Combat Support Hospitals is being reconfigured.

Ramgarh Regimental Centre, Home of the Sikh Regiments

The Sikh regiments are among the oldest regiments of the Indian Army. Records show that they were first raised on August 01, 1846 after the end of the first Anglo-Sikh war. Though the Punjab had as yet not been annexed, yetthe the British impressed by the martial quality of the Sikh soldiers incorpo

Castles in Medieval Europe

Although castles were built in many parts of the world during the Middle Ages, medieval Europe is most famous for its castles. While walled fortifications date back to ancient Babylonian times, the age of the iconic medieval castle spanned from about 1000 AD until around 1500 AD. Today they mostly l