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Types of Ethical Dilemmas

Everyone has found himself confronted with a moral dilemma at some time in his life. In these scenarios, it can seem impossible to know how to act as every course of action will result in some level of harm to someone. The ability to make these decisions and live with the consequences may be the tou

The Advantages & Disadvantages of an Oligarchy

An oligarchy a society ruled by a small, powerful minority. These are not necessarily the most capable leaders in a society. Oligarchies are not at all similar to democracies, but they are also very different from governments ruled by a single dictator. Oligarchies can have both positive and negativ

Jan Lokpal Bill Against Corruption

The Jan Lokpal Bill, also referred to as the citizens' ombudsman bill is a proposed independent anti-corruption law in India. Anti-corruption social activists proposed it as a more effective improvement to the original Lokpal bill

Tea Party Anyone?

On December 16, 1773, after officials in Boston refused to send back three shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and threw all the tea over board into the bottom of the Boston Harbor. This act, along with other events in our American history, was very instrumental

Health Care and the Affordable Care Act 2010

The Affordable Care Act has improved health care by providing easier access by giving subsidies. But a better option would be to extend Medicare which would eliminate the profit motive and reduce costs.

Avoiding The Blend Wall

The administration considers rewriting an unworkable law, without Congress. We're not talking about health care this time.

Understanding the Rise and Sprawl of Political Islam

Within a post 9/11 society, political Islam is seen as a virulent force that threatens national security. In a response, Western governments have taken extreme political and militaristic action seeking to cripple the political ideology's domestic and international expansion. Unfortunately, howe

Tabula Rasa & Psychology

The question of how people come to be who they are, of how the human mind develops, has exercised philosophers since ancient times. Thinkers have taken extremely different views. Some have stressed heredity, underscoring supposedly innate traits. Others have emphasized what people acquire through ex

Will the West Lothian Question Finally Be Asked?

The West Lothian Question is one of the most pressing questions that has been asked about devolution, but it has always been ignored. Will now be the time that it will finally be asked?

Libel in Terre Haute

It's quite difficult, if not almost impossible, for a person on the public payroll to win a libel case. But a sheriff's deputy in Terre Haute, Ind., beat the odds and was awarded $1.5 million after a newspaper published false information about him. Should the press win on appeal? No.

Do Low Interest Rates Lead to Inflation?

Inflation may be one of the oldest monetary concerns in history. Going back at least as far as the Roman Empire, inflation took hold when the emperors sought to increase the money supply by mixing precious metals with cheaper ones and passing them off as being of similar value. However, then as now

Malpractice Antitrust Legislation

Bills have recently been introduced in both the House and the Senate which would change the way antitrust laws affect malpractice and health insurance providers. A House of Representatives panel voted on Wednesday, October 21 to approve the bill, which will send it on to further review. While it is

Companeros In Moving Forward

For over 50 years there have been restrictions imposed by the U.S. on trade with, and travel to and from the Caribbean island of Cuba. With Cuba's reign of communism rapidly weakening, the time to repair broken ties between the U.S. and Cuba is now.

Flow Chart Process

Flow ChartA flow chart is a chart that represents all the possible steps that can take place in a given process. Flow charts are extremely useful for breaking down complex processes like product manufacturing and scientific happenings and making them easily understood by people without...

How to Determine My Election District

For a United States citizen, when it comes to voting day, it is essential to know in which district your address is located so that you know where to go to vote. There are a number of ways to find out your election district and your polling station address.

How to Change Your Texas Voting Mailing Address

If you have recently moved to the state of Texas or have completed a new move within the state of Texas, you may be wondering how to register to vote. You will need to contact your county tax office, which is also where you register to vote, to change your voting information with the state of Texas

How to Dance With Banners & Flags

Dancing with banners and flags is typically done either for school sporting events such as by a color guard team or cheerleaders or as a part of a praise or worship dance. The colors of the banners and flags should be thoughtfully chosen in accordance with school colors or with the colors of nature

Thinking on Ron Paul - The Candidate for President

The other day our Online Think Tank had a discussion on Ron Paul, who is running for President of the United States. He is a libertarian for the most part in much of his thinking, but is running as a Republican. One of his very staunch supporters sent me an email to discuss his candidacy and to stat

America: Painting The White House Red

Not everything that is done in America and by its leaders is worthy of us being proud about.Many of our politicians have failed us.How can one continue in leadership through disappointment, fail forward and maintain a pure conscience free of guilt?