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Rules on Life Insurance

Life Insurance costs a lot of money over"s a gamble image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.comBuying life insurance is a big step as you are planning what you want to leave behind for your family or other loved ones when you are gone. There are some basic rules that should be paid...

How to Write Checks in Lieu of Divorce

Divorce separates spouses legally, physically, emotionally and financially. Each of these separation brings it own level of difficulty. One of the best ways to reduce stress even before your divorce is final is to attempt to stay as emotionally neutral as possible, especially concerning financial i

Definition of Insurance Endorsement

When you purchase an insurance policy, you may receive several endorsements in addition to your policy book. It is important to study policy endorsements so you know how your policy protects you.

What IRS Form Do I Use to Deduct Premiums?

The Internal Revenue Service allows individuals to deduct several types of insurance premiums from their income. You can deduct premiums you paid on medical/dental insurance, mortgage insurance, malpractice insurance and business liability insurance if you itemize deductions on Form 1040 Schedule A.

What Is the Procedure About Calling After an Interview?

Awaiting a phone call about a job ranks can be stressful. Many candidates are unsure about the fine line between persistence and being called a pest. In reality, the follow-up process begins as soon as the interview wraps up. Smart job seekers learn the decision-making time lines about a job and act

Can I Get Cash Value Without Surrendering a Policy?

Cash value life insurance provides living benefits in addition to the traditional death benefits of a life insurance policy. Cash value life insurance builds equity, similar to how a home builds equity, that can be using during your lifetime. However, you don't have to surrender your life insurance

The Average Salary of a Dosimetrist

Although they're not superheroes, dosimetrists control the serious matter of radiation, directing its use in patients suffering from cancer and other illnesses. Dosimetrists study the effects of radiation and determine the quantity to administer, verify patients' information and X-rays and consult w

List of Chicago Based Life Insurance Underwriters

Insurance underwriting is the process of determining the right level of coverage for a client based on the risk assumed by the insurer. When providing life insurance, underwriters look at a number of factors that may affect the length of an individual's life, from family health history to...

Car Insurance Guidelines

Every licensed driver within the U.S. is required to carry car insurance or show financial responsibility, whether or not they actually own a vehicle. In cases where showing financial responsibility is acceptable, individuals can purchase a bond or prove that they have the state's minimum required a

Salaries of NFL Offensive Linemen

Offensive linemen are the players who protect the quarterback in the National Football League, or NFL. The most important part of a lineman's job is blocking. A typical NFL configuration consists of a handful of offensive linemen --- a center, two guards, two tackles and and one or two tight ends. T

How to Make Sure the Insurance Company Pays for a Damaged Roof

A damaged roof on your home is disruptive and can make your home vulnerable and uninhabitable if not quickly repaired. You can increase your odds for receiving a proper insurance settlement for your damaged roof by keeping it in good repair, checking it regularly for damages and having the proper co

Who Benefits From Whole Life Insurance?

Life insurance protects your loved ones in the event that you die and leave behind unpaid financial obligations. These obligations could be a future promise to your children to help them with college expenses or to provide financially for your spouse. Various types of policies exist that provide tem

Should I Purchase Term or Cash Value Life Insurance?

Term insurance is ideal if your insurance needs are for mortgages, short-term loans or other financial obligations that generally last 30 or fewer years. You should buy cash value life insurance if your needs are permanent, like for burial insurance needs.

How to Pay Income Tax on a Life Insurance Policy

If you are the beneficiary on a life insurance policy, you need to carefully consider the tax ramifications. In most cases, life insurance benefits are tax-free proceeds. These do, however, need to be reported on your tax returns the following year. However, there are some cases in which you may be

Be a Smart Investor and Read the Terms Before Buying One

You might have come across many advertisements that talks high on money saving schemes that secures your entire family against medical bills and other unpredictable incidences. There are prospects that sound lucrative from the retirement ...

How to Choose Home Insurance

Protecting your home against loss and damage with the right homeowners insurance policy is a high priority. Homeowners insurance is required by your mortgage company and the cost is usually included in the monthly payment along with your real estate taxes. Keeping the payments affordable while main

How to Obtain a Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is a document that proves your insurance coverage and details the limitations of your insurance policy. A certificate of insurance should be provided to all members of a group insurance plan after enrollment. If you did not receive your certificate, a few simple steps will

Variable Universal Life Policies Vs. Whole Life Insurance

If you're in the market for life insurance, you can choose between term life, which lasts for a specified period and builds no cash value, or more expensive permanent life plans. Two common types of permanent plans include whole life and variable universal life. Several factors can determine which t

Life Insurance Leads Generation - Some Quick Tips

Insurance agents usually work on a commission basis. They earn on the basis on average value of the total premium they collect from their clients. Like other types of insurance, this is also applicable to ...

General Insurance FAQ

If you've just purchased a home, car or boat, chances are you need to buy insurance to protect yourself and your investment. Unfortunately, buying insurance can be as daunting, stressful and confusing as making the actual purchase. Consider important frequently asked questions before purchasing an i