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Your Employer and Group Long-Term Disability Insurance

If you work in at a job that holds many work place hazards with high rates of work-related injury, you may be wondering if there is anything that can help you in the event of an accident. Ask your employer if the company has long term disability insurance or LTD.

Reasons For Getting Term Life Insurance

The protection of the children and spouse of the insured is one of the reasons why people get this type of insurance. In the event of an untimely death, within the chosen time frame of coverage, the children and spouse will receive an amount agreed upon, which is stipulated in the terms of the cover

Long Term Care Insurance - Why You Can Afford It

Many people tell me they can't afford Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) or that it is too expensive. In fact some of my best clients had the same reaction when we first discussed LTCI. Considering how expensive the cost of long term care is and the probability that you will need long term care at

Things to Do When We Buy Life Insurance

There are three (3) main reasons why only few people in UK have their whole of life insured. The primary cause of this is because most people think that this kind of product is too ...

Need Of Life Insurance Policy Over 50

If anyone wants to secure their family members in the future, then they can opt for life insurance policies. There are so many life insurance policies depending upon the requirement and preferences of individuals. Most ...

Did America Invent Life Insurance?

America is responsible for many inventions. However, life insurance is not one of them. In fact, it is believed that the Romans may have invented the concept of life insurance (and sharing and spreading risk), ...

Find Out What Is Medicare Long Term Care Insurance

Medicare long term care is a very rare situation because in most cases, Medicare does not pay for it. To figure this out, it is important to understand the meaning of what is legally considered long-term care. This term refers to several types of service extended to persons with a disease or disabil

How to Find Cheap Kansas Long Term Care Insurance Rates

When searching for the cheapest Kansas long term care insurance rates it is crucial to understand the four basic ways that KS residents can pay for long term care. These 4 ways are Medicaid, Private Pay, Medicare, and long term care insurance. Although Medicare may pay for some long term care, that

Long-Term Care Insurance - Facts Consumers Must Know Before Buying

There Are Simple Ways To Reduce The Cost of Long-Term Care Insurance Many of the articles you read discussing long-term care insurance use the term expensive when referring to this important protection. They fail to mention that there are many ways to obtain significant discounts today that can redu

Who Benefits Most From Long Term Care Insurance?

There are many misconceptions about long term care insurance(LTCi), and one of the notions that is often at odds with reality is that the person who receives care from the policy will benefit most from it. Of course, if a person is single and has no other family or friends to help provide care in th

Medicare Supplement Policy – Necessary for All?

Lots have been said about Medicare supplement policies nowadays. These days with the limited budget in your hands it becomes necessary to purchase Medicare supplement plans to meet emergency healthcare costs. Picking one particular plan ...

Long Term Care Insurance - Why It Is Important

Many people are beginning to become aware of long term care insurance. However, for most, it's just one of those many ways insurers are always coming up with to squeeze more money from them. Is this so? Not really. We'll look at a few reasons why it's for your own good and not just an

Opportunity Cost and Your Long Term Care Decision

Are you considering long term care insurance but are balking because you don't think you will ever need it? Here is an approach that does not require annual premiums and provides a tax-free benefit to your heirs if long term care is never needed.

Advantages of Whole Term Life Insurance

As is obvious from the name, whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance covering the whole life of the policy holder with timely premium payments, as long as the policy holder is alive. Whole ...

A Complete Guide to Buying Insurance For The Over 50

Getting adequate insurance cover is a very important part of a person’s financial plan to make his or her future secure as well as the future of loved ones, and the objective for buying insurance ...

Benefits Of Long Term Care Insurance and Are You Covered?

With health insurance becoming highly expensive in the coming times going for long term insurance plans, related to care has become a necessity. In keeping with the demands of the people everywhere, various companies are ...