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How Do I Transfer Music to My Motorola Cell Phone?

Cell phones in the 2000s have become among the most-used multimedia devices in the world. No longer used only for calling and texting, phones like the ones offered by Motorola feature a variety of video, audio and picture capabilities. Motorola phones allow you to add a wide variety of files, includ

Nokia 6120- More Power Inside

The Nokia 6120 comes with a wide range of features including a high resolution 2.0 mega-pixel camera, a second camera CIF, 4x digital zoom and camera flash - capture some memorable moments and share with friends. The second camera is used for video streaming and playback in MPGE4 format.

A Cell Phone By Any Other Name

Technology is advancing so quickly, even the industry cannot decide what to call the mobile devices we use to keep in touch with each other.

The Alcatel S363 Lilac enters the arena

The Alcatel S363 Lilac is the newest mobile phone available from Alcatel. Its colourful and vibrant clam shell casing is a hark back to yesteryear when phones felt like a phone. Its simplistic design ensures ...

The 2011 Device Manufacturer of the Year

HTC has been outdoing itself and it's competitor lately. Who would've thought that the ever popular Apple and the ever so reliable Samsung would lose the 2011 Device Manager of the Year to HTC? The award was decided between a panel of educators, consultants, analysts, mobile operators and

The HTC HD Mini - A More Compact Version You Will Love

People, who prefer more compact or smaller mobile phones, will definitely fall in love with the HTC HD Mini. This mobile phone which is cleverly designed may look small, but it boasts nothing but the latest mobile features that you may want in your phone.

iPhone Changing Existing Cell Phone Standards

It seems like only yesterday when the first batches of cell phones were introduced into the market, and communication has never been the same. Gone are the days when you practically have to look for the nearest pay phone just to send your message across millions of miles.

Samsung S5350 - A Smartphone With Decent Design

The three key features that are incorporated in the gadget to target customers include its great design, robust battery and sound quality over-the-call. With so many fantastic features, the gadget is likely to give a tough competition to other last models.

What Is Gsm Phone?

Before the end of the twentieth century, the usage of telephones was partial to the workplace or home. Then technology provided us the beeper, the pager and then the cell phones.

A Few Unique Cell Phone Cases

Most folks buy cell phone covers for two purposes. One is to protect their phone from falls, dings, spills, and scratches. The other reason is to make their phone look more attractive and less dull. ...

Free And Legal Cell Phone Reverse Look Up

Free cell phone reverse look ups are presently carried out only via search engines and public phone listings. These are directories such as yellow pages, white pages, and info-space among others. All these directories will give you information on the cell phone numbers that are listed in

How to Speed Up o2 Mobile Web

o2 is a mobile phone provider in the UK. If you have an o2 phone that provides you with Mobile Web, you might find that the Mobile Web is slow in some locations. There are several ways that you can go about speeding up your o2 Mobile Web. Most importantly, you want to be sure that you have a reliabl

Get Closer to Your Customers With BlackBerry Application Development

The BlackBerry flaunts one of the most fantastic features that employees and businessmen both desire to have the latest models. It is has become a status symbol in the corporate world for most. The default applications that come with the BlackBerry are so lucrative that you one not need any need a c