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How do I Change Frequency for a Motorola A1200?

The Motorola MOTOMING A1200 is a Linux-based smarphone in a flip phone form factor. The A1200 features a 2.4-inch color resistive touchscreen display that's protected by a transparent flip-up cover with an integrated speaker. The MOTOMING also has a 2.0 MP camera with video recording, MP3 player and

How To Use The Innovative People App On The HTC Rhyme

In this article I will take a closer look at the People app of the stylish HTC Rhyme. Although this is a feature which many take for granted, you will see that it benefits from a number of innovations thanks to the HTC Sense UI.

Nokia E-90 - Excellent Connectivity and Applications

The Business series E-90 Communicator from Nokia is one of the best handsets available in the Mobile market for executives and business owners. The handset has seamless connectivity and enormous applications to help the user make the most of it.

Easily Reverse Phone Number Search to Get a Name

If you're looking for information about someone who made a phone call, you really don't have too many options. All too often caller ID will not give the information you're after. However, if you perform a reverse phone number search not only is it quick and easy you'll get a lot

How to Fix a Samsung Juke

The Samsung Juke is a cell phone with amazing MP3 playing capabilities. One half phone and one half MP3 player, it combines the two so you can pare down the electronic devices you bring with you. Because the Samsung Juke has so much memory and can do so many things, you may occasionally find that it

Tales From the Land of BlackBerry About the Famous Technological Joust

There have been wonderful contests in this world, and most of these have led to outcomes which have changed the thought processes in many aspects. In the mobile phone world if such a comparison is made with the thought of BlackBerry 8820 Black vs BlackBerry Pearl Flip 34, then the outcomes that are

How do I Upgrade BMW Navigation?

German car maker BMW has been making vehicles for over 90 years. They feature the latest technology and many of their premium cars come with an in-dash global position system built in as standard. It is always advisable to ensure the map DVD that the in-dash GPS unit uses is upgraded at least once a

Should Apple Really Consider A "Cheap" iPhone?

Since 2007, Apple has been the industry leader in the smartphone genre of communication device; however, in recent years, they have seen there once monopolized market share being eaten away by Android powered devices, Samsung most notably. In response to such concerns, some critics and Apple insider

Use Of Proximity Sensors In Mobile Phones

There has been a tremendous growth of sensor technology in most of the recently launched Smartphones. Ambient light sensors, proximity sensors and GPS are some of the most common technologies used in Smartphones these days. A proximity sensor emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation which seeks cha

Reverse Cell Phone Listings and Law Enforcement

When it comes to tracking down and apprehending criminals, bounty hunters use whatever tools are available. One of those tools is the use of online reverse cell phone listings. These online databases are made up of cell and land phone number records, and can be used to track a particular phone numbe

Eliminate Unwanted and Annoying Phone Calls

If you are receiving phone calls on your house phone or on your cell phone, there is good chance that the phone calls are not going to stop. The reason is because you have been put on a list of people to call, and unless you find out who it is, the calls are not going to stop.

How to Add AT&T Auto Minutes to Your Prepaid Cards

Like many telephone companies, AT&T offers prepaid call cards. Calls made using a prepaid card are usually cheaper per minute than other calls, and you can recharge it at any time. Once you purchase your AT&T prepaid card, you can add minutes automatically using a credit or debit card.

How to Find a Sanyo Katana II MSL

Every cell phone has an exclusive master subsidy lock (MSL) code. This number is provided to you when you initially activate and program your phone. If you have Sprint's Katana II phone by Sanyo and are in need of your MSL, you will not locate it in your user's guide, within your phone or on your bi

Nokia N97 Mini - Hard to Defeat

Nokia is in a regular process of gifting us with newest gadgets with advanced up-to-date technologies.The new Nokia N97 Mini is a sequel to the original N97. The fresh version comes in a more refined ...