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Mega Doses of Vitamin C - Bad For Muscle Strength and Growth?

You think getting too much of a good thing does not hurt you? In this article, I will present why too much of vitamin C can ruin your plans of growing muscles fast and gaining strength. Researchers from United Kingdom discovered that mega doses of ascorbic acid or vitamin C can slow down the recover

Want to Be Healthy - Find Out What Not To Eat

Bottom line for eating a really healthy diet is that you have to start with the simple premise of eating real food. What I mean by real food is, food that has not been adulterated to a point where it is no longer a healthy food to eat.

5 Best Fat Foods You Can’T Grow Without

It's important to consider all three macronutrients - protein, fats and carbohydrates - when you're building an ideal muscle building diet plan. In order to look and perform its best, your body needs a certain ...

An MMA Nutrition Plan - 3 Keys to Success

MMA athletes are constantly looking for the next miracle supplement or food product that is going to deliver peak performance. Unfortunately, big companies that sell such products are more concerned with profit than the overall ...

Gout Precursor: High Uric Acid Level

Gout is a serious disease affecting a lot of people. Because many of its risk factors are common now such as hypertension, obesity and unhealthy dietary habits, more and more people are developing gou

Super-Mart Foods Don't Promise Nutrition Always

We have all been taught that the simplest foods are usually the best. Plant growers and other farmers are the ones that probably enjoy the most nutritious diet through fresh and healthy produce.

Do You Have a Thirst for Health?

The minimum for a healthy person is eight to ten eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Our body needs to filter, eliminate, and replenish all the water you drink daily.If not your body becomes polluted with digestive, respiratory and metabolic acids. Without enough pure water damage occurs to the bo

Child Charity – Specifications of Sponsoring

Do you want to be part of a noble cause and be part of a child's development? You can donate to a child charity to bring qualitative change in the lives of an underprivileged child. Read more

Inflammation and Diet - An Easy Explanation

The connection between inflammation and diet is pretty well understood by scientists; the process is just complicated enough to confuse the average person. The information provided here attempts to be as uncomplicated as possible. So if you were looking for a scientific paper, you'll need to ke

Explore the Benefits Of Breastfeeding and the Helpful Tips

There is no other form of food formula that provides complete nutrition to babies like Extended Breastfeeding. Breast milk has the ideal combination of proteins, vitamins and fat required for the best possible growth and ...

Prevent Cross Contamination - Gluten Free Ingredients

Now let's talk about cross contamination as it would pertain to your gluten free ingredients and what you need to do to protect yourself. I recently read a story about someone who has gluten sensitivity and was getting sick every time her mother made her lunch. She finally discovered that her m

Extend Your Life Naturally With Coenzyme Q10

You are the sum of several hundred trillion cells. Moreover, how they feel and function has an impact on how you feel and function. However, the functioning of cells has a lot to do with ...

Magnesium Deficiency Signs And Symptoms

Magnesium, another essential mineral, is an important part of chemical reactions in the body. One of its function in the body is normal muscle and nerve functions. What food sources contain magnesium?